Blackpool from a child's point of view

Today marks the end of our Blackpool week. Booooo! I've had lots of fun writing and re-living our favourite moments. Here'a a quick re-cap in case you missed any posts:-

I still have to write up our visit to Nickelodeon Land (amazing value by the way) and I have a video to put together so look out for those in a couple of weeks. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, we all had such a laugh in Blackpool and the whole family fun but I thought it would be interesting to ask exactly what the kids thought:-

1 - What was the funniest thing to happen in Blackpool?

Harry (8) - The jokes at circus were very funny.

Heidi (6) - When the man nearly fell of the tightrope when he was skipping on it at the circus.

Jack (4) - Seeing a shark (at the Sealife centre)

2 - What was your favourite food in Blackpool?

Harry - Chicken nuggets and chips with strawberry milkshake (at Captain Jacks in Coral Island)

Heidi - Giant ice cream with strawberries (from Notarianni's)

Jack - Fish and Chips (from Harry Ramsden's)

3 - Where was your favourite place to visit in Blackpool?

Harry - The circus because it was really funny

Heidi - The circus (can you see a theme here??)

Jack - Nickelodeon land with the Ninja Turtles.

4 - Were you scared at the top of the tower?

Harry - Yes - very!

Heidi - No not at all

Jack - Only a little bit when we were climbing the ladders

5 - Would you recommend a holiday to Blackpool to your friends and why?

Harry - Yes because it was lots of fun, there are lots of fun things to do and you can get your hand made out of wax (at Madame Tussauds).

Heidi - Yes because I loved it so much.

Jack - Yes to squirt water on the spongebob ride

My children do travel quite a lot and don't usually talk about their holiday once we are back home however Blackpool has really been the talk of our house this week. Jack in particular is begging me to go back soon and he can't wait until he's 8 so he can have a model of his hand made from wax just like his big brother. We were so impressed with Blackpool - there is decent food to be had and lots of family fun to enjoy. If you visit with an open mind I promise you'll have a wonderful fun-filled time.

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  1. I feel like I've been re-living my childhood with your wonderful posts about Blackpool, glad you had such a great time x

  2. We LOVE Blackpool. The Pleasure Beach was amazing value, and my children have told me so many great things about the circus in the tower. Got to have fish and chips! Thanks for linking up to #SummerFaves


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