A Very British Hygge | How to use your Conservatory throughout winter

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I don't know about you but I feel like this winter has been the greyest and darkest in a long time. I swear I actually don't remember the last time I saw the sunshine and I miss it! I think I've spent more time on holiday websites searching for holiday deals than anything else recently. If only I had a spare couple of grand eh! 

A Very British Hygge | How to use your Conservatory throughout winter

A winter holiday is out of the question at the moment so I've been investigating ways to feel happier and more content here in the UK during the winter months. My first thought was that it was time to embrace the season and get my Hygge on. Hygge is a well known Danish concept based around finding joy in small pleasures, slowing down and finding warmth and comfort when it's miserable and cold outside. Sounds perfect for this time of year! 

Introducing 'A Very British Hygge'

When I think of Hygge, I immediately think of twinkly lights, hot chocolate, snuggly blankets and fluffy socks. This can be your Hygge but today I'm going to talk about the kind of Hygge I have found works for me.

"It's time to let in the sun"

A conservatory is not necessarily the first place you'd think of when trying to apply Hygge to your life but after taking inspiration from Everest and "A Very British Hygge", I've discovered that actually, a conservatory is the perfect place to embrace the Danish concept. 

4 ways to achieve Hygge in your conservatory

1 - Declutter

If you follow my Instagram stories, you'll know that I have a love/hate relationship with my conservatory. Because it's at the back of our house and we can close the door and forget about it, it does tend to become a place where all of our junk piles up and we end up not using the room at all. Hygge teaches us that less mess is less stress and this is true! I spent some time decluttering our conservatory at the weekend and already I feel so much more relaxed when I sit in there or look through from the kitchen to see somewhere that is clean, tidy and 'Lagom' which means just the right amount in Swedish. It's important not to have something that's cold and clinical and I think that the warm fabrics on the table stop this from happening. I just need to add a bunch of fresh flowers I think and then it will be perfect. 

2 - Turn off the big light 

You are aiming to achieve an intimate and warm environment that can be difficult to achieve with one big light. Instead, A Very British Hygge tells us to use softer lights, candles and lamps to add focus to specific areas. I bought these fairy lights and a lamp from IKEA at low cost and now light candles when I'm sitting in my conservatory through the day. I definitely feel Hygge in there now! 

3 - Let in the sun

It's important to remember that Hygge does not necessarily mean dark and cosy. Over the last few months if I've been sitting in my living room, I ALWAYS have to have the main light on as it's just so dark. If I step into my conservatory though, this is not the case as it is flooded with natural light which automatically lifts my mood. Scientific studies have shown that sunlight makes you feel happier and can release hormones, give you more energy, help ease pains and lower cholesterol. 

'Let the sunshine in, and then hygge will follow'

4 - Use your conservatory socially in winter too

Hygge becomes a necessity for Danes in the winter time. The outside is so cold and it's a time to be good to yourself. I love their view of seeing January as a time to enjoy yourself rather than making yourself feel more miserable. No detoxing, no dry January, no diet - just a time to feel good and sociable. Organising regular games nights in your conservatory is such a fun way to achieve this and feel good about yourself. Pour that glass of wine, light your candles and be sociable. Spend time having fun with your loved ones on a regular basis and Hygge will follow. Our conservatory is home to a big extendable dining table and it looks it's best when it's full of people having fun. Most modern conservatories are well insulated and nice and warm - we have a couple of radiators in ours too to ensure it's nice and comfortable. Board games under the stars is definitely a perfect way to enjoy British Hygge 

If like me, you aren't jetting off to anywhere warm soon, I hope I've inspired you to try some of these alternative Hygge concepts and use your conservatory more in the winter months. Let me know if you have any thoughts and check out more ideas to enjoy Hygge in the UK this winter here

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A Very British Hygge | How to use your Conservatory throughout winter



  1. I have just literally said goodbye to two work men who have fitted a window in the gap between our kitchen and conservatory. We’ve been meaning to do it for years and now I’m so excited to actually have a huge declutter and sort the conservatory out as I’m now going to be overlooking it and the garden when I work from the breakfast bar! (We’ve had a blind drawn between the gap for the last four years!) thanks for all the tips Sam. I’m off to buy some candles and blankets to jazz up our conservatory and make it into a beautiful space to enjoy our garden view!

  2. Oh wow loving the look of that book, huge fan of Hygge ethos and making a space for mindful socialising with friends and family and a calm environment. Wish we had a conservatory

    Laura x

  3. I would love a conservatory. I'd make it my grown up space and fill it with comfy seats, throws and mood lighting.

  4. Simon’s desperate for a conservatory but I won’t let him! As soon as you said hygge I was quite tempted though, it must be lovely having somewhere so light to sit in the winter months!

  5. We have fairy lights in our conservatory and I love them. I could do with a declutter though as there are toys all over the sides

  6. I also think of conservatories as cold places. But you've actually changed my opinion on them! Katie x

  7. We are really lucky to have huge windows that let the light in. We dont have a conservatory but we do enjoy our multi fuel stove - Ive even become brave enough to keep it topped up with logs when Ian isnt there! Get me! :-)


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