When half term plans go wrong

This half term I had decided I was going to book a last minute break in the sun. I decided the Canaries (and probably Tenerife) would be the best bet. Harry declared he wanted to stay at home with Steve (who is working) so it would just be myself, Jack and Heidi. I really needed a break in the sun where I could just chill out. However, my plan didn't go quite to plan as all of the deals I had been watching sold out before I had the money ready to book and then Jack declared he had developed a sudden fear of flying and started crying that he didn't want to go on a plane! Ah! So I just stopped looking at holidays altogether.

As Steve is working all of half term apart from one day, I don't have access to our car. I decided to have a look at National Holidays bus trips and found a fab deal for myself and the kids - for £260 we'd be picked up from Whitley Bay, taken to Cadbury World on Saturday, stay in a hotel on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis and then head to West Midlands Safari Park on Sunday before being brought home. This looked fab but I didn't book as I thought I'd speak to the kids about it first. They loved the idea but when I logged in to book all of the quadruple family rooms had been taken and they won't let us sleep in a triple room (I'd happily share a bed with Heidi) or let Harry have his own room. Ahhhhh!

Next I had the brilliant idea of spending a Paddington-themed day in Newcastle. We'd go and see the new movie at the Tyneside Cinema and then enjoy lunch at the Paddington Cafe in Fenwick. I started to get excited! I checked the cinema times though and discovered that Paddington's not actually released until 10 November. What's that all about!!!

So I've kind of given up on half term plans if I'm honest. We're just going to use next week to relax at home. We do have a few bits and bobs planned such as a family meal to celebrate a family anniversary on Saturday, family afternoon tea on Monday and I've booked tickets to take Heidi and Jack to see the My Little Pony movie. The kids really want to go swimming one day and on Steve's day off I think we might try the Halloween trail at Cherryburn as it's been a while since we visited there and I've never actually written a blog post about this National Trust gem.

Our last trip to Cherryburn - how small are the kids! 

So my plans for October half term are a bit, shall we say 'meh' but you know what, we'll make the most of it and watching movies and having PJ days is still a pretty good way to spend your time right? Who needs a week in the hot sun.


  1. I'm usually rubbish at making advance plans but we booked the butlins trip when we were there last year so don't have to think about it!! is it bad i haven't seen the first paddington??

  2. I'm sure you'll have a lovely half term despite everything not going to plan x

  3. Awwww you had so many lovely plans! This is definitely the kind of thing that happens to us, I really need to learn to stop planning!

    Hope you all have a lovely half term x


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