5 bargain UK family break ideas for February Half Term

February half term is always a tricky one - most of us are still recovering from Christmas, it's still freezing cold but there are glimmers of Spring teasing us and the summer still feels like a looooong way off. With that in mind, I've scoured the internet for 5 fun mini breaks that won't cost a fortune. 

Stay at Alton Towers

We are seriously tempted by the Alton Towers February half term deal. Although theme park tickets aren't included (as the theme park will be closed), I have priced a stay in the Alton Towers hotel including evening entertainment for the kids, entry to the Splash Landings Waterpark and entry to Sharkbait by Sealife plus breakfast for 5 people at just £165 which works out at £33 per person. That's a lot of fun for your money and it's all indoors too so perfect if the weather isn't the best.

Escape to Northumberland

Cottages in Northumberland are offering some bargain breaks this half term. Breakwater Cottage in Seahouses has caught my eye - £310 for up to 6 people for 4 nights in half term is a steal. A stone built cottage featuring easy access to the traditional seaside town. February half term is the perfect time to explore the region with the beaches remaining deserted and lots of cosy pubs to snuggle up by the fire. 

Image Credit - Cottages in Northumberland

Play and Stay at Warwick Castle

We have found a deal for 2 adults and 2 children to stay at the Holiday Inn Express Redditch including breakfast plus a 2 day ticket to Warwick Castle for £103 via Play an Stay. This works out at under £26 per person. This is a mega deal! There's always lots going on at Warwick Castle from birds of prey to Medieval tours. 

Diversity, Dick and Dom and Horrible Histories at Butlin's

We are huge fans of Butlin's and love how there is so much entertainment included in the price of your break that you don't really need to take much spending money. I've found a break at Butlin's Skegness for £360 for 4 nights in Half Term. This includes Diversity, Dick and Dom (hilarious), Horrible Histories plus many more character shows. There's lots to do when it rains too. £360 works out at £22.50 per person per night. 

Stay in a train carriage

There are lots of cool ideas and unique places to stay on the Canopy & Stars website. I love this quirky train carriage in Dorset which is available from just £90 per night for up to 2 adults and 2 children. What an adventure that would be!

Image Credit - Canopy & Stars

Will you be booking anywhere this half term?


Our Family Travel Bucket List for 2016

After reading a post by my lovely friend Mandy, I have been inspired to write a list of 10 places I would like to visit this year. I am maybe cheating a little as some of the places have already been booked but it's still nice to see them all in a list! Here are 10 places I would love to experience this year

1 - Calella de Palafrugal : Booked for June 2016

It is well documented now that this is where we are travelling for our main summer holiday this year. I am so excited - it's a traditional Spanish resort with little coves, seafood restaurants on the harbour, tapas bars in the village and a lovely swimming pool for the kids - Cannot Wait.

2 - Walk to Sycamore Gap : Planned for Spring 2016

My husband has said this is the only thing he wants to do this year - I don't really want to take the kids at first as I've read a few reviews to say that parts of the climb are a little treacherous so I think I'd like to see what it's like for myself before taking them. We'll probably go on a school day in Spring and take a nice little picnic for two. It might even be romantic if I don't die on the journey! HAHA!

3 - Snowdonia : Booked for April 2016

I've been to Wales a couple of times but we've always stayed in Cardiff. We are booked to stay at Barmouth Bay with Away Resorts this Easter and I'm really looking forward to it. Plans include taking the mountain train up Mount Snowdon, an Easter Egg hunt around a Welsh Castle and King Arthur's Labyrinth as well as some nice R&R in the beautiful Welsh countryside.

4 - Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester : Planned for Summer holidays

After reading lots of fantastic reviews for the Legoland Discovery Centre, I know our three would love it. We are saving Legoland in Windsor for when we buy our Merlin Annual Pass. You can book online for Legoland Manchester for less than £10 each which makes it a reasonable day out. Hopefully we will get there in the summer holidays.

5 - Loch Ness : Planned for October half term

This is something I've wanted to do for ages and 2016 will be the year! Really looking forward to taking a boat trip and hunting for Nessie with the kids. Cheesy by exciting!

6 - The Lake District : Planned for May half term

We definitely fell in love with the lakes last year and I would love to stay for a a little longer this May half term. Depending on funds we may have to postpone this to the summer holidays too.

7 - Edinburgh at Christmas : Planned for December

I used to visit Edinburgh in December a lot before kids but we haven't returned since Harry was born. Edinburgh really is gorgeous at Christmas time and this is where I'd like to spend my birthday this year I think.

8 - Visit Fountains Abbey : Planned for a Summer Weekend

I've lost count of the number of people who have recommended Fountains Abbey near Ripon to me yet we've still never been! It looks like a lovely place for a picnic and it will be free too as we National Trust members.

9 - Take the kids to their first festival : Planned for a Summer Weekend

I am still undecided which festival to take the kids to - it's between Corbridge Festival and Deer Shed Festival - watch this space!

10 - Hire a VW Campervan : Booked for February 2016

This has been a life long dream of mine and in I am so happy it is finally coming true! We are only hiring Olive for a weekend and will probably end up somewhere in Yorkshire - look out for our review at the beginning of March.

I'd love to hear what's on your travel bucket list this year. 

You Baby Me Mummy

Things you may not have considered when buying your home

We don't plan to move anytime soon, in fact we may not move ever again! I see our home now as our 'forever home' and the stress, worry and time it takes to find a new home is not a process I'd like to go through again anytime soon. It was an eyeopener for us though and there are so many things to consider. If you are on the hunt for your new ideal home, or are planning to move, then selling your property quickly and effortlessly is a crucial part of the process. You may have your current home on sale with an estate agent, have it listed privately, plan to sell online or you could try getting a quick valuation and offer via We Buy Any Home

When buying your new home there are a few things that you need to consider. There’s the mortgage certificate to sort, electricity contracts to arrange, a removal company…. In fact, wait a minute - there are quite a few things you may not have considered when buying your home that you might want to think about before making one of the biggest investments of your life.

Mortgages – Before you even start looking for a home it is really important to know how much money you will have for your property. There is no point wasting your time, or the seller’s, looking at houses way out of your budget. You can do a quick check on a mortgage calculator but you will need to visit a mortgage advisor. For first-time buyers, did you know that you could get up to £3,000 from the UK Government by saving with a Help to Buy ISA?

Check out the neighbourhood – If you are moving to a new area that you don’t know much about then find out what it will be like to live there. Spend time walking around to get a feel of where you could be moving to and visit local shops and pubs to get an idea of the area. Go onto local council websites and do some basic research on council tax rates, crime rates and services. Trying to find out about local areas via social media such as Facebook and Twitter can be a useful way of hearing from people who actually live in the area. 

Take photos – When you visit a property it is easy to lose track of everything that you’ve seen in the excitement of walking around so take a few extra photos on your phone or tablet that aren’t in the estate agents’ brochure. Do get permission from the home owner if you are going to take pictures of their home. 

Check planning permission – The view from your potential new home may be picturesque now but when you arrive in three months’ time will the view still be the same? For England and Wales, the Planning Portal is a useful tool to help check out any planning applications made in your area and avoid any nasty surprises. 

Flooding - Nowadays flood risk is at the forefront of our minds and has a significant impact on insurance premiums and a property's value. The Environment Agency (England and Wales) and Environment Protection Agency (Scotland) provide detailed reports about flood risks

View properties at different times – You might visit a property in the middle of the day and find a tranquil pleasant area but visiting later on in the evening you could find a different image. 

Take into account these tips before choosing your ideal home. Just by spending a bit of time researching and checking out the area as well as weighing up the pros and cons, you’ll soon be on your way to finding the home of your dreams.


What are the important things to consider when selling your home online?

In the last 12 months we've went through the process of selling our home. It has been a long and frustrating process and I really wish I had looked into the option of selling online. Selling a home online seems like an increasingly sensible choice for the modern homeowner. After all, the whole process of searching for a property is so wedded to the internet these days that it makes sense to handle the sale there too. 

Yet selling this way is still new and you’ll naturally have questions about the process and how it works. So, what do you need to think about?

Pick the right agent

There isn’t just one operator who can handle your sale online. Just as in the high street there are a number of companies who are competing for your attention and you need to pick the one that suits your needs best. Check to see if the website is a member of The Property Ombudsman scheme (TPOS). This isn’t compulsory but is a decent sign that the site is committed to providing a decent service.


Online agents are able to promise much lower costs than their high street competitors, but you should still be fully aware of what you’re paying and what it’s for. Companies such as HouseSimple offer the chance for sellers to pay per week or one upfront fee so it’s worth exploring the different packages on offer and how they suit your financial requirements. 

What do they help with?

Understanding the fees is one thing, understanding what they are for is another. Will the agents help you to set your price, negotiate with potential buyers and take professional photos of your property, for example? Can they help you to sort an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?  Make sure you’re clear on what’s offered before you sign up.


If your agent doesn’t help with the photos, then you’ll need to arrange for these to be taken. These are vital to help buyers to get a window into your home. Make sure they show it in the best light and there are pictures of every room. You only get one chance to make a first impression, this is it.

Where do they market your home?

The most well used search engines are provided by Rightmove, Zoopla, Findaproperty, Primelocation and Globrix so you should make sure your agent taps into all of these portals to put your property listing in front of the most possible people. The best providers will use all of these and more.

Real people

Using an online service shouldn’t mean cutting people out of the process. You might well need to chat things through with a ‘real’ person during your sale and so make sure you’re clear on the over-the-phone help you can tap into and when that support is available.

Don’t be lazy

Just as with an ‘offline’ sale, don’t absolve yourself of any responsibility. Use the tools available to you to make sure you are proactive – researching the market, looking at what other sellers are doing to market their properties and challenging your agent to make sure you are getting the service promised. 


Inspiring healthy living with Disney's #HealthilyEverAfter

Disney have been entertaining children and families with storytelling, imaginative play and a sprinkling of magic for over 90 years and are now inspiring us all to lead a healthier lifestyle with their #HealthilyEverAfter campaign:-

We love Disney in our household and Disney movies have been an integral part of both my own and my children's childhood so it was pretty easy for us to get involved and join in with #HealthilyEverAfter.

After a family discussion I was surprised at just how many of the Disney characters inspired us to stay healthy. We chatted about how we like to swim underwater like Ariel, how we can dance like Princess Aurora and how we take part in Monster Olympics just like Sulley and Mike. In fact it's easy to include any of your children's favourite character in encouraging a healthier lifestyle with a little creativity.

Encouraging our children to eat their breakfast

Sometimes it's a real struggle ensuring that my children eat all of their breakfast (especially on a school day when time is of the essence). We decided to make the meal a lot more fun by adding our favourite Disney soft toy to the table and letting him join in too. Everyone wants to grow up to be big and strong like Sulley. The kids loved this simple idea and breakfast time was suddenly fun again. They cleaned their bowls without any fuss. 

Encouraging our family to eat their five a day

When we are out and about at the weekend we will usually stop at a tearoom for cake or even worse - a pub for lunch! We made a change this week and packed our bag with bananas for our weekend walk. Before the children could moan, we explained that it was all part of a game and we all pretended to act like King Louie from The Jungle Book. The kids were delighted when mum and dad joined in and although we did have a few odd looks from other people in the park, our children were eating one of their five a day without even realising it.

Getting our family excited about playing outside

We decided to make our trip to the park that little bit more exciting by adding an element of Disney fun to our trip. One of our favourite Disney films is Dumbo so we decided to take a leaf (or should that be feather??) out of his book and have the courage to fly through the sky ourselves using Monkey bars, Fireman's poles and Swings. Playing in the park was suddenly so much more fun when we discovered we could fly!

Take a look at our own short #HealthilyEverAfter video to watch us in action:-

We have all thoroughly enjoyed joining in with #HealthilyEverAfter and it is something that we are keen to carry on throughout the year. A few simple ideas using characters our children already adore can really make a difference in encouraging us all to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Visit www.DisneyHealthyLiving.co.uk for further inspiration. You'll find lots of ideas ranging from Olaf-themed Bento boxes to a Bare Necessities juice recipe and instructions on how to play Rapunzel's Frying Pan Tennis.

 How do you encourage your family to be healthier and more active? 

This post is part of Disney’s #HealthilyEverAfter campaign with BritMums, sponsored by Disney. Share your stories and be inspired at DisneyHealthyLiving.co.uk and live Healthily Ever After (#HealthilyEverAfter)


Walking for Happiness

It probably hasn't passed you by that January 18th was 'Blue Monday' which is said to be the most depressing day of the year. In fact the whole of January can be pretty glum. Summer seems like so long away and I am sick of looking out at grey skies.

I'm determined not to let the weather get the better of me though and really want to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air. If you take the time to open your eyes there are little things on your walk that will notice that will make you smile and instantly lift your mood.

Walking for happiness - how walking can improve your mood and wellbeing

The Benefits of Regular Walking

Walking has been proven to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type II diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers. The NHS recommend walking 10,000 steps per day for maximum benefit which can burn between 400-600 calories per day.

Enjoying a weekend walk in the forest

Walking can help chase those January blues away and benefits your mood by:-
  • Promoting the release of endorphins (happy hormones)
  • Releases Adrenaline (which naturally lifts our mood)
  • Helping you to get a better night's sleep

How to get started

You don't need any specialist equipment to get started, however I would recommend a pedometer to help you keep on track, a small backpack (this one is only £5) packed with a bottle of water/snack and a decent pair of trainers that are supportive and don't cause blisters. 

You can walk anywhere - I enjoy a 3 mile round trip with the kids when I walk them to school in the morning and enjoy walking with the family at the weekend too.  Sometimes it's nice to take myself out for 30 minutes for a bit of me time in the middle of the day too. After just 15 minutes in the great outdoors I already start to feel more alive. 

Taking it further

If you wish to take walking further, a lovely thing to do is to join a local walking group. There are groups for all levels and the groups are a fantastic way to discover your local area and meet new people. 

Walking can be challenging too and when you complete a particular route is fantastic for your self esteem. This spring, myself and Steve are going to attempt the walk along Hadrian's Wall to Sycamore Gap. I've read that it's slightly challenging at times but I think that the amazing view will definitely be worth it and one of those moments that will stay with me forever. 

Image Credit - Michael at Vindolanda

What do you think? Next time you're feeling a little glum and look outside, pull on your trainers and take a 15-30 minute walk. Open your eyes, look around and I guarantee you will return feeling refreshed and happy :-)


The Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest in Durham

We are proud to be working with The Forestry Commission for the second year running as one of their ambassadors. Nothing beats getting out and about in the fresh air with the kids, whatever the weather and we love, love, love their new Stick Man Trail and can't wait to share our experience with you. There are over 20 Stick Man trails across the country with Hamsterley Forest in Durham and Kielder Forest in Northumberland being the two that are the easiest to access in the North East. The trails are FREE although we would recommend picking up an activity pack from the visitor centre for only £3 which includes lots of additional Stick Man fun. 

Stick Man Trail Activity Pack

The Cross Keys Pub in Hamsterley for lunch 

The Cross Keys Pub, Hamsterley - exterior

A quick search on google told me that The Cross Keys Pub in Hamsterley was only 2 miles away from Hamsterley Forest so we decided to pop in for lunch. The pub was traditional in style with friendly staff and a dog lying by the roaring fire. 

The Cross Keys Pub, Hamsterley - interior

We dined from the 'light bites' lunch menu and ordered a hot beef sandwich with chips and gravy whilst the kids dined from the children's menu which was a bargain at £3.95 including a drink. Our bill was less than £25 including drinks (Steve even ordered a pint) for the 5 of us. Considering the beef had been carved from a proper joint and the chips for us all were homemade, this lunch has to be the bargain of the century! They also offer a delicious looking afternoon tea for just £5.95. 

The Cross Keys Pub, Hamsterley - hot beef sandwich and homemade chips for lunch

The Cross Keys Pub, Hamsterley - children's meal
Children's Meal at The Cross Keys

The evening menu is a little more expensive than the lunchtime menu so if you'd like to grab a bargain make sure you pop in before 5pm. 

The Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest

Snow at Hamsterley Forest in Durham

After our delicious lunch we made our way to Hamsterley Forest which is a couple of miles from The Cross Keys. There is ample parking priced at £1.50 per hour, £4 per day or FREE for discovery pass holders. Despite the snow, the forest was filled with excited toddlers, children and dog walkers plus enthusiastic cyclists preparing for one of the forest's cycle trails.

Activities on the Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest

As soon as you enter the forest there are lots of natural adventure activities that are a challenge for all ages and abilities. We loved balancing, climbing and swinging through the forest. Even dad had a turn!

Activities on the Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest

Activities on the Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest

The Stick Man Trail is well signposted and features activities throughout the forest to get everyone involved. We enjoyed various stick games, acting like animals and playing Pooh sticks on the bridge amongst others. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this and as soon as they noticed a board would break into a run towards it and read us the details of our next challenge. 

Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest in Durham

Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest in Durham

We were DELIGHTED when we spotted both the Gruffalo's child and the Gruffalo in the forest. I think my children were actually more excited about spotting them than they were on Christmas Day! We even witnessed a few children crying as their parents told them it was time to move on from the Gruffalo. Bless! 

Gruffalo's Child wooden sculpture at Stick Man Trail in Hamsterley Forest, Durham

Gruffalo wooden sculpture at Stick Man Trail in Hamsterley Forest, Durham

Pooh sticks at Hamsterley Forest

Adventure Playground at Hamsterley Forest

Adventure play area at Hamsterley Forest Durha

After the first couple of activities you will stumble upon a fantastic natural adventure playground with places to climb, poles to slide down, swings to try and even a few musical instruments. Our three love it here and we stopped for our first picnic of the year (and in the snow) at one of the nearby tables. 

Our Children's Trespass Jackets

Heidi is wearing her new 3 in 1 waterproof jacket  and the boys are wearing matching Sulivan Boys' 3 in 1 waterproof jackets which are both available from Trespass.com (currently in the sale too). Their jackets are layered with a warm cosy fleece which features technology that actually stops heat from leaving the body and can be worn separately. They are topped with a water and windproof jacket with zipped pockets and tapered seams to stop any water (or snow in our case) from entering through their cuffs. 

Girls Trespass 3 in 1 waterproof jacket

The trail was pretty chilly and our three didn't complain once about the cold (which is a first) and I like how these coats can be zipped right up over the chin for extra warmth or opened a little should they need to cool off. They also feature a detachable hood. Heidi wouldn't normally wear this style of coat but I haven't been able to tear her away from it and she has been wearing it every day for school. She loves it and I'm very impressed with the quality so I will definitely be looking at investing in Trespass coats for the kids again next year.

We made a little 90 second clip in the forest reviewing what we thought of our day, check it out below:-

All you need to know about the Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest

Hamsterley Forest Postcode:- DL13 3NL

Hamsterley Forest Opening Times:- 8am-5pm October-March and 8am-8pm April-September

Information Point:- Open 9am-4pm/5pm daily. Here you can collect maps and leaflets

Hamsterley Forest Cafe:- Open weekends 11am-5pm until Easter and then daily until the end of October

Toilets - Located in Car Park

Parking cost:- £1.50 per hour, £4 all day per car

Cost of Stick Man Trail:- FREE but you can buy an activity pack from the information point for an extra £3

Other Forest Activities:- You can free run, cycle or ride your horse through the dedicated trails in the forest's 2000 hectares. Cycle hire is available from Woods n Wheels (open Friday, Saturday and Sunday plus school holidays 10am - 5pm)

Cross Keys Pub:- Postcode DL13 3PX Food served daily from 12noon. Walkers, children and dogs welcome.  www.crosskeyshamsterley.co.uk

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The Stick Man and Gruffalo Trail at Hamsterley Forest in Durham

Please let me know if you visit a Stick Man Trail and what you think :D


Newcastle United Foundation - February Half Term Coaching

The Newcastle United Foundation aims harness football's power to deliver positive change in the community. Every year they hope to encourage healthy living and lifestyles and make a real difference to over 50,000 children of the North East. I'll let the team tell you more:-

The foundation run a variety of weekly courses for all ages and abilities and offer half term fun days and 4 day courses for children and young people at their venues in Cramlington, Ponteland, Newcastle and Consett. They still have places available for February half term and at only £10 per day, are very good value. I know I would much prefer my kids to be working on their skills, learning fairness and how to play as a team as well as getting some much needed fresh air with their friends rather than sitting at home and watching tv/playing on their computer. 

The Newcastle United Foundation provides lots of information for parents on their website which details everything from child to coach ratio, safeguarding and what you need to bring which certainly puts my mind at ease.

Half term Coaching Courses  

  • 15th-18th February at Cramlington Learning Village 10am-3pm for Year 1-Year 11
  • 15th-18th February at Ponteland Middle School 10am-3pm for Year 1 - Year 11
  • 15th-18th February at Goals Newcastle 10am-3pm for Reception - Year 11
  • 19th February at Consett AFC 10am-3pm (Half term fun day) for Year 1 - Year 11


The Newcastle United Foundation have kindly provided us with a complimentary half term coaching course worth up to £40 from the 4 mentioned above to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply enter via the rafflecopter giveaway below.

Terms and Conditions:- Prize is for one place on a Newcastle United Foundation February Half Term Couching Course from a choice of Cramlington Learning Village, Ponteland Middle School or Goals Newcastle for one child (please check age requirements of course) subject to availibilty. No cash alternative and prize is non-transferable. Travel is not included. Competition closes at midnight on January 31st 2016. A winner will be randomly selected and notified via email within 48 hours of the competition closing and will have 72 hours to respond before another winner is selected. 


North East Theatre Guide - January-March 2016

For me, a perfect night out definitely includes a trip to the theatre. When you watch a spectacular performance and connect with the actors it really does stay with you for the rest of your life. In the next few months I have booked to see Hairspray with the girls and A Midsummer Night's Dream with Steve - very excited for both performances! In the next three months there are some fabulous shows who have either made their way to the North East or feature home grown talent. I've picked my favourites below.

13th-17th Jan - Cinderella at Whitley Bay Playhouse - Tickets here

19th-30th Jan - Hairspray at Newcastle Theatre Royal - Tickets here

23rd Jan - One Night of Elvis at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

23rd Jan - The Snow Queen at South Shields Customs House - Tickets heree

25th - 30th Jan - Thriller Live at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

29th Jan - LDN Wrestling at South Shields Customs House - Tickets here

30th Jan - The Pitman Poets at Tyne Theatre & Opera House - Tickets here

30th Jan - Frogs and Snails and Teddy Bear Tales at South Shields Customs House - Tickets here

31st Jan - Paddy McGuinness at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

29th Jan - North Tyneside Disability Forum at Whitley Bay Playhouse - Tickets here

30th & 31st Jan - Monster Energy ArenaCross Tour at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

1st Feb - 25 Years of Reeves and Mortimer at Newcastle City Hall - Tickets here

3rd & 4th Feb - Strictly Come Dancing Tour at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

6th Feb - Magic of the Beatles at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

6th Feb - Paddy McGuinness at Newcastle City Hall - Tickets here

6th Feb - Peter Kay's Dance for Life at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

9th - 13th Feb - The Last Tango at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

12th Feb - 5th March - Get Carter at Northern Stage - Tickets here

13th Feb - The Circus of Horrors at Tyne Theatre & Opera House - Tickets here

14th Feb - The Drifters at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

15th - 20th Feb - Rocky Horror Show at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

15th - 20th Feb - Stomp at Newcastle Theatre Royal - Tickets here

16th Feb - The Rabbit's Tale at South Shields Customs House - Tickets here

18th - 21st Feb - Dynamo at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

20th Feb - A Night of ELO at South Shields Customs House - Tickets here

23rd - 27th Feb - Into the Woods at Whitley Bay Playhouse - Tickets here

24th Feb - Ed Byrne at Tyne Theatre & Opera House - Tickets here

25th Feb - As You Like It at South Shields Customs House - Tickets here

25th Feb - The Bee Gees Story at South Shields Customs House - Tickets here

26th Feb - Madame Butterfly at Tyne Theatre & Opera House - Tickets here

1st - 12th March - The Bodyguard at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

2nd - 5th March - Sweeney Todd at Tyne Theatre & Opera House - Tickets here

3rd March - Peter Andre at  Newcastle City Hall - Tickets here

3rd - 5th March - Animal Farm at Northern Stage - Tickets here

8th - 12th March - Lord of the Flies at Newcastle Theatre Royal - Tickets here

10th March - The X Factor Tour at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

11th March - Wet, Wet, Wet at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

12th March - Russell Kane:Right Man, Wrong Age at Northern Stage - Tickets here

12th March - Forever Jackson at Whitley Bay Playhouse - Tickets here

16th March - Ellie Goulding at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

16th - 26th March - RSC A Midsummer Night's Dream at Northern Stage - Tickets here

17th - 19th March - Romeo and Juliet at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

17th March - Little Mix at Metro Radio Arena - Tickets here

19th March - 80's Invasion Tour at Newcastle City Hall - Tickets here

19th March - Lee Nelson at Tyne Theatre & Opera House - Tickets here

22nd - 2nd April - Guys and Dolls at Newcastle Theatre Royal - Tickets here

25th March - Shane Filan at Newcastle City Hall - Tickets here

28th - 29th March - Beauty and the Beast Easter Panto at Whitley Bay Playhouse - Tickets here

28th - 2nd April - Annie at Sunderland Empire - Tickets here

31st March - 2nd April - BalletLORENT Snow White at Northern Stage - Tickets here

Will you be booking tickets (or have you already got them) to watch any of these performances in the next few months? I'd love to hear which ones.

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