Concordia Swimming Pool Review

This post is based on info from November 2022. Please check with Active Northumberland for the most up to date info. 

Concordia Leisure Centre is just a 10 minute stroll from my house in Cramlington. It's where I learned to swim when I was a child, where I took my own children for their first dip and where I now visit weekly for a swim myself.

It's often recommended as a good pool to visit with kids in our Facebook group so I thought it was about time I shared a review myself. 

Some of the photos in this post are credit: Active Northumberland and may be from before the pool's refurbishment but it pretty much looks the same now (I think it was just the tiles that were changed).  

Concordia Swimming Pool Review

Concordia Swimming Pool Overview 

Family swim sessions are called 'Swim For All' at Concordia Leisure Centre. They generally last between 45-55 minutes and need to be booked in advance which is easy to do via the Active Northumberland app. I know there was a time during the pandemic when it was quite difficult to book slots but now, as long as you book a few days in advance, there seems to be good availability. 

Concordia is one of the largest swimming pools in the North East, the pool is 25 metres in length (with marked lanes on the floor tiles) and 19 metres wide. There are various depths with the deepest end being 1.4m deep. 

The question on everyone's lips is always, how cold is it? Although it doesn't feel like a hot tub or anything like that, when you step into the pool here you don't get the feeling that it's freezing like you do at some other pools, it actually feels quite pleasant and I would say is one of the warmer swimming pools I've been in. 

Once you have booked on the app, you check in at the centre reception and are given a coloured wristband to wear in the pool. You then head to the changing rooms and then straight into the pool. The lifeguards blow a whistle and hold up coloured signs at various intervals, when your coloured sign is held up, it's time for your session to end. 

I personally feel like Concordia is a good pool for teaching kids to learn to swim / gain water confidence.

There is a baby / toddler area which is easy for parents to sit down in while little ones splash around, it's not too cold, there are water splash toys / water buckets to play with on the perimeter which are fab for getting kids used to water / splashes and there are deeper areas which are great for jumping in and properly swimming too (please note, no diving is allowed). 

You can bring your own floats and swimming aids and there is a shop at the entrance if you forget. Snorkelling equipment is not permitted. 

I love swimming on a term time weekday - it never feels too busy and is a good pool to properly swim. On a weekend, obviously there are more children there and it does feel busier but there is still enough space to get some lengths in (you just might not be swimming in a straight line). They do cap the number of swimmers in one session. 

There is a fantastic viewing balcony around the pool where you watch with a drink from the Hive cafe (access via the bowling alley). 

Concordia Swimming Pool Booking, Prices & Admissions Policy 

Currently, Swim For All Sessions take place: 

  • Saturday : 9am-2:40pm 
  • Sunday : 9:20am - 4pm 
  • Monday: 9am-11am 
  • Tuesday: 10:40am-6:40pm 
  • Wednesday: 10am-6pm 
  • Thursday: 10:40am-6:40pm 
  • Friday: 10:40am-7pm 

There are also adult only swim sessions in the mornings and evenings plus sessions that can be booked for private hire. Obviously, these times may change but it's really easy to see available sessions for the week ahead when you book via the Active Northumberland app. 

Also, sometimes the pool does need to be closed unexpectedly for cleaning so do check their FB page just before you head out. They usually post on their page when this happens. 

Admissions Policy 

From their website: 

  • "All children under the age of 8 must be supervised in the water and, changing rooms at all times, by a responsible person of 16 years or over. 

    One responsible person can supervise two children aged 4-7 years or one child aged 4-7 years and one child aged under 4 years. 

  • The responsible person must remain in “close contact” with the children at all times whilst in the changing rooms and the water. “close contact” is defined as “in arm’s length” of the child."

    It is also worth noting that under 18s need to be accompanied by a responsible adult in all areas of Concordia from 7pm. 

    Every child is different but children (who can swim) aged 8+ can swim unsupervised at Concordia. Personally, when Harry and Dee were a bit older and Jack had just turned 8, I used to sit in the spectators area to keep an eye on them.

    Then when they were in year 6 at school, I used to let them go swimming together or with their friends. I wasn't a fan of swimming with the kids when they were little (I used to find it stressful!) but now that they are teens, I actually like swimming with them again and we often go together again now. 

    There are usually 2 lifeguards on duty during swimming sessions. 

    Swimming Prices 

    Swimming is included in the Active Northumberland Gym Membership and you can also purchase a swimming only membership. 

Or you can book on a pay as you go basis. 

  • Adults : £4.75 
  • Juniors: £2.50 
  • Under 4s: FREE

If you book via the app, you pay on booking. 

Concordia Swimming Pool Changing Rooms

The changing rooms had a bit of makeover last year. You will need a £1 coin or trolley key for the lockers (and then wear the locker wristband when you swim or leave poolside with your towel). There are hot showers (both in cubicles and the open kind) and hairdryers/mirrors. 

Personally, I find the standard cubicles a bit tight on space but there are some family changing rooms too. There are large benches between the cublicles and lockers which are perfect for getting everyone's shoes on. 


Concordia offers the following facilities: 
  • Disabled parking 
  • Accessible toilets 
  • Accessible changing facilities 
  • Automatic doors 
  • Tactile signs 
  • Swimming pool hoist / disabled access
  • Hearing loops 

You can read more about accessibility here. 

Concordia Swimming Pool Spa 

Concordia Swimming Pool Spa Review

Concordia also has it's own spa area. This isn't included in the price of swimming and needs to be booked separately but there is a door with direct access to the spa from the pool (accessible with your wristband) and if you don't need to be responsible for any children, I highly recommend booking in and combining with your swim. 

Sometimes I swim with the kids, head into the spa for 20 minutes then go back to swimming with the kids (my kids are all aged 12+ and can swim / be left unsupervised - obviously don't do this with younger kids) or if I'm by myself, it's nice to get some lengths in then relax in the spa afterwards. 

If you're an Active Northumberland Gym Member, you can add unlimited spa membership to your account for £15 per month. Alternatively, you can purchase a 'spa only' membership for £30 per month or book a single session for £10.

You can easily book via the Active Northumberland app. If you're not a member, you will be given a wristband when you check in at reception to enter the spa. 

The spa is suitable for ages 16+ (when accompanied by an adult). 

The spa is never really too busy and has a sauna, ice machine, foot spas, bubble pool, aromatherapy room, shower, bucket shower and steam room. They pack a lot into a small space and there are not any loungers etc.... It's the kind of place you can spend up to an hour at a time rather than half a day. It's lovely though. 

Concordia Facilities 

As well as swimming, Concordia has some excellent facilities including: 

  • Hive Bowling
  • Soft Play 
  • Bar / Cafes 
  • Sports Courts 
  • Clip n Climb 
  • Gym 

How To Get To Concordia Swimming Pool

Address: Concordia Leisure Centre, Forum Way, Manor Walks Shopping Centre, Cramlington NE23 6YB

Concordia Leisure Centre is in the heart of Cramlington. Located next to Asda, Manor Walks, it's very easy to get to by bus, car or train. 

There is ample free parking (check time restrictions) including parent and child spaces and electric vehicle charging points. Although there are lots of spaces, the car park does get very busy on weekends, especially in the build up to Christmas so if you are visiting on a weekend day time, I'd recommend travelling by public transport. 

Lots of buses stop at Manor Walks and you can walk through / around the shopping centre to get to the leisure centre. 

Some Northern Trains stop at Cramlington Train Station too (you can connect at Manors, Newcastle Central Station and Morpeth amongst others) and it's a 10 minute walk from the station to Concordia. 

Ideas For Things To Do Nearby 

Being in the centre of Cramlington, there are lots of things to do nearby. There is bowling / soft play / clip n climb in Concordia itself and Manor Walks is home to quite a good selection of shops and restaurants (including McDs, Burger King, Sambucas, Hungry Horse, Catling Bakery, Greggs, Subway, Nandos and Venue). 

There is a Vue Cinema around the corner from Concordia and behind this is Seven Oaks Playground which is nice. 

Further afield (and a short drive away), you can travel to Azure Garden Centre (fab Christmas decorations), CJ's Funhouse, Airbox Bounce,  Northumberlandia for a walk (they often run seasonal trails), you can find the Cramlington Giant Spoon or visit Plessey Woods

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