Step Into Xmas Cramlington & Metrocentre

This is an advert for November 2022. Any shares / edits beyond this date have not been asked or paid for. This post is based on a visit to Step Into Xmas Cramlington in November 2022 which is also when the photos in this post were taken.  

Step Into Xmas is a premium Christmas Tree Buying Experience set across two convenient locations in North East England. I absolutely LOVE our tree from here and will actually go as far as to say that it is genuinely the best tree we've ever had. 

Step Into Xmas Cramlington & Metrocentre

Like many, I struggled to get into the festive spirit this year but I can hand on heart say that going to pick out a lovely real tree with the family and then decorating it at home with our festive playlist playing and a Christmas buffet afterwards really got us all feeling Christmassy. FINALLY! 

10 Reasons to Buy Your Christmas Tree from Step Into Xmas 

1 - Super convenient locations 

You will find Step Into Xmas at Manor Walks Cramlington (between Concordia and Asda) and Metrocentre (Yellow Car Park).

Both locations offer parent and child / disabled / regular free parking nearby (do check time restrictions - it is usually 4 hours at Manor Walks).

Opening hours are as follows: 
  • Cramlington: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm / Sun 10am-4:30pm
  • Metrocentre: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm / Sat 10am-6pm / Sun 11am - 5pm
Do check their social media for any changes to this before visiting. You don't need an appointment, simply drop in at any time during opening hours. There is no pressure to buy and the staff are very helpful and friendly. 

2 - Make it Into an Experience 

Step Into Xmas Cramlington & Metrocentre

We have had real trees at home in the past (I love them!) but it has always been myself and Steve that picked our tree up and it's usually been a pre-wrapped option from a supermarket. This time, because there is so much space and the trees are all open and on display, it's easy to bring the kids, get them involved and let them help choose. It's easy to make into a family tradition. 

Every tree has it's own festive name displayed on a tag and we really enjoyed walking around and reading all of the tree names (I will say, a good name can sway you into buying a tree - be warned). The kids took their roles very seriously and even started touching and smelling the trees to make sure they were good and that we were going with the best tree for us (they were all nice fyi). 

It really helps being able to see the trees out in full as you can see how the branches will fall and how tall it's going to be etc..... In the end we picked 'Mariah' - a beautiful, full & tall tree that smells great (I'm guessing just like her namesake).

I think we will go out as a family and pick a tree every year together now as we had a lush time and it was something the kids were enthusiastic about doing too. It's never too late to start a new tradition and this is a great one to involve children of all ages with - even teenagers. 

3 - Premium Grade Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

All trees are Premium Grade Nordmann Firs which are known for being 'non drop'. You can expect zero/minimal needle loss with these trees. They are low maintenance with thick glossy branches. Nordmann Firs should look great for around 5 weeks indoors (remember to water regularly) which is longer than most alternative real trees (a Norway Spruce has an average life of 3 weeks for example). 

Every tree goes through a strict quality inspection before going on sale. 

4 - Grown In Scotland 

These trees are grown at 1000ft above sea level in Scotland and known for their slow growth (up to 10 years). Good things come to those who wait though and you will be rewarded with strong, healthy branches and a lovely symmetrical shape.

They are cultivated by hand which results in a super high quality tree with densely packed branches. I can vouch for this as our tree looks super full with none of those annoying gaps you sometimes get and have to strategically hide with baubles. We've all been there! 

5 - Supporting Cash For Kids  

For every tree that is sold across both sites, Step Into Xmas will donate £2.50 to local North East Charity Cash for Kids and will be operating as a drop off point for their Mission Christmas Toy Appeal. The money raised will be used to provide gifts for children on Christmas Day who are at risk of not receiving any. 

6 - Home Delivery is Available 

If you don't have access to a large enough car / choose a super sized tree that won't fit in your car, don't worry as home delivery is available for a minimal fee (from £5). Your tree will usually be delivered within 3 days - ask staff for info.  We have a pretty big car so were able to bring our tree home straight away. 

7 - Complimentary Tree Wrapping & Advice 

This is the most fun part and definitely something the kids won't want to miss. Once you have picked your tree, you can watch as it is put through the netting machine for convenient transportation. It's all very exciting! 

We found the staff to all be lovely too and they can provide plenty of help and advice both in person, their website and on their social media accounts. 

8 - Non Toxic to Pets 

Obviously, don't be silly and start feeding your dog Christmas Tree for supper or anything weird like that and monitor your pets around your tree but it's reassuring to know that Nordmann Fir Trees are non-toxic to pets (or children) and there have been no reports of ill effects from these trees.

This is Fozzy's first Christmas at home with us and while he was excited while we were putting the tree up and trying to get involved, he hasn't bothered with it since which is good news for us. He does look super cute when he lies in front of it. 

9 - Make a Day of it..... 

If you'd like to make a day of it, there are lots of festive things to do within easy walking distance across both locations. Here are a few ideas: 

  • FREE Drop In Santa's Grotto at Manor Walks
  • Festive Hot Chocolates from Costa 
  • £15 Family Festive Bowling Deal at Concordia 
  • Watch a Christmas Film at Vue 
  • Visit the Giant Interactive Selfie Penguin (it's just next to Step Into Xmas) 
  • Festive Treats & Cakes at Catling Bakery Cafe 
  • Lots of Places to Enjoy a Festive Meal / Christmas Shopping 
The Interactive Penguin next to Step Into Xmas Cramlington 

  • Book to Visit Santa in his Festive Forest Grotto 
  • FREE Ice Skating and Arctic Experience 
  • Watch a Christmas Film at Odeon 
  • Elves Behaving Badly (4 Dec) 
  • Lots of Places to Enjoy a Festive Meal / Christmas Shopping 
We always make Christmas Tree Day a thing in our house  - we reminisce about our old decorations when we pick them out of storage, we play our festive playlist and have a bit of a party tea / Christmas buffet afterwards. This year we snuggled up and watched a Christmas film afterwards and read a few of our Christmas stories too. Like I say, we ended the day feeling super Christmassy. 

10 - Beautiful Looking Trees

The number one reason to pick a tree from Step Into Xmas is that they just look so beautiful. I've never had such a full and bushy tree at home. I absolutely LOVE ours. I feel so happy when I'm sitting watching TV or first walk into my living room. I just love it and it really does bring me so much joy. Our tree has a beautifully delicate scent  - not overpowering at all which is ideal for allergy sufferers. 

It's fair to say I am obsessed with our tree this year. I'm going to share another post soon with more info about all of our different decorations look out for that one. I just need to find our lights which is today's job. 

Step Into Xmas FAQs 

How much are Christmas Trees? 

Trees are priced from £59 - £99 depending on their size. If you have a budget in mind, staff will help you and direct you to trees of that height. 

Can I Buy A Stand? 

Yes, there are a range of Christmas Tree Stands available to purchase for £20. Ours has space for water (our old one didn't!) and we will reuse it in future years. 

Is Delivery Available? 

Yes, home delivery is available for a small additional fee (from £5). Just ask staff for details. 

Can I Pay by Cash or Card? 

Payment is by card / contactless only. 

When is Step Into Xmas Open? 

Opening hours are as follows: 
  • Cramlington: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm / Sun 10am-4:30pm
  • Metrocentre: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm / Sat 10am-6pm / Sun 11am - 5pm

    (Please check social media for up to date info / changes) 

Do I Need an Appointment? 

No, just drop in, all are welcome and you can bring pushchairs / wheelchairs too. 

Where Can I Find Out More? 

Visit the Step Into Xmas website here:

Or you can follow Step Into Xmas on Instagram , Facebook and TikTok

Is There Parking Nearby? 

Yes, there is ample free parking at both locations. Both sites are likely to be busy with Christmas shoppers during peak times and I would recommend visiting early / later in the day on a weekend or on a weekday if you can. 
  • Yellow Car Park, Metrocentre NE11 9YG
  • Manor Walks NE23 6UT
Are Real Trees Eco Friendly / More Sustainable? 

I've tried to read as much as I can around this subject and the general consensus is yes, they are. The Carbon Trust reports that overall, Real Christmas Trees have a significantly lower Carbon Footprint than Artificial Trees (especially if they are disposed of correctly so please do consider doing this).

Real trees are a renewable resource that do not cause pollution. They are usually grown on land that cannot be used for much else and deforestation isn't a problem as they are not felled from natural forests and are immediatly replaced with a seedling. 

During a tree's 10 year life, they absorb lots of CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Most Green charities advise if you already have an artifical tree, continue to use as normal but as soon as you're ready to replace it, it's better for the environment to switch to a real tree. 

Do Real Trees Require Much Maintenance? 

In my opinion, not really. The main thing to remember is that they can be thirsty and to keep your tree looking great, you need to add fresh water daily / every other day. Once Christmas is over, most councils offer free recyling schemes for trees too. 

Step Into Xmas has put together some handy tips: 


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