Our Family Meal Plans (Summer)

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I love reading other people's meal plans and used to share our own when I first started this blog. I sometimes do still share on Instagram. Anyway, this feature is back. I am not the best at sticking to features so I'm not going to say I will share this every week religiously but I will try my best to keep it updated. 

We usually meal plan on a Monday morning for Monday-Wednesday and Thursday morning for Thursday-Sunday. I find doing two big shops a week works best for us.

We get a fruit,veg and salad box (with additional eggs and berries) delivered from Cramlington Veg Box, our milk and fruit juice (plus a few weekend extras if needed) from the Modern Milkman, we try to get our meat from Nicholsons Butchers or Farmison and then we mostly shop at Aldi although we do pop to Sainsburys and Co-op for some things too. Oh and I'm partial to an M&S Dine in Deal. 

I also love a good farm shop/market and try to buy store cupboard ingredients when we see them from there. 

Dee is a vegetarian but mostly eats the same as us but with a substition for the meat/fish. On the nights where an alternative won't work, they usually have some kind of pasta dish.

We do try and eat together around the table where possible but this doesn't always work out with various after school activities and the kids being out with their friends etc....On those nights we usually plate up whoever's meal is missing ready for them to re-heat when they arrive home. 

June (w/c 27th) 

Monday - We travelled home from holiday and had a rather large breakfast. I wasn't really that hungry so we just had bits and bobs from the freezer today. 

Tuesday - Homemade parmos 

Absolutely lush! I've been asking Steve to make these for ages. He breaded the chicken and cooked in the Ninja Foodie Air Fryer, made bechemel in a pan and then grilled it all. Such a treat! 

Wednesday - Spicy Salmon Flatbreads 

Steve has made his own spice mix which honestly works out so much cheaper than constantly buying the pre-made sachets of fajita seasoning. We'll add some of this to some salmon and serve with lots of fresh tomato and lime salsa and salad. 

Thursday - Chicken Milanese 

Another one of my favourite dishes - breaded chicken with a fresh tomato sauce and lots of veg. We've never made this at home but I often order when we visit an Italian restaurant so I'm looking forward to it. It will be quite easy to make a halloumi version for Dee too. 

Friday - Burrito Bar 

It's been a while since we did this - basically slow cook some minced beef with spices and then add bowls of different types of beans, guacamole, rice and salad and everyone can build their own burritos. 

Saturday and Sunday to be decided later this week. 

June (w/c 20th) 

The kids moaned that we had too much chicken last week and I have to agree, we did! Although we love chicken we are going to try and mix it up a bit this week. 

Monday - Pork chop, chips and peas 

Harry isn't at home tonight and his worst meal is Pork Chops so we're maing the most of it. 

Tuesday - Takeaway 

We're picking Harry up from his DoE expedition but we're not sure on time so taking the easy option and ordering a takeaway. Plus afer two days of hiking, we think he deserves a treat. 

Wednesday - Gnocchi, Chorizo and Mozzarella Pasta Bake - get the recipe here 

Thursday - Duck breast with cherry sauce, potatoes, cabbage and asparagus 

Friday - Homemade toad in the hole with lots of veg! 

We ended up changing this to a BBQ as the weather was lush! 

Saturday - Burger night

This is tradition when we are on holiday to cook burgers as they're quick and easy with minimal washing up. We also had a picnic during the day for which I made these Nduja Sausage Rolls with Hot Honey from Sunday Brunch last week. Ah they were lush! 

Sunday - Sunday lunch in the pub 

We were away for the weekend and booked the Lime Tree Inn, Great Ouseburn (nr Ripon). Such a fantastic Sunday Lunch - highly recommend! 

June (w/c 13th) 

Monday - Nigella's chicken with garlic & cream (+ homemade french boule) - served with veg

Get the recipe here. 

Steve also made Nigella's brownies for pudding (with leftovers for packed lunches / elevenses). These are so good! Highly recommend baking a batch. 

Tuesday - Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes - served with veg 

Get the recipe here 

Wednesday - Pea risotto 

Thursday - Goan curry 

We absolutely love the Spice Taylor curry kits and their Goan Kit is one of our faves. It's quick and easy and only takes around 15 minutes. We like this with King Prawns or leftover chicken. It's a busy night tonight as it's Harry's parents evening and Jack is kayaking so we needed something speedy. 

Friday - Zesty Haddock with crushed potatoes and peas - get the recipe here  

Saturday - Tandoori Spatchcock Chicken (from Turnbull's Northumbrian Foodhall) with Indian Spiced Potatoes and Roasted Cauliflower 

Sunday - Father's Day (Sunday Lunch out with the family)

June (w/c 6th )

Monday - Chicken Biryani 

Steve made this in our Ninja Foodie 11 in 1 with Smart Lid (which we love by the way). He didn't really follow a recipe but marinated the chicken in yoghurt and spices, browned off the chicken and kept to one side.

Then he added whole spices, veg and chopped onion to the Ninja and sauteed. Added the chicken, rice and more spices and gave it a good mix. Added stock, switched to pressure cooker mode for 12 minutes then did slow release. It was quick and easy and there were two spare portions for the freezer for lunches at some point. 

Tuesday - Walnut Crusted Salmon, Cauliflower Cheese Mash & Broccoli 

I spotted this recipe on the Sainsburys website and thought it looked nice and a change from the usual salmon dishes we have. Plus one of Dees' favourite vegetables in cauliflower and it was easy to switch the salmon out for a veggie alternative but keep the rest of the dish the same for them. Oh it was lush! Definitely going to make salmon this way again. 

Steve also made an epic chocolate cake today following this BBC Good Food Recipe. It was so nice and we got 12 decent slices out of it including cake and custard for pudding tonight. 

Wednesday - Pesto Pasta 

This is a staple in our house when we need something quick and easy. It doesn't take much explaining - cook pasta and a selection of green veg (we usually use green beans/mange tout/broccoli) then stir in some pesto and add a sprinkle of cheese. 

Thursday - Slow Cooked Beef Tacos 

Tacos are another staple for us but we usually make them with chicken or minced pork. We thought we'd try something different and slow cook some beef today instead. We'll add peppers, onions, guacamole, beans, cheese and sour cream too. 

Friday - Out for Fish and Chips 

A night off cooking and a trip out for Fish and Chips tonight. 

Saturday - Miner's Picnic Date Night / Kids Pizzas 

We're heading to the Miner's Picnic at Woodhorn today so I've been baking. Click on the links below for the recipes: 

Steve and I are heading out to our local pub / restaurant for a child-free night tonight and the kids are being spoilt with frozen pizzas ;-) 

Sunday - Roast Chicken Dinner 

You can't beat a chicken dinner on a Sunday. We'll be adding lots of veg to our veg box to this too. 

Roast Chicken made in the Ninja Foodie 


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  1. Ohh! I love reading a meal plan. They are great for giving me ideas. All of your meals sound delicious especially the Chicken Biryani. x


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