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NE1’s Summer in the City programme launches at the end of June with the welcome return of NE1’s Screen on the Green. NE1’s large, free, open air cinema at Old Eldon Square is the first of NE1’s summertime events which are set to transform the city throughout the summer, designed to give people a vibrant, safe and colourful welcome back to the city.

Kicking off the Screen on the Green schedule will be two weeks of live action from the iconic Wimbledon tennis championships starting on 28th June, followed on the 23rd July by the live screening of the Olympics Opening Ceremony from Tokyo, and then on the 24th July by the live streaming of Newcastle Pride which is a virtual event again this year. The schedule will then switch to movies with a six-week programme of big hitters - classic movies, family favourites and some new blockbusters to be enjoyed throughout the school summer holidays. 

Two films will be screened each day, the first at 12 noon will mainly feature family favourites and kids’ movies with a varied range of styles and genres each evening at 6pm. Different themes run through the listings this year, with Rom Coms (Romantic Comedies) on Monday evenings; ‘Throwback Thursdays’ featuring cult classics, and iconic movies from the 80s and 90s, whilst Friday night is Blockbuster night as Screen on the Green gives people the chance to finish the working week in style and settle in for the best and most recent Hollywood big-budget, popcorn movies.  


These Friday screenings will also give many people their first chance to see some of the biggest movies that were released during lockdown 2020 when cinemas were closed due to the restrictions. Audiences will be able to enjoy these films on the big screen as the directors intended. Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-bending blockbuster, Tenet will grace the big screen, as will the recent smash hit, Godzilla vs Kong, with the recent instalment of the DC-Comics extended cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman 1984 screened the day after its predecessor, 2017’s Wonder Woman, as part of a Wonder-ful movie weekend.

NE1’s ubiquitous deck chairs will be set up for cinema seating together with bean bags, picnic benches and grass seating all providing additional space to sit around the edges of the screen.

Among the 2020 and 2021 film releases lined up for Screen on the Green, titles include; 

  • Godzilla vs Kong
  • Summerland 
  • Trolls; World Tour  
  • Tom and Jerry The Movie
  • Emma 
  • Witches – the remake with Ann Hathaway and Chris Rock
  • Ordinary Love starring Liam Neeson.

The full movie schedule is listed below. This is subject to change so please do check the Get Into Newcastle website and social media for any changes before making plans. To keep up to date with all the movie news and what’s on as part of NE1’s Summer in the City programme visit

Film Listings 

Monday 26th July

12pm Scoob!
6pm Godzilla Vs Kong (12a)


Tuesday 27th July

12pm My Little Pony: The Movie
6pm Jumanji: The Next Level (12a)


Wednesday 28th July

12pm Aladdin (2019)
6pm The Personal History Of David Copperfield


Thursday 29th July

12pm Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
6pm West Side Story 


Friday 30th July

12pm Abominable
6pm TBC


Saturday 31st July

12pm Trolls: World Tour
6pm Yesterday (12a)


Sunday 1st August

12pm Tom and Jerry: The Movie
6pm Summerland (12a)


Monday 2nd August

12pm The Call of The Wild
6pm The Notebook (12a)


Tuesday 3rd August

12pm Cheaper By The Dozen
6pm Cheaper By The Dozen 2


Wednesday 4th August

12pm Dora and The Lost City Of Gold
6pm TBC


Thursday 5th August

12pm Daddy Day Care
6pm TBC


Friday 6th August

12pm Sonic The Hedgehog
6pm Spider-Man: Far From Home (12a)


Saturday 7th August

12pm Onward
6pm Misbehaviour (12a)


Sunday 8th August

12pm Two By Two: Overboard
6pm Ocean’s 8 (12a)


Monday 9th August

12pm Zootropolis
6pm You’ve Got Mail


Tuesday 10th August

12pm Spies In Disguise
6pm Ordinary Love (12a)


Wednesday 11th August

12pm Smurfs: The Lost Village
6pm Emma (2020)


Thursday 12th August

12pm Matilda
6pm Big


Friday 13th August

12pm Big Hero 6
6pm X-Men: Dark Phoenix (12a)


Saturday 14th August

12pm Witches (2021)
6pm Ride Like A Girl


Sunday 15th August

12pm TBC
6pm Doctor Strange (12a)


Monday 16th August

12pm Turbo
6pm Maid In Manhattan


Tuesday 17th August

12pm TBC
6pm Captain Marvel (12a)


Wednesday 18th August

12pm Spycies
6pm Harriet (12a)


Thursday 19th August

12pm Mary Poppins (1964)
6pm Sleepless In Seattle


Friday 20th August

12pm Pinocchio
6pm Ad Astra


Saturday 21st August

12pm Coco
6pm Miss Perigrene’s Home For Peculiar Children (12a)


Sunday 22nd August

12pm Finding Nemo
6pm Finding Dory


Monday 23rd August

12pm The Secret Life Of Pets 2
6pm Music and Lyrics (12a)


Tuesday 24th August

12pm TBC
6pm Divergent (12a)


Wednesday 25th August

12pm The Addams Family
6pm Definitely, Maybe (12a)


Thursday 26th August

12pm Holes
6pm Romeo and Juliet (12a)


Friday 27th August

12pm Storm Boy
6pm Tenet (12a)


Saturday 28th August

12pm Maleficent
6pm Wonder Woman (12a)


Sunday 29th August

12pm Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil
6pm Wonder Woman 1984 (12a)


Monday 30th August

12pm Toy Story 4
6pm Moulin Rouge (12a)


Tuesday 31st August

12pm The Lion King
6pm Little Women (2019)


Wednesday 1st September

12pm Fantastic Mr Fox
6pm Shazam (12a)


Thursday 2nd September

12pm The Parent Trap
6pm Mrs Doubtfire (12a)


Friday 3rd September

12pm TBC
6pm MIB: International (12a)


Saturday 4th September

12pm Dolittle
6pm TBC

Sunday 5th September

12pm TBC
6pm Stardust

Our Screen On The Green Review from 2016 

This rest of this post is our review from 2016. 

 Have you walked past 'Screen On The Green' in Newcastle yet? Located outside old Eldon Square near Pizza Express, Nandos and Starbucks, you really can't miss the giant screen & deck chairs. 

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer.

Until 4th September, you'll find a huge selection of family movies, blockbusters & classic movies every day (with a break from 5th-21st August when the Olympics will be broadcast live instead).

Every Thursday, the screen will move down to the Quayside Seaside for a bit of a change of scenery.


What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer - Pet Lamb Patisserie

You aren't allowed to take alcohol to screenings but you are welcome to take along your own snacks from either home or nearby businesses. As the movies are free, I think supporting local businesses is the least we can do (a trip to the cinema once cost us £60 on tickets alone!) so we decided to head to the Grainger Market before a 12 noon showing of Matilda to pick up a picnic. First stop was the Pet Lamb Patisserie where the kids were spoilt for choice with the selection of homemade cakes, brownies and treats on offer. We left with 3 treats for £4.50 which considering we paid £4 for just one slice of cake in Scotland last week was a mega bargain.

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer - Pumphreys Coffee

Next, we stopped by Pumphreys Coffee where a large Americano to take out was only £2 - I'd much rather support this local coffee shop than give my ££ to Costa or Starbucks. Please keep them in mind for your next caffeine fix.

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer - Pizza by Slice

Our final stop was Pizza By Slice where you can buy EPIC slices of pizza on a shoestring budget. 4 HUGE slices of pizza fresh from the oven set us back £6.80. I packed the kids some water from home so our lunch total was £13.30 or £3.30 each. Not bad for a 2 course local, homemade lunch plus drinks and a movie!

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer - Grainger Market Picnic

We hot-footed it over to the Screen On The Green with our treats just in time for the movie starting. There still were a few deckchairs available but as I'd packed our picnic blanket just in case, we decided to set up camp on the grass. If you buy Pizza from Slice you need to start eating it pretty quickly as it soon gets cold when out in the fresh air.

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer.

It wasn't all about the treats - the Grainger Market is a fab place to stock up on cheap fruit and these grapes were only 80p!

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer.

The movie was fab - despite building work, chatter and traffic, everyone could hear and see the screen perfectly. It doesn't feel like it is blasting loud but you also don't struggle to hear at all. The atmosphere was fantastic and some of the kids got up and started dancing when Matilda started working her magic. There are staff around too who regularly walked around and checked everything was ok. If you need the loo (which inevitably my three did) the toilets in Eldon Square near Waitrose are less than a 30 second walk away.

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer.

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer.

The kids were impeccably behaved (they saved all their fighting for the bus home) and even though we have watched Matilda approximately 1 million times, it really held their attention. I am definitely going to return a few times over the summer and take my MacBook with me next time to get some work done whilst they watch the movie.

What's on at the Screen On The Green near Eldon Square in Newcastle. Free Movie and Film Listings this Summer.

If you are looking for a very cheap day out with the kids this summer, I honestly cannot recommend catching a movie at Screen on the Green enough - you can easily make a day of it and pair it with a couple of Newcastle's free attractions such as the new Baltic Playground Exhibition, the Quayside Seaside, Ouseburn Farm, the Laing Art Gallery, the Discovery Museum or the Great North Museum.

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  1. This looks so cool. I love the idea of the open air cinema. Also the treats you got were a total bargain! I love Pet Lamb making me hungry after I've had breakfast. Katie X

  2. I need to do this on the downtime days we have which to be honest aren't that often over summer as we've jam packed it with stuff but sometimes it's nice to just go and sit and watch a movie outdoors and as you say you can take along your macbook and work whilst the kids are entertained for a couple of hours.

    1. It was lush - I'm definitely doing it a couple more times over summer x

  3. Every year I say I'm going to grab one of those deckchairs and watch a movie but it never seems to happen. Maybe this year will be the year, I love your idea of packing up a picnic from Grainger Market and watching a film (love the new location for the screen as well!)

    SO happy that Labyrinth is being shown, it's literally my favourite film of all time, I was obsessed with it when I was a kid, I used to make all my friends act out scenes from it at break time.

    Gutted that I'll be stuck at work when the Little Mermaid is on (my second favourite film of all time!)

  4. I can't wait until my son is old enough to enjoy outdoor screenings in the summer. As it is I think I'd spend the whole time running after him lol. x

  5. I love going to things like this, must be really fun with kids!

  6. Wow. Pizza and free movies - looks ace!

  7. Wow this is amazing I wish they had something similar in London. Those chairs look comfy too perfect for watching outdoor screenings!

  8. This sounds great, I wish I'd known about this during my recent visit up north. I'll have to remember this next time I'm in the area x

  9. You couldn't make me up a packed lunch for the picnic could you!? Haha. The Grainger market's great for food, I used to get carried away at the fruit shops as everything is so cheap compared to the supermarkets, then I had the struggle of carrying it all home.

    It great that the films are free as it'll help parents keep the cost of the Summer holidays down x

  10. cinema and a picnic outdoors sounds like a great combination to me! #citytripping

  11. The movie location is great (memories of my childhood) but I love your suggestions for treats: will have to let my mam know so she can try them or buy some cakes for me when I next visit.

  12. The cinema is such a great idea- and for free too! I'd be there as much as I could (and would be a great opportunity to catch up on work)..fab array of food too...very important to support local businesses. Thanks for linking #citytripping

  13. What a fun way to spend a day - and a total bargain for the picnic too. I love the idea of lounging outside watching a film and nibbling something delicious (if only I were a little closer!) Thanks for linking up to #citytripping

  14. How nice to have kids friendly events like this in town! I would be camping there for sure if we had something like this in Singapore. #CityTripping


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