Toffee Apple Nachos Recipe

 Toffee Apple Nachos are a quick and easy snack. I like making them for when the kids get home from school but they are just as good as a movie night snack. Perfect for those cosy nights at home when you have the curtains drawn, the candles lit and are snuggled up on the sofa. 

Toffee Apple Nachos Recipe

I like to think that this snack is a nice mix of nutrition and treats too - the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, this dish cannot be made in advance but it only takes a few minutes to prepare. The dish is best enjoyed with your fingers but it can get a little sticky and I find that individual portions work best. 

Toffee Apple Nachos Ingredients

(Serves 1/2 - increase the ingredients if you are feeding more people)

  • 1 apple
  • A few pecans
  • A few walnuts
  • A few chocolate fingers
  • Toffee sauce of your choice
  • Chocolate sprinkles to finish

Toffee Apple Nachos Recipe

This dish is so quick and easy to make - simply slice your apple and arrange in a bowl and then add the nuts and chocolate fingers. 

Finish with toffee sauce and chocolate sprinkles - serve immediately. 

You can use other ingredients too - a crumbled ginger nut biscuit or two is delicious and if you cannot eat nuts, you can replace these with seeds or pretzels. 

I always try and get some fruit or veg into my kids as soon as they get home from school and these Toffee Apple Nachos are a fun way to do this - my three love them and they really do taste delicious. Like autumn in a bowl. 

Let me know if you fancy trying these or if you have any alternative nacho ideas. 

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Toffee Apple Nachos Recipe - Healthy Movie Night Snack


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