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It's the end of term - how does your school celebrate?

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER and I am so excited. Excited to not have to face the morning rush of getting 3 kids up, washed, fed and to school every day, excited for long lazy days in the sun (here's hoping) and excited to just enjoy a much slower pace of life.

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes
School's out for summer!

At the end of every term our children receive a whole day of treats at school known as 'Golden day' so long as they have followed the school's behaviour policy and not broken any school rules.  Every pupil has to follow a learning agreement and those who break the rules twice during term in older years and three times in younger years aren't allowed to participate in Golden day and have to stay at school and work from the classroom. I like that the school is strict in enforcing the rules and if children do break the rules, they genuinely miss out on the fun - an important life lesson I think. More importantly though, it's a policy that works and I have to say, behaviour at our school is exemplary as a result.

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes

Golden day activities vary from term to term and the school council helps to decide what the activities are. They often have a sporty, cultural or educational element to them or sometimes they are just a time for kids to let their hair down which with the stress of SATs, homework and learning, I think is much needed. 

Past Golden days have included cinema trips, Northumberland day, an excursion to Holy Island, visiting the dry ski slope at Silksworth, a Royal Street party, soft play, woodland activities at Plessey get the picture. They are all COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE too so get the big thumbs up from us parents! December's Golden Day is always a trip to the Theatre Royal to see the pantomime and I am always eternally grateful for this one as it saves me a fortune and the kids have the best time. 

Golden Day - Summer Term 2016

This term, the whole school will be taking over Concordia leisure centre in Cramlington and have a day filled with fun activities planned. 

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes
Credit: Here Come The Hoopers

First up will be Clip & Climb and Soft Play (which you can read about over on Here Come The Hoopers). Heidi is especially looking forward to this as although she's only small, she loves the challenge of climbing. Harry and Jack can't wait too. 

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes

Obviously, suitable footwear is essential and the kids will be wearing their GORE-TEX Superfit shoes which have been designed with paediatricians to ensure the best fit. The shoes are light, breathable and flexible making them perfect for taking on the challenge of a climbing wall. 

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes

After climbing, the children will enjoy games of ten pin bowling and other sports with qualified instructors in the sports hall. Because Harry is in year 4, he will even have the chance to have a pool party in the afternoon with his friends. Very lucky (although I feel for the teachers having to deal with a school full of excited kids).

celebrating the end of term with GORE TEX shoes

I'm sure the kids are all going to have an absolutely FANTASTIC day and I think a day enjoying fun sports with their friends is the perfect way to end term. 

How does your children's school celebrate the end of term? 



  1. Golden day sounds fab! don't do that at my kids school-i think they just play games and watch tv! They will love Clip and Climb especially the satisfaction of hitting the button at the top!

    1. Golden day is always the highlight of term x

  2. School is finally out for summer here too, I thought it would never happen! The next 6 weeks are officially going to be the most fun we've ever had! Hope yours are too!


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