How to Create Scary Apple Faces with PinKids® Apples

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We have always celebrated Halloween. As a child of the 80s, things were a little different for us and I remember dressing up in a decorated black bin bag and cardboard witches hat from our local Post Office - there were no elaborate or fancy costumes back in those days. What I do remember doing though is decorating apples with my brother and us both creating scary apple faces for Halloween night. Back then, you couldn't get your hands on pumpkins and decorating an apple was the next best thing. I am delighted that Pink Lady® have asked us to pass on this tradition and share it today with our readers as part of their Pass it On campaign. Let me know what you think and if your family has their own Halloween traditions. 

Creating scary apple faces is a tradition I have kept up with my own children - it's nostalgic for myself, easy and fun for kids and creates less mess than carving a pumpkin. We often host or attend a Halloween party and I like creating these as a healthier alternative for the Halloween buffet. This year, I picked up a few jelly eye sweets from Poundland and we used grapes as extra body parts and Halloween teeth we already had in our dressing up box (give them a good wash first). The beauty of creating these scary apples, is that you can use pretty much anything you have in your fridge and let the kids' imagination run wild. In the past, we've used raisins for eyes, strawberries for hearts and carrot sticks for arms. If you're using cocktail sticks as we do, make sure an adult supervises as they can be a little sharp.

We used PinKids® apples which are smaller but just as perfectly formed as their big sister Pink Lady® apples. They are the perfect apples for celebrating Halloween with little ones as they're the ideal size for little hands (and much easier for apple bobbing too). As I opened our bag of apples, Heidi actually jumped for joy (I am not exaggerating) and declared PinKids® to be her absolute favourite type of apple and she couldn't wait to get started.

What I like about this activity is that the kids can go as crazy as they like. Heidi decided to create a super spooky PinKids® apple face with two eyes, two arms and even used the stalk as a nose, where as Jack was a lot more, shall we say abstract!

Creating Scary Apple Faces is the ideal family activity and I couldn't help but get involved too. What do you think of my design?

We spent around 30 minutes on our designs and were all really proud of them. Of course, our PinKids® apples didn't last long and as soon as we'd finished, Heidi and Jack enjoyed eating their design afterwards - they had definitely deserved a snack and I love that this Halloween activity is something that actually encourages healthy eating on a day where sweets are normally the main focus.

Do you have a Halloween tradition that you've passed on to your children? Let me know if I've inspired you to create some scary PinKids® apple faces this year. 


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  1. I love this idea and my kids also adore pink lady apples so much nicer than other kinds


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