Why are Kids Clubs on Holiday So Controversial?

I am writing this bit of a rant after receiving what I perceive to be judgemental comments on a TikTok video I posted a few weeks ago

Why are Kids Clubs on Holiday So Controversial?

Some of the comments mention that you shouldn't send your kids to childcare on holiday and that holidays are supposed to be about creating memories together as a family rather than sending your kids off to strangers. 

Now this isn't the first time I've came across this and I have received comments about this on some of my Facebook posts in the past too. 

My point of view is.......

Who cares? Honestly why is it anyone's business if somebody uses holiday childcare or not. Just focus on you and your children. 

Nobody knows anyone else's circumstances or what works for there family and I just feel like we could all just be a little less judgemental when it comes to how others choose to parent our children.

There are so many reasons why parents may use childcare on holiday. For many parents, a holiday is a chance for a break of routine and the constant running around. If childcare helps with this, then so be it. 

For others, holiday childcare is the only chance they get to have a break, especially if they're a single parent. Sometimes, only children or kids that have an age gap use holiday childcare to make friends. Parents may never get any time to themselves and haven't spent quality time together for a year - kids clubs may offer them the chance to do this and focus on their relationship with their partner (which is important too!)...... I could go on. There are so many reasons why a holiday kids club can be handy. 

Parents, carers and parenting styles come in all shapes, sizes and schools of thought. For me personally, I love my children dearly, I go out of my way to ensure we spend lots of quality time together but within our family group, I know I am the one who really needs time alone too.

If I spend 24/7 with the kids and Steve I do feel claustrophobic and start to get irritable. I don't apologise for this. If childcare on holiday for a few hours a day helped with this, we'd all benefit as a family and have a nicer time because of it. 

When the kids were little, we used to pretty much always went on holiday with grandparents and/or siblings. We are very fortunate in this respect and using childcare on holiday was never something I needed to look into. If you travel as a big family group, there is nearly always someone who will watch the kids while you have 5 minutes peace or have a swim or even a lie in. 

I think we first encountered holiday childcare when we visited France in 2018. It was just us 5 and the Eurocamp rep was chatting to us and asked if the kids fancied going along to kids club to try some fun activities.

Dee and Jack did, Harry didn't (he felt he was too old). Honestly Dee and Jack had the best time. Kids clubs on holiday are generally lots of fun. 

Then when we visited Pirates Village in Santa Ponsa, Heidi and Jack attended the on-site kids club from day one. Again, they absolutely loved it and when I'd pick them up they would beg to stay longer. On this holiday, they tended to spend a half day in kids club (and I'd relax/read) and then we'd spend the rest of the time having fun together. 

The kids have enjoyed some fantastic experiences at Kids Clubs on holiday from pizza making classes to water fights and film nights. 

On both the above holidays, there is no doubt in my mind that we also spent time making memories together as a family which yes, is part of what holidays are about. Sending the kids to kids club for a few hours each day had zero impact on this. 

I loved watching the kids swim and we played crazy golf together, played cards, enjoyed walks on the beach, marvelling at French supermarkets, visiting a waterpark, hunting for pine cones, playing Pokemon

Go and ordering crepes together in France and in Santa Ponsa I have so many lovely memories of visiting Palma Aqaurium, watching pirate shows, playing crazy golf, spending the day at the beach and dressing up together for cocktails and mocktails. 

I am clearly all for Kids Clubs on holiday. Dee and Jack loved visiting them during their tweenage years and for them, they were lots of fun, somewhere they made friends and something they chose to do (with the added bonus that it offered me a chance to relax).

Harry has never visited a kids club abroad because he just never fancied it and that's ok too. All families and children are different. 

I like that the option is there for those children and parents/carers who are interested in kids clubs. If they're not for you, absolutely fine.

But please don't judge those who do use them, you just don't know what their circumstances are but also, it's really none of your business. I feel like you'd be better off chanelling that energy into having an even better holiday yourself. 

As a final thought, I can't help but think that this post is judgemental too and maybe part of the problem. I am judging those who judge others. It's a vicious circle isn't it. Maybe I should keep quiet too. 


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