18 tried & tested tips for travelling with young children

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Whan Harry, Heidi and Jack were small, I honestly used to worry so much about travelling with three children under the age of 5. When you are outnumbered by children, any type of travel can be daunting (even a trip to the supermarket used to fill me with fear - does that count as travel?). I have never been one to let this fear put me off though and have always been a strong advocate of travelling with your children when they are small - trust me when I say this, holidays will never be this cheap again and you need to make the most of it.

18 tried & tested tips for travelling with young children

There are things you can do to make your life easier though and I have put together some top tips that have been tried and tested by parents to help you enjoy an as stress-free travel experience as possible.

My number one tip would always be to thoroughly research your holiday destination before booking anywhere. In my experience, if the kids are happy, the grown-ups will be too. We always opted for self-catering villas or apartments when our three were young as this offered us the space and flexibility we needed. Specialist websites such as Tots to Travel can provide lots of advice and provide a range of accommodation choices that have been hand-picked to suit the needs of families with young children and are definitely worth a look before booking up anywhere.

18 tried & tested tips for travelling with young children

1 - 'Make up nappy sets by putting a nappy & couple of wipes within a nappy bag so you can quickly grab what you need without rooting through your whole bag' - Sprog on the Tyne

2 - 'Only pack the nappies you need for the journey (plus a few extra). You can buy nappies at your destination and it's one less thing to pack/carry' - My Boys Club

3 - 'When flying, check in online and pay for fast track security. Queuing and toddlers don't usually mix and paying for this service is so worth it' - Nomipalony

4 - 'Bring the grandparents along - they will keep the kids entertained for you'  - Here Come the Hoopers

5 - 'Olbas Oil works wonders for blocked ears (always seek medical advice first)' - Monkey Feet

6 - 'Put together a backpack with lots of little toys - crayons, colouring books and snacks. It's amazing how long this will keep little one's entertained' -  Country Heart and Home

7 - 'Always have 3 boxes of raisins in your car glove box for emergency 'NEED EAT DADDY' moments' - Gavin Forster

8 - 'Finger puppets are a fantastic travel toy' - Amanda Christenson-Goerd

9 - 'Start travelling with children from a very young age so it just becomes normal for them - even if it's just car journeys across the UK to begin with' - Five Adventurers

10 - 'Make sure you call your airline ahead and request a bassinet if you're travelling on a long flight with a baby. There are a limited number available on each flight so it pays to reserve one if you can' - Yorkshire Tots

11 - 'A Tupperware box filled with lego can save the day' - Leanne Rosa

12 - 'When travelling solo with a baby, leave the pushchair at home and use a sling so you have both hands free to carry luggage' - Life According to Mrs Shilts

13 - 'Choose somewhere that welcomes babies and provides cots and highchairs free of charge' - Kiddieholidays

14 - 'As well as a spare set of clothes for your child, take one for yourself. If they are sick, chances are they'll hit you and no one wants to travel in soiled clothes' - Jill Farmer

15 - 'Buy travel steriliser bags for cheap and easy sterilising' - Sally Oliver

16 - 'If you are flying, take your own car seat as the quality cannot be guaranteed when hiring abroad. Most airlines will let you take a car seat for free. Buy a car seat bag to protect it in transit'. - Kiddieholidays

17 - 'Minimise contact with germs on board planes - never let your children chew or bite on things on board, especially flight safety cards or magazines as these are rarely replaced. As an extra precaution, wipe down your table and seating area with an anti-bacterial wipe as soon as you board the plane' - Travel Loving Family 

18 - 'When flying, pack over-the-ear headphones for your toddler as often in-ear headphones are the only type provided by airlines (which aren't very toddler-friendly)' - Babyfoote

Another rather unconventional tip from a couple of my child-free friends was to just leave the kids at home - if only it was always that easy ;-)

Let me know if you have any trips planned with your little one's this year.

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18 tried & tested tips for travelling with young children from parents who know including leaving the pushchair at home, how lego can save the day and always be prepared with at least 3 boxes of raisins



  1. Great read thanks for sharing! I have a 16 month old and baby number 2 due in July. We haven't yet done any long trips as I totally dread it but feel we should do at least one trip before second comes along! Thats amazing you manage to travel with 3 - Go Mama :) xx

  2. Some great tips here. I agree so much with the one about starting travel at an early age, so children get used to it. My son hates change but we took him to lots of places when he was young. If we hadn't, I'm sure he'd make a lot more fuss now when we travel. Instead, he loves it!

  3. Great collection of tips. I've used quite a few of these in the four short years we've been travelling with kids. And I can confirm that travelling with out them is surprisingly easy :)

  4. Some great tips. We've done the "take the grandparents one several times"

  5. Great tips! Especially the one about taking the grandparents. We have wonderful experience with traveling together :)

  6. Some great tips. We take a diy travel lego box with us. Keeps the boys entertained. Also take snacks, our boys always ask for food and our youngest needs gluten/dairy free so we always have a stock pile for him. x


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