An Inspector Calls Review

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Where does the time go? I remember studying An Inspector Calls as my GCSE text back in the year 2000. It seems like just yesterday we were taking it in turns to read the lines out in class.

Fast forward to 2022 and now Harry is following in my footsteps. He's now in year 11 and also studying An Inspector Calls as one of his GCSE texts. He is studying for his mocks at the moment and it all seems so real now. 

Harry and I were lucky enough to watch An Inspector Calls a few years ago but his teacher had strongly recommended we see the performance again as a refresher (either ourselves or as part of a school trip) so Harry popped along on opening night with my brother Mark who had not seen the show before and did not know the story. 

An Inspector Calls has been watched by over 5 million people worldwide. This National Theatre production by Stephen Daldry has won countless awards over the years and is a what I would consider to be a true, classic piece of theatre. 

Set in 1912 just before World War I and written in 1945, An Inspector Calls weirdly seems to be even more relevent today and will leave audiences with a lot of food for thought. 

The story follows Inspector Goole as he arrives at the Birling family home with news of the death of a young woman. The peaceful dinner party is torn apart by the news as each member of the household's character is unravelled. 

Here is what my brother Mark, who didn't know the story prior to watching the performance had to say: 

"I loved it! The suspense really built throughout the evening (definitely helped with there not being an interval) with the music and lighting really helping to change the mood when needed. 

My favourite charactor was Sheila as she seemed to be the only person to hold any real remorse and look to change the way she treated people.

I thought it would be quite a serious play but there were light and funny moments too with quality acting and a good range of characters - I definitely think most people in the audience would be able to relate to someone one stage. 

The set was excellent - especially the house which was really cleverly done. 

I said to Harry on the way out that if anything, An Inspector Calls is more valid in today's society than it was back in 1945 because of the way certain areas of society seem to only look out for themselves.

I wasn't sure what to expect, I thought it might be like James Bond but it wasn't like that at all. I really enjoyed it and I am pleased I tried something I wouldn't usually watch. I'd recommend to everyone" 

And now over the Harry for his thoughts: 

"I really enjoyed this performance of An Inspector Calls which was full of atmosphere. I think I liked it even more second time around.

My favourite character was the brother - he took the blame for his part but also didn't free others from their responsibility. 

I have a couple of favourite scenes. Not to give any spoilers but something happens on stage which gives everyone a surprise and the scene when it was raining was really well done/clever and did make us feel as if we were experiencing rain too. 

I also liked how the suspense was bult through music and lighting - you always knew when it was building up to something. 

If An Inspector Calls is part of your GCSEs, I would 100% recommend getting tickets to see this show. It really brings the script to life" 

If you're looking for a night out with teens (even if it's not part of their GCSE text - it's still a really good talking point), date night or night out with friends or family which will offer you plenty to discuss post-show, we'd highly recommend. 

An Inspector Calls continues at Newcastle Teatre Royal until 12 November 2022. The performance is 1 hour 45 minutes long with no interval and there is smoking on stage as part of the production. 

Find out more and book tickets from £15 here:


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  1. I remember doing An Inspector Calls for my GCSE's in 1996 and my eldest did it for her's too. It sounds like a great show to see even if you don't need it for your GCSE's. x


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