Hogwarts Hotel: Sleep Like A Wizard

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Hogwarts Hotel: sleeping like a wizard

Hogwarts, Harry Potter hotel room with two beds in London

When you are a Harry Potter fan, then you know “Hogwarts” is an epicentre of the entire experience. It is the fictional school of magic where students aged between eleven and eighteen go to learn about witchcraft and wizardry. It is also the primary setting for the first six series of Harry Potter. Although the series ended a while back, the stories remain classics up to this day, and there are thousands, if not millions of fans who would love to experience life at Hogwarts. 

But before you are driven away from reality by your fantasies, remember that the school for witchcraft and wizardry was not real, and it was just a fictitious creation for the series. Nonetheless, fans now have a chance to sleep like a wizard at the Hogwarts Hotel. This is the closest you will ever get to experience the magical feeling in Harry Potter – courtesy of the Georgian House Hotel in Central London. So what is it like to spend a night at Hogwarts?

The Georgian House Hotel in Central London

The Georgian House Hotel in Central London is a place where you may sleep like a wizard. It is a four-star hotel that offers an excellent treat to Harry Potter and general fantasy fans. Everything about the hotel has been designed to hand to the guests the same experience they may have witnessed in watching or reading the Harry Potter series. In addition to making you sleep like a wizard, a stay at the hotel will include an unforgettable breakfast, tickets to the Muggle Walking Tours as well as guided tours to the landmark sites prominently featured in the Harry Potter films.

The Wizard Chambers

View of Harry Potter chambers hall with stairs

The Hogwarts Hotel currently has four Wizard Chambers of different sizes, with all of them being double. One thing you will find fascinating about the chambers is that despite the fact that the hotel has been serving guests since 1851, the rooms are still in a perfect state and will remind you of everything you watched or read in the books. From the structural designs to the interior décor, your mind will come alive with fresh scenes from the movies. 

Just as in the books, one of the chambers is located on the ground level while the remaining three are in the basement. You should know that accommodation for the chambers is in high demand and you may have to wait for a couple of months before you have a chance to stay in one. 

One notable aspect of Wizard Chambers is that they are obscured by a massive woollen curtain in the hotel's Muggle section. Most guests who aren’t aware of them never notice them, and surprisingly enough, the chambers experience very little foot traffic, thus creating the experience of magical loneliness loved by most guests who patron the chambers. 

On the walls of the hotels are speakers humming Harry Potter themed tunes and if you are staying in the basement chambers, you will find a switch on top of the wall for a dry ice machine at the bottom. This is the switch you use for the luxury smoky reception. Then there is also the bell you press five times like a giddy child, just as the old saying goes, when in Hogwarts.

The Owl Keyring

Picture of snowy owl looking up

The room key at the Hogwarts Hotel is a big old-school metal owl. It looks cool, but a little awkward compared to a standard keycard. It is not as cute as a real owl, but no one cares about the tiny details and most people are here to experience how it feels to sleep like a wizard. 

The attention to detail in the rooms

The magical experience of sleeping like a wizard at the Hogwarts Hotel is further enhanced by the significant consideration to detail in the rooms, the design and the décor. Everything is merely impressive, faithfully recreated to give the same feeling in the film, complete with vintage books, bottles, and wall hangings. A glance at it would make you feel that it came directly from a Victorian apothecary. 

Just like in the film, the bedside table features faux antique pieces with all the colours of the Hogwarts House. They are further embellished using soda logos and not house crests. The auspicious furnishing of the room manages to create a façade similar to what was displayed and witnessed in the films. 

The bed occupies a large part of the chamber, and it is delightfully comfy in all aspects. It has four pillows and four cushions, and if you are staying alone, you may be left wondering why you need all that. But even if you choose not to use them, they have been used to enhance the décor of the bed. 

The Bathroom

If you are like most people, after testing any hotel bed, the next thing you would be interested in is the shower, and the Hogwarts Hotel doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this. The showers are hidden behind a faux-gothic arch doorway, and it is spacious to enable you to wave a wand just as you saw Harry Potter do on many occasions. The shower is fast, delivering rainfall-style water and the toilet is quite regal, designed to look like a throne. The entire bathroom features very lovely touches with vintage jugs for the toothbrushes and a wooden ladder for the towels. 

Wizardly details

Girl Wizard casting spell outside with magic wand

The hotel is also dotted with several wizardly details that will put you in the right mood to re-live everything you ever saw in the film. Some of the notable ones include the owl décor on the walls, the kettle and cup designs and the arched doorways. here are quite a few Harry Potter books and internet connection to keep boredom at bay for solo travellers, but the good news is that there are quite a few Harry Potter books and internet connection you can use to beat the boredom. 

It is indeed worth spending time at the Hogwarts Hotel. Though it will not be as cheap as your typical B&B in London, if you genuinely cherish Harry Potter, you will value the experience more than the £309 you will pay for a night to sleep like a wizard. And if you are going to spoil yourself, charter a luxurious private aircraft to London. Book with Air Charter Service to ensure you make the most of this wonderful experience. 

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  1. Oh wow this looks amazing, Chloe is a huge HP fan (as am I) and would love this. I just hope there is no Moaning Mertle in the bathrooms x

  2. That place looks amazing. I’m tempted to book up when I go down in April with a friend, but Cat wouldn’t be happy she missed this.

  3. What an incredible place to stay! I will have to take the Teen as he's the biggest HP fan :)

  4. This place looks seriously cool! I want to go and stay there!


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