Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay - A review

After reading fabulous reviews from Canny Food, Feeding Boys and others in our North East Food Lovers Facebook Group, I knew I had to visit Elder and Wolf for myself. It's laid back vibe sounded like my kind of place.

After our 4 mile walk to St Mary's Island and back, we hunted out Elder and Wolf on Whitley Road in the town centre. It was 1:30pm on a weekday afternoon and the place was buzzing, in fact there weren't any tables free. The staff were lovely though and explained a few people were about to leave and there would be a table for us in a few minutes. Indeed there was.

There are two seating areas - a bright area in the front with an open kitchen and a wood burning pizza oven and more of a chilled laid back room in the back. We were seated in the back room which I think I preffered - I loved the comfy sofas, twinkly lights, candles and funky decor.

It was a hot day and we were HOT, HOT, HOT so we ordered a jug of water between us. We were immediately jealous of the jug - anyone know where we can get one?? The music was absolutely spot on - 70's and 80's classics. I think they have a clear audience in mind (aged 30+) and I could easily have spent all day here. I swear the sofas were so comfy that I almost fell asleep. I could not have been more chilled. There were young families, groups of friends and a few couples around us, all clearly enjoying the vibe as much as we were. 

The menu is small but perfectly formed (the best way I reckon). It mostly features stonebaked pizzas and flat breads. Steve went for the roasted red pepper and feta pizza and I ordered the posh lamb kebab.

Our food did take a little longer than we perhaps would have normally liked but in all honesty we really didn't mind. The staff were so lovely and kept us informed and explained they'd been really busy so there would be a slight delay. If only more restaurants/cafes could take the time to tell customers when there is going to be a delay it would save everyone a lot of stress.

Because we knew there was a wait we were happy just chilling, listening to the music and chatting (there is no phone signal by the way). 

Our food arrived and it was definitely worth the wait. We both agreed that we had over ordered though. Our appetites aren't as big as they once were and sadly I had to leave around half of my flatbread! It was gorgeous though and I especially enjoyed the salsa. Steve's pizza was EPIC and he says it's the best pizza he's had in a long time. On our next visit (and there will be a next time) we're going to order a pizza and a side salad between us I think. 

Quirky toilet wall!
I am beyond jealous of the people who live in Whitley Bay. Not only do they have Hinnies but now Elder and Wolf - both superb independent restaurants/cafes that are definitely worth a visit. 

Elder and Wolf is BYOB and walk in only. Check out their website and Facebook page for further details.



  1. Adding this to my foodie list immediately!

  2. We tried to return with visiting friends on a Saturday but it was an hour wait. Definitely becoming the place to eat in Whitley :)

  3. Been wanting to go hear for a while now, sounds great.

    I have that anatomy image hanging in my bathroom too, haha.

    Katie xoxo

  4. I keep hearing such great things about here. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and the food looks delicious. We are always in Whitley Bay as my father in law lives near the town centre, I think we will have to visits next time we are in the area xA

  5. I need to go and do both restaurants in one day, that's ok isn't it? An eating day!! Every time I see a new photo, you look thinner, you are doing so well in your quest to be happy and healthy although I've always thought you were a very pretty lady xx

  6. This sounds like my kind of place and your review has got me wanting to visit soon. It looks like I'll have to put by a few hours to lounge in the comfy sofas listening to the great music ;) xx

  7. Elder and Wolf is about 10 minutes walk away from me, but they sadly don't do any gluten free food. Such a shame because I'd love to go! X



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