Our £250 Honeymoon at Dacre Lakeside Park, Yorkshire

Today I'm going go back in time to November 2006 and tell you a little about our honeymoon. We were new parents and very young (I was only 22 when we were married). Money was very tight so we shopped around for a budget honeymoon. Luckily, as it was November, there were lots of deals to be had and we finally decided on a few nights away in a lovely log cabin on the side of Dacre Lake. I was NOT handy with a camera back then - in fact I'm pretty sure these photographs were taken from a disposable camera! The photo's on Dacre Park website are so much more professional! Our honeymoon only cost £250 for a few nights (including hot tub) and was a real bargain. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

Love's young dream!

Gorgeous verandah and hot tub overlooking the lake.

Check out the 'state of the art' TV.

We didn't really do too much apart from a few walks around the lakes and a trip to York where we enjoyed lunch at Betty's and climbed Clifford's Tower. We went shopping at M&S for lots of yummy food and enjoyed lots of Champagne we had been given for our wedding. It was so nice to just relax for a few nights after the hectic wedding and having a baby! Harry was only 7 weeks old but I felt comfortable enough leaving him with my mum for a few nights - and when we returned she had worked her magic and he was sleeping through the night. Perfect!!

I would love to return to Dacre Lakeside Park one day - and who knows, we may even take the kids this time.



  1. Awww I love your wedding photograph! So cute!! That's a complete bargain, especially with a hot tub!

    Katie x


    1. It was a bargain - I checked their website recently and they still have some really good deals, especially last minute x

  2. Lovely! We honeymooned in a similar place in the lakes and it was fab! Xx


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