4 Ways to Have Fun at Home this Halloween

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This year, we are celebrating Halloween at home and I have a few ideas up my sleeve for how we can make it as fun and mischievous as possible. The MAOAM Mischief Hub has provided lots of inspiration and I recommend heading over if you are looking for ideas to make Halloween at home a little more mischievous this year. 

MAOAM Stripes and Pinballs are the nation's favourite Halloween sweets and I love that MAOAM are helping families (with a little assistance from Dick and Dom and chief mischief-maker Max) come up with spooky Halloween pranks, crafts and fun. 

I have used the MAOAM Mischief Hub as inspiration for a few ideas you can try at home this year. I hope you like them. 

1 - MAOAM Pinball Fruit Monsters 

My kids absolutely love doing this and it is a brilliant way to create a snack platter to enjoy whilst watching a Halloween movie together. All you need is a bag of MAOAM Pinballs, Cocktail sticks, a needle, edible cake pens and a selection of fruit. 

An adult is required to pierce a hole in the pinballs and attach to a cocktail stick (I pre-prepared the Pinballs myself using a needle to pierce the cocktail stick hole). 

I let Heidi and Harry use their imagination to create their own Pinball Fruit Monsters. They loved it and I think the results are fantastic. 

We drew faces on some of the fruit / pinballs using edible cake pens which you can buy from most supermarkets in the home baking aisle. 

I absolutely love this banana monster - I would never have thought to use pinballs as feet. 

Heidi's orange is rather cute. 

2 - Toilet Roll Halloween Crafts 

This craft idea was taken directly from the MAOAM Mischief Hub. I saved our loo rolls up across the week and raided our craft cupboard to make our own Halloween decorations. The beauty of this craft is that you can use anything you already have in the cupboard - we used our paints, feathers and googly eyes but it would work equally as well with colouring pens, crepe paper and scrap pieces of cardboard - just use whatever you have in the cupboards. 

I think Harry's 4 eyed monster is my favourite. He is going to look brilliant looking out of the window on Halloween. 

3 - Trick Or Treat at Home 

This year, we are going to organise a Trick Or Treat at home. We have 9 internal doors at home and I am planning a trick or a treat behind each door. 

The idea is, the kids walk around the house, knock on each door and a 'trick' or 'treat' will be waiting for them behind. 

We did a trial run with Jack this week and he was lucky to receive a treat on this occasion (MAOAM Stripes - his favourite). If you need ideas for tricks, check out the MAOAM Mischief Hub for inspiration. I am going to buy some fake dog poo for behind one door which I am sure the kids will find hilarious. 

4 - Spooky Spider Prank 

This prank is straight from the MAOAM Mischief Hub and was simple yet effective. Harry cut out a Spider template on a scrap piece of cardboard and attached it to the inside of a lamp with a piece of blu-tac. What a laugh we had when Steve turned on the lamp that evening. The kids found it hilarious! Definitely a good trick to play on dad over Halloween. 

Let me know your plans for Halloween at home this year. I am determined to make it one the kids will remember with lots of silliness, fun and mischief. 

Make Mischief with MAOAM at intu Metrocentre this Half Term 

MAOAM and Capital FM will be heading across the country this month for some Halloween-themed mischief. Look out for them at intu Metrocentre on 30 October. 

Expect a Mischief Manor, Ghoulish Hall of Mirrors, Zombie Photo Wall and MAOAM Ambassadors will be handing out FREE MAOAM. 

The event will adhere to government guidelines including track & trace, hand sanitiser stations and social distancing. 

You can follow MAOAM across Social Media. Their channels share lots of competitions and ideas for fun at home with kids. A fantastic, free resource. 

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  1. Your lamp spider worked out so much better than mine 😂 Love the pinball monsters too.

    1. The spider is all Harry's handiwork. It is still in the lamp and scares me every time! haha!


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