The Best Places to Find Conkers in the North East

Thanks to our writer Bethanie for this post. 

Autumn is approaching and I know a lot of people feel sad to be waving goodbye to summer. But there are so many things to look forward to over the coming months and one of my favourite things about autumn is conker picking. In this post I share some of the best places to look for conkers across the North East.

At the bottom of this post I will also share a few ideas on what to do with your conkers once you have bagged them up and taken them home.  

Over the years, we have discovered some perfect spots that are fruitful with conkers, so grab a big bag or bucket and head out to some of these locations to guarantee the best pick of the bunch. 

The Avenue, Swarland 

This long, straight road in Swarland is gorgeous in autumn and very photogenic. It is also lined with conker trees and plenty fall onto the path and the grass verge. I recommend parking at Nelsons at the Park, where there is a café and children’s play area, and walking back up the road. 

Keep little ones close by as you are searching for conkers right at the roadside but it’s a fairly quiet road. 

Swarland Woods

The Best Places to Find Conkers in the North East

While you are in the area, head along to Swarland Woods, located behind the golf course. This is another great spot to find conkers and is away from any roads.

There is also plenty of woodland to explore while you are here so makes for a nice walk too. 

Alnwick Pastures

Located right in front of Alnwick Castle, this is a great spot for conker picking and with the backdrop of the castle behind you, very scenic too.

You can walk through the pastures but to find the best trees head away up the hill from the river. The trees run alongside the road and you will find plenty here to fill your bags. 

Hulne Park, Alnwick

As you enter Hulne Park you will find conker trees line the edge of the road. Then if you head a little further in and follow the blue route, a mile or so into the walking route you will find a few more.

Hulne Park is another lovely spot for an autumnal walk, with all the trees showing off a wonderful display of colour. 

Read our guide to visiting Hulne Park here. 

Plessey Woods

The Best Places to Find Conkers in the North East  - Plessey Woods

The great thing about Plessey Woods is that once you have finished conker picking you can make a day of your visit here. With a playpark, visitor centre and café as well as woodland walks, you can make a real trip out of it. 

The best place for conkers here is just opposite the playpark and café. 

Read our guide to visiting Plessey Woods here. 


This one came recommended to me and is apparently a great place to look for conkers! The advice was to head along the straight road from Longhirst Colliery. 

Carlisle Park, Morpeth

The Best Places to Find Conkers in the North East  - Morpeth Park

Another great place to spend some time, with a play park and café as well as woodland walks, Carlisle Park has a row of Horse Chestnut trees alongside the river which have provided us with a good bag full in the past. 

Read our guide to visiting Morpeth here. 

A few places that have been recommended:  

Ideas with conkers:

The Best Places to Find Conkers in the North East

Now you have collected bags full of conkers, what do you do with them? Most of the conkers that we bring back end up in a bowl on display before going mouldy! One year I painted a few with clear varnish to help keep them longer, which worked but was very time consuming. 

The obvious thing is conker fights. I know you are no longer allowed to do this at school but what’s to stop you having them at home? Thread some string through and you are good to go. 

I have fond memories of my own Grampy fastening my brother and I crowns and necklaces out of conkers. Fancy huh? 

If you have younger children they may enjoy painting with conkers. Find a tray which you are happy to be filled with dabs of paint and roll the conkers around through the paint to create cool patterns. 


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