Berwick Swimming Pool & Leisure Centre

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Since its opening in early February 2022, we have been keen to visit the new leisure centre in Berwick and see what it was all about. Part of the Active Northumberland group, the new centre has replaced what was the old swimming pool and has a brand new look, complete with mod cons, splash pool, sports hall, café and soft play.

Berwick Swimming Pool & Leisure Centre

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Berwick sports and leisure centre, following our visit there with the family. 

What to expect from your visit:

The leisure centre is very easy to find and is located on the outskirts of the town centre. The car park isn’t huge. Use postcode: TD15 2AS

From the outside the new building looks impressive and certainly plenty big enough. 

As you enter the leisure centre, you will see there is a soft play on the left-hand side and a café on the right. Head through the café to the main Reception desk. The staff were very helpful and as this was our first visit, they talked us through how to use the lockers and where to go. 

The first thing that struck me was how clean and new everything felt. Sorry for stating the obvious as it only opened in February, however some places soon lose that “new feel” charm. Berwick leisure centre certainly hasn’t lost that yet. 

Before I go any further, it is worth mentioning that the swimming pool seems to be very popular and I strongly advise you book via the Active Northumberland app before you visit.

Nothing worse than turning up to a swimming pool and not being able to get in; cue some very disappointed and cross children. The swimming pool works on a coloured band system, giving you an hour in the pool before your colour band is called out. (Similar to Concordia.) 

There are several sessions to choose from - Aqua Splash (splash pool only), Swim For All (main pool only with designated swimming lanes - no slides) and Fun 4 All The Family (All three pools with splash area, slides and water features). I would recommend booking the Fun 4 All The Family sessions to make the most of your visit. 


  • Adult - £4.75 
  • Child - £2.50 
  • Under 4s - FREE 

One adult can supervise up to two under 8s. 

The other great thing about the swimming pool is that the lockers work by tapping a band (which looks a bit like a Fitbit) onto them. You are handed this band at Reception when you check in. No need to scramble around for loose change: this is free. 

We then headed through into the changing rooms. Socks and shoes are left outside the changing rooms so the floor where you get changed is kept clean.

The changing rooms are located poolside and offer plenty of space for families as well as the smaller rooms. The lockers were also large enough to hold all our bags (there are five of us and usually we take up two lockers!). 

Into the pool itself…

The swimming pool has a main “big” pool as well as a baby pool, splash pool with a toddler slide and then there are three bigger slides for older children. 

The splash pool has a depth of 0.7 meters and includes water features which are perfectly suited for little ones. 

The boys went off into the big pool straight away as Charlie had spotted goal nets and a ball in the pool to play with. I took the girls into the baby pool, which was warm enough, for a splash about. 

There is a large bucket that fills with water and then tips up once full. Unfortunately, both girls got a fright when this happened for the first time and it put them off going in that area, but I thought it looked great fun! 

Berwick Swimming Pool Slides and Toddler Area

It is also worth noting that there is a weight limit on the bigger slides, so whilst my daughter wanted to go on them, she wouldn’t go by herself so ended up not going on at all. My son however whizzed down it many a time and gave it a firm 10/10. 

I thought it was a bit noisy as there is music playing, however this was just me and nobody else seemed bothered by it, therefore making me feel quite old. Eeek! 

Overall, we really enjoyed our time in the pool and couldn’t believe it when the hour was up. 

Make more of your visit:

I mentioned that as well as the swimming pool, there is also a soft play (suitable for up to age 12 but I would say best suited to under 5’s) which is £4.50 per child, a café and an outdoor football pitch which you can book. There is also a sports hall where you can book courts. 

Berwick leisure centre soft play

The Hive Café.

The Hive café is open Monday – Saturday 8am to 6pm and 8am to 5.30pm on Sundays. 

The menu offers hot and cold drinks, kids lunch boxes which have been recommended to me as being good value for money, as well as hot and cold food. 

We visited during the “swim for all” session which is family friendly. There is also a gym and spa at Berwick leisure centre.

Visit the Active Northumberland website or download the app for more up to date and easy to read information about each swimming time.

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