Skin Renewal & Microneedling with Swiss Clinic - Is it worth the hype?

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At the grand age of 33, I've finally decided to invest in my skin. After years of using nothing more than a make-up removal wipe, I stepped my routine up to the next level and started using hot oil cleansers earlier this year and invested in a proper moisturiser and eye cream that was suited to my skin. I have honestly really noticed a difference and can't ever imagine going back to wipes now. After seeing these improvements with just switching to a different type of cleansing, I have been fairly interested in what else is available on the market. So when Swiss Clinic asked me to try their Skin Renewal treatment, I was impressed by their claims and agreed to try it out for myself. I've been using Skin Renewal and microneedling for around 21 days now. Here is how I got on.........

What is microneedling and how can it benefit your skin? 

I used the Skin Renewal kit from Swiss Clinic. The kit consists of two products that work together in harmony - a Skin Roller and a Rejuvenating Serum. The Skin Roller features 540 micro-needles which you roll over your skin for around 5 minutes. The needles create tiny micro channels in your skin which triggers the healing process and the production of collagen. The microchannels created can also help the skin to absorb any product applied by up to 300%. Benefits of using Skin Roller and Rejuvenating Serum from Swiss Clinic together include:
  • Fine line reduction
  • Wrinkle and scar reduction 
  • Softens skin
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Improves elasticity
  • Reduces large pores
  • Provides a more even tone
That's some list!! I have to say, I was sceptical.......

How to use Skin Renewal 

There are comprehensive instructions over on the Swiss Clinic website. For best use, you need to cleanse your skin as normal, use the Skin Roller on your skin for 3-5 minutes, immediately apply the Rejuvenating Serum, clean and sanitise your roller, if you'd like to use a night cream, apply at least one hour after the serum. Repeat treatment for 5-7 days and allow the skin to rest for the same length of time between treatments before repeating the cycle. Check out this handy video below for further instructions: 

My first experience with microneedling

First of all, I was apprehensive. The thought of putting needles into my skin was not a good one! I tested the roller on my arm first and it didn't hurt. It does not feel as if your skin is being pierced at all. I tentatively rolled the roller across my face and it was actually fine. It just prickled a little but did not hurt at all. I did this for around 4 minutes and then applied the serum straight away. For the first few evenings, my skin was bright red and felt stingy and very tight too. It wasn't uncomfortable but it did feel as if I was glowing! I tried the treatment and used my night cream too but for me, this was a step too far and my skin ended up feeling too clogged up so on the nights I use my roller and serum, I don't apply night cream and on the evenings I don't use my roller, that's when I apply my regular night cream. 

After around 4 days, the redness died down massively and it stopped stinging. Microneedling has easily fallen into my bedtime routine and it's now second nature to me. If anything, because I know the results, I love doing it and it kind of feels therapeutic. 

My results and thoughts after 21 days 

I noticed results from day one and could not believe it when I woke up with super soft skin. My normal redness has died down quite a bit and my overall skin tone has certainly improved. What I like about Skin Renewal is that the results have lasted. My skin feels super hydrated, plump and smooth and it feels like this for the full day and night and even on the days that I haven't used the treatment. In the past, when I've applied moisturiser in the morning, my skin can feel grimy and clogged at the end of the day but since I've started using Skin Renewal, this doesn't happen and my skin feels just as good at the end of the day than at the beginning. My skin also feels super soft and feels as if it's glowing. Make-up also applies a lot more easily and my overall skin has definitely improved. Below is a photograph of my make-up free skin in the morning today after using Skin Renewal for 21 days (with the recommended breaks):  

Below is a photograph taken before the treatment (it was in Florida so the redness will be a little enhanced). If you zoom into the photo, you can definitely see the difference in the size of my pores, redness and overall skin tone. My skin looks and feels so much better in the photo above. 

Would I recommend this treatment? 

Definitely. So much so that I will be re-ordering. Using Skin Renewal has significantly improved my skin tone and pore size and my skin feels beautifully soft and hydrated now whereas before it often felt a bit dull and I was starting to feel unhappy with my skin tone. 

You can find out more about Skin Renewal and buy a kit yourself online here. I especially recommend if you are planning a special occasion or wedding. There are various needle lengths available, Swiss Clinic has produced this fab guide to help you choose the best length for you.

Do you fancy trying this treatment or have you tried it yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 



  1. I just stopped my first round of 5 days and my skin is definitely smoother and less spotty. I am trying to convince myself that my forehead wrinkles are down too... we'll see after my second round!

    1. I am the most sceptical person you'll ever meet so was so surprised to actually see some results!

  2. From someone with an embarrassing lack of skincare regime this looks very exciting, I worry I'd not make time to use it but would certainly appreciate the results! #TriedTested

    1. I thought I might not have the time too but I just do it in bed while Steve is brushing his teeth :D

  3. This looks great!! I really need to start looking after my skin! #TriedTested


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