Why Scarborough will always have a special place in my heart

Scarborough in North Yorkshire will always have a special place in my heart. It is where family holidays were spent as a child, where I first went on holiday with my friends without any grown ups, where we enjoyed a girls mini-break when I was pregnant with Harry and where I think I have probably spent 5-6 holidays with our own children over the years.

I think I was around one year old in this photograph probably enjoying my first holiday in Scarborough (pictured with grandma)

CRINGE at this photograph in Peasholm park in the early 90's - shellsuits and socks and sandals??

Our first 'girls' holiday in Scarborough when we were 17.

A mini break with the girls in Scarborough before I had my first baby.

A trip to Scarborough is very nostalgic for me. One of our favourite things to do is visit Peasholm park where you can feed the squirrels, watch Naval Warfare and hire a boat.

Of course you can't visit Scarborough without taking part in a donkey ride or two on the wonderful beaches.

We've taken part in a range of boat trips over the years but think the pirate ship is our favourite.

We always have to take a little trip on the North Bay miniature railway too which travels to the Sealife Centre.

Scarborough has it's very own tardis and we can never resist a photograph.

Finally, Scarborough is home to one of the best farm parks we have been to (Playdale farm park) and I love these photographs from a few years ago,

 I am sooooo excited to be spending a full week in Scarborough next week. Have you visited recently and do you have any recommendations for us to try?



  1. Can't wait to read about your Scarborough adventures! I've only been twice, once in the late 80s and once when I was around 20 with my friends ... when we have a car (how many times a week do I say that?!) it's high on the priority list, I really want to go back!

    1. You can easily do it in a day - we've done that a few times. I hope the weather improves!!

  2. We have started going every year, my fiancé use to go all the time as a kid and he loves going and reliving everything they use to do, I'm excited for it to be a tradition when we have kids x

    1. Ah it's a lovely tradition - I love the collection of photographs we've started to build up from visiting x

  3. Oh childhood memories from the 70s!

  4. :) Proud Scarborian here!
    Growing up, I never saw the draw to the town, however now as an adult I just cant imagine living anywhere else.
    Love the 'early' pictures! Sure we all rocked shellsuits!........
    You seem to have most of the touristy stuff. :p Playdale is great.. We visit a place called Betton Farm a lot as it's in our village. There's a few animals, a great outdoor play area, cafe, shop, bee farm too. :)
    If I think of anywhere I'll message you,xx

    1. Thanks Caroline - we had a lovely week. You are lucky to live there x


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