How to find a reliable babysitter in Northumberland

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It's no secret that Steve and I are fond of a date night or two. I've written quite a bit in the past about how I think couples who play together, stay together and really believe that making time for each other is super important and should be a priority. 

How to find a reliable babysitter in Northumberland

I remember back when Harry was first born and people were falling over themselves to look after him - everyone wants to spend time with the first born baby in the family and finding a babysitter back then wasn't too difficult at all. But fast-forward to 2018 and things are a little different. Three children who love nothing more than to fight with each other isn't *quite* so appealing and our babysitting offers are few and far between now. In fact, I don't remember the last time somebody offered to babysit for us without us begging asking first. Both of our parents lead their own lives and my mam now works 40+ hours per week as a Senior carer so I always feel bad asking them to look after our kids so we can go out and it's always pretty much the last resort. 

I wish I knew a family in my hometown with older teens or young adults who would be able to help but I don't. My niece did help out in the past but she doesn't live close by and it would always mean that Steve couldn't have a drink on date night as he would have to drive her home at the end of the night which is a bit rubbish. So that leaves us in a bit of a quandary!  - The easy way to find local childcare is probably a site you have heard of before. I've certainly used it in the past to search for local childminders and childcare and it's how I found a nursery for Heidi and Harry when they were younger. The site is super easy to use and you can search by childcare type and location and then browse the results completely free of charge. Every childcare provider has their own profile, rating and there's an option to send a message too with their paid-for service. It's been a while since I last used the service and it seems that there have been a few new additions (or perhaps I just didn't notice them last time) to the site. You can now search for and contact the following in your local area: 
  • Babysitters 
  • Childminders
  • Nannies
  • Au Pairs
  • Nurseries
  • Private Midwives
  • Nursery Nurses 
  • Maternity Nurses
  • Private Tutors
I love the range of childcare providers that are available. Just as a little side note, it's good to know that I can search for a local tutor using this service and it's something I'll definitely consider when the kids are studying for their GCSEs. I was the first to have children out of my friends and don't really have anyone I can ask for recommendations so I'm thankful a site like this exists.

Back to my original point though, and is an ideal place to search for babysitters if like me, you are keen to enjoy more nights out this year but don't really have anyone you can ask to babysit on a regular basis. 

Using to search for local babysitters

It's quick, easy and free to create a parent profile (I signed in with Facebook and it was pretty much done). The search process is so easy, simply use the drop downs to select what you're looking for. I love that there are sub-categories too so for me, I searched for evening babysitters in Cramlington. There's an option for hotel babysitters too which is perfect if you're looking for a babysitter during a staycation or UK break. 

Cramlington is a pretty small place with an estimated population of 30,000 so I was surprised to see a total of 29 results available for evening babysitters. It's easy to browse through the options available and then click on a profile that catches your eye.

The childcare provider's profile provides you with a lot of information including: 
  • Summary
  • Ofsted registration details
  • First aid qualifications
  • Childcare qualifications
  • DBS check
  • About me
  • Experience
  • Hours available 
  • Fees 
  • Local schools
  • Reviews

You will find a range of providers using the website from students wishing to earn some extra cash to professional childminders with qualifications and lots of experience. Personally, I'd always use somebody who is registered with Ofsted and is qualified and I'd ask for references too. If you're unsure where to start with all of this, has produced a helpful guide explaining exactly what you should be looking for and how to check official documents. 

After using, I've discovered that the average fee I can expect to pay for a qualified babysitter is £8-£10 (slightly less for students). So a 3-hour stint would cost us £24 - £30 which isn't too expensive if I'm honest and something we certainly would not mind paying for a professional service. My mam has already agreed to watch the kids for one night next month (we're off to Dabbawal and The Stand) but as she's jetting off to Thailand for 3 weeks in March, I've decided to give a babysitter I've found through a try then. I feel confident with the one I've selected and have checked qualifications and references. Plus I think you know in your heart when it feels right!  I'll report back on how it goes! 

Have you used or do you have any hints for what to look for in a babysitter? I'd love to hear your thoughts and tips. 

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How to find a reliable babysitter in Northumberland



  1. Being a single parent now means I don’t get much chance to go out as my babysitters within family are limited! This sounds great and it’s good to know there’s a reliable database I can now check!

  2. Now this does sound like a really handy site to know about, I am impressed with all the options especially the Private tutors part x

  3. This is a great way to find someone whom you can trust to look after your little ones. We are so stuck for a minder for ours we rarely get to go out. Its definitely something I should look into more so we can escape for date nights more often :)

  4. We have no one to watch my girls unless it's an emergency so this has got me interested...I've just had a quick look and was really surprised to see quite a few sensible looking people in and around Ashington advertising to be a babysitter. x


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