Prudhoe Waterworld Swimming & Soft Play Review

Thanks to Gaia from Toon Lunch Club for this review of Prudhoe Waterworld which is based on several visits and swimming lessons at the centre across Winter 2021/22. Over to Gaia.......

If you’re looking for a swimming pool that’s great for kids, why not pay Prudhoe Waterworld a visit. It’s got a wave machine, a waterslide, inflatables and fountains - kiddie heaven! There’s also a little soft play if you really want to get parent points. Read on for all the details…

Prudhoe Waterworld Swimming & Soft Play Review

Prices and Booking

They still ask you to book in advance and it’s simple to do through the Active Northumberland app, it’s a bit confusing at first to set up (you need to request a pin) but then after that it’s very simple as it remembers your card details. You can book up to a week in advance and adults cost £4.50, kids are £2.50 and under 4’s are free. One adult can supervise two children aged 4-7 or two children aged 0-8 if one child is under the age of 4. The pool is open for fun sessions on weekday mornings and all day at the weekend.

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms are always clean and quite recently updated, there are family changing rooms which are larger so can fit an adult and a couple of little ones. They also have a baby gate and a playpen that you can put your baby or toddler in while you sort out your other child/put clothes in a locker. 
The changing rooms are all unisex (toilets are not)and the lockers take pound coins which are returned at the end. There are a few showers all in a circle around a central pillar, it would be great if they had a few more showers but you usually don’t have to wait too long.

'Fun For All' Sessions at Prudhoe Waterworld

The pool has a shallow ‘beach’ area which is great for babies and toddlers who just want to paddle. One thing to note for babies though is that it’s not the warmest pool out there, but it’s certainly not the coldest either. There are usually a few babies in the pool when we visit.

Prudhoe Waterworld Swimming & Soft Play Review

The beach area really helped my youngest get used to the water when she was a toddler. There are fountains and also a jacuzzi which has been out of action since the pandemic (not sure if they plan to open it again). You get an hour in the pool, and there is a rota of waves/ waterslide/ inflatables in that hour.
The wave machine is great fun for the kids, gets a bit choppy at the shallow end particularly but a good laugh if you keep your wits about it you!
After the waves, the inflatables come out - balls, pool noodles and foam rafts, plenty for everyone to play on.

Prudhoe Waterworld Water Slides
Credit : Prudhoe Waterworld

The pool itself is a good size, and they are still limiting numbers which keeps it from being too busy.  After inflatables, there is 15 minutes where the waterslide is open, which my 7 year old loves.

Over 3s are allowed but they have to go down alone and an adult has to catch non-swimmers at the bottom. My 7 year old loves it but my 3 year old is too scared to go down on her own so we wait at the bottom which involves climbing up a ladder into a mini pool to catch older child which is a bit of a juggling act with a small child in tow too. We manage though! 

Soft Play

There’s a little soft play which under 8s can play in, which is £3 each. It’s next to the cafe which has a viewing area of the pool. The soft play is space themed and has a few tables in it and floor to ceiling windows out over the pool.

Prudhoe Waterworld Soft Play

Prudhoe Waterworld Soft Play

My 3 year old loves it. Soft play is available to book through the app or when you turn up and it’s open all day. 


The cafe serves a range of reasonably priced hot and cold food. The coffee is good and they have a good selection of herbal teas. We normally have a packed lunch in the playpark making it a very cheap day out. 

Prudhoe Waterworld Cafe Menu

Prudhoe Waterworld Cafe Menu 


There’s a great little playpark outside with picnic benches. We always pay it a visit afterwards, the kids love it and it’s it right next to the car park. It has a pyramid climbing frame, a couple of different slides and frames, swings including an accessible SEN swing. 
All in Prudhoe Waterworld is a great pool, with lots to keep little ones entertained for a reasonable price.


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