I let the kids decorate our house for Halloween with a £50 budget at Poundworld

*This is a paid collaboration

This Halloween I challenged the kids to decorate our house and choose a couple of quick outfits for Halloween. I provided them with a £50 budget to spend at Poundworld (Poundworld is the budget shop with the blue sign). During our first trip to the Metrocentre store they loaded their baskets and we had two bags full. I had a feeling the total would be above £50 so I was shocked when it was only £28. I thought the kids had enough but they made me stick with my word of saying they could have £50 to spend so we visited our local store in Cramlington later in the week. They bought another two bags full at £25 so they were a tiny bit over budget. I'll let them off though.....

I had zero input into what they bought and they sure picked up an eclectic mix. They covered everything from outfits for themselves to pumpkin carving kits, Halloween sweets and of course, lots of decorations too. Here's a quick peek at part of their finished design:

Everything is not £1 at Poundworld - most of the items in this video were 50p, 75p or £1. I could not believe the sheer amount of Halloween props we were able to pick up for our money. 

Heidi was immediately drawn to this glitter face tattoo which we think looks fab and would be perfect for a quick transformation when Halloween make-up isn't your strong point. Heidi bought two of these (one to show you now and one for Halloween night) and also picked up some black glitter hairspray. Black glitter hairspray is definitely something I would normally avoid but this time, I wasn't going to interfere.

Jack was drawn to the devil accessories and picked up some flashing horns, a skull and some blood capsules (not sure what that has to do with the devil, but you know......

Harry wanted to be a serial killer (yikes) and picked up this scary mask, some wound tattoos, a plastic chainsaw and claw hand. He also bought some blood spray and is going to use this to spray a white t-shirt and complete his outfit. I think they did a good job with their outfits and spent under £10 on costumes between the three of them.

They also really want to carve pumpkins over half term. Last year we were far too late to the party and as we headed to the shops on Halloween I realised they'd all sold out. This is a reminded that I must buy pumpkins in the next few days!

They bought various skulls, cobwebs, spiders and lights to decorate our fireplace. I love that there's a very scary face on the mirror too!

Harry wanted to continue to with his serial killer theme and bought this rather fetching bunting...... Not attractive at all but very effective I think.

The kids decided that our kitchen was a zombie apocalypse area. To be honest it sometimes looks like that even when it's not Halloween. I love these signs they picked for the kitchen door.

Lights, lanterns and window stickers were not forgotten about and we have spider lanterns dotted about our room, a 'Beware Poison' sticker on our window and bloody handprints on our front door....

My absolute favourite thing they picked up is this skeleton which comes complete with spikes for you to secure him into the lawn. I think a front garden could look super effective with a few of these poking out of the grass and I hope ours scares a few kids on Halloween night.

Obviously, the kids can't resist sweets and bought some chocolate eye balls, chocolate pumpkins, skull lollipops, monster chocolates and halloween haribos plus some trays to serve them on. They are supposed to last until Halloween night for us to give out to visitors but I'm not sure if they're going to last that long if I'm honest!

I love buying expensive decorations for Christmas and creating the perfect look but for Halloween, I'm honestly not as bothered and will happily let the kids do all the work for me. If you're looking for something to keep the kids entertained this half term, I can highly recommend setting them a budget and letting them loose in Poundworld and then decorating your house for the big day. Even if you just spend £10 they'd still manage to buy quite a bit and it will definitely keep them entertained for a few hours.

I created a little video of the kids decorating our Living Room. Let me know what you think and if you've picked up any Halloween bargains from Poundworld this year or if you're brave enough to let the kids decorate themselves. 



  1. Wow! Your children did well. I love the little kitty Face paint, was that a transfer?
    All you need to do now is throw a spooky party to show it all off :-)

  2. They must have had a blast decorating the house. I got a few things from Poundland last year and I'll use them again this year. They last longer than expected. Besides, I always get a few more bits&pieces each year.

  3. £50 goes a long way at Poundworld! The kids picked up quite a good selection!

  4. I bet the kids were loving the shopping haul! There's such a massive range of Halloween bits and pieces, decorations and goodies in store this year. So much choice!

  5. Wow I love how much stuff you got - the house looks brilliant!


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