31 Scary Movies to Watch this Halloween

 Steve and the boys absolutely love a scary film and as we are staying at home this year, have set themselves a little challenge of watching a scary movie every night in October. 

I will probably watch a few of these with them, especially the retro ones but to be honest, despite loving scary films when I was younger, I don't like being scared these days so will probably leave them to it a lot of the time. 

We are fairly lenient when it comes to watching scary films - I usually let my two boys watch most films now if they want to (I always read the parent guide on IMDB first - as long as there are no adult themes / too much sex -  I am usually ok with it).

Every child is different and it is up to us all to decide whether a film is suitable or not. Jack (9) will not be watching all of these films as a lot of them are not really suitable but Harry (14) will be. Heidi (11) hates scary films and I doubt she will watch any. Like I say, every child/family is different and has different rules. 

Steve has put together a list with a little note of where you can currently find the film. Let me know if any of your favourites are on our list. It is my intention for us to write mini reviews of each movie as we go so do check back.  

31 Scary Movies to Watch this Halloween

1 It: Chapter One (Netflix)

2 Halloween (Sky)

3 Friday the 13th remake (Sky)

4 A Nightmare On Elm Street remake (Netflix)

5 Alien (Sky)

6 Urban Legend (Sky)

7 Zombieland (Sky)

8 Underworld (Amazon)

9 Dracula 90’s (Netflix)

10 The Shining (Amazon)

11 Frankenstein (DVD)

12 Freddy vs Jason (Netflix)

13 Cabin in the Woods (Netflix)

14 Blade (Amazon)

15 Dracula (Sky)

16 Van Helsing (Sky)

17 Zombieland double tap (Sky)

18 Us (Sky)

19 Paranormal Activity (Amazon)

20 Birdbox (Netflix)

21 Psycho (Sky)

22 Halloween 3 (Sky)

23 Night of the Lliving Dead (Amazon)

24 A Quiet Place (Netflix)

25 Evil dead 2 (Sky)

26 Silence of the Lambs (Amazon)

27 I know what you did last summer (Sky)

28 The Mummy (Sky)

29 Hellboy (Netflix)

30 Halloween 2018 (Sky)

31 It: chapter Two (Sky)

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31 Scary Movies to Watch this Halloween


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