Planning our February Half Term Break in the Peak District - I need your help!

We're spending 4 days in the Peak District over February Half Term this year. Obviously, I've planned a full itinerary of activities for us and thought I'd share what we're going to be up to. We're staying at Darwin Forest in the Peak District (press trip) and I am super excited to explore more of what the Peak District has to offer.

Day One (evening)

We're going to arrive at Darwin Forest in the evening.  Our go-to meal after a car journey is homemade burgers - we can make them up before we leave, they travel well in a cool bag and they are quick and easy to cook on arrival. Steve normally takes care of that while I unpack. The kids always eat them without any whining and it's a nice treat. Our lodge comes with it's own hot tub so we'll definitely jump in and hopefully relax under night under the stars.

Day Two (morning)

We love a lazy weekend morning but after our lie-in we're going to head into the forest for a nice and long woodland walk. I think there are a few trails we can try too.

Day Two (afternoon)

The kids are desperate to go swimming and I know that an afternoon in half term is probably peak time but I'm just going to go with it! There is a pool on-site we can use at no additional charge.

Day Two (evening)

You can pre-book water walkerz for 10 minute sessions (those big clear balls kids can stand inside and walk on water). This is only £5 and the kids love it so I've booked them all in for a try. We're then going to head back to the lodge for a movie night - I feel like we've exhausted most family movies so please let me know if you have any recommendations.

Day Three (morning)

Another relaxing morning in the lodge with homemade pancakes for lunch I think. This might be followed by another woodland walk or a dip in the hot tub.

Day Three (afternoon)

I've booked Harry and Heidi into a special snorkelling session in the pool - they LOVED snorkelling in Florida and I know this is an activity they'll all thoroughly enjoy. Then we're all going to take part in a 90 minute archery session. When we were looking at on-site activities Harry told me if archery is ever an option, we always have to book it!

Day Three (evening) 

We're going to spend this evening in Forresters Pub. After our busy day, I think a proper pub meal and a bottle of wine will be most welcome!

Day Four (morning)

Here is where I need your help, we'll be checking our of our lodge at around 10am and heading straight to the village of Bakewell to buy some proper Bakewell Tarts. I'm at a loss as to where to visit next. I really wanted to visit Eyam and learn all about the Bubonic Plague but their museum is closed over half term. Alton Towers would be an obvious choice but it's also closed. I don't want to do anything generic like a farm visit either..... I did consider the Heights of Abraham but this would set us back quite a bit of cash and I'm not sure Harry would enjoy it as he's pretty scared of heights! We have National Trust cards and would like to visit somewhere where we'll learn something and have fun that isn't too expensive so if you have any ideas....please let me know!

Where can we visit in the Peak District for the afternoon in February? Please help......

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  1. Sounds like such a lovely break - I've realised the Peak District places I know are on the west side, so not altogether useful for your drive home. The Peak Wildlife Park is lovely if you think the kids might fancy seeing animals and you're happy to try a bit of a detour.


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