Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill Opens in Durham

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Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill Opens in Durham

Estabulo is a Brazillian Rodizio Restaurant and Bar which has just opened in Durham. It's easy to find at The Riverwalk right next to the Odeon Luxe. There are 2 car parks at The Riverwalk with car park 2 being only a one minute walk from the restaurant. 

Inside is very stylish and very instagrammable, a fully stocked bar is waiting for you as you walk in which will rival any cocktail bar. 

Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill Opens in Durham - river view

Once you're seated the waiter shows you the tablet for your table where  you can order drinks to your table and call for service. Any orders on the tablet are added straight to your bill. It's very easy to use and the selection is vast with any cocktail (or mocktail) you would want. 

If you have never been to this type of restaurant,  it can be a bit unsual as there is no menu. There is a set price depending on when you go and you then get unlimited access to the salad bar and unlimited meats which are carved at your table. 

I think it is really good value for money and if you have kids or tweens who like meat they will love it and it won't break the bank. 

There is a traffic light card system at your table. Each diner is given a card which is green on one side and red on the other. Place your card green side up and the servers will come round and offer to carve you some meat at your table. 

If you're feeling a bit full you can have a rest and flip your card to red and the servers will know you need a breather and miss you out.

The salad bar is not your normal salad bar and no limp iceberg lettuce in sight. Cheese stuffed peppers, Sushi, Cous cous and a selection of sauces like ketchup, mustard, pesto and peppercorn. 

The salad selection is excellant with Beetroot salad, Ceasar salad and Sam's favourite was Cucumber, Mango and Mint. There is also breadsticks, bread rolls and cheeses.  You can visit as many times as you like and get a fresh plate whenever needed (servers will regularly replace your plates if needed too). 

Onto the meat - this is what we're all here for. The servers come to your table with different types of meat on a big skewer which has been cooked on a grill and they carve it straight onto your plate. The meat is always succulent and juicy and they have differnt cuts and different meats, 8 to choose from at lunch and 15 in the evening! 

Some of our favourite dishes were the Chicken Thighs which were so juicy and slightly charred for that flame grilled taste. The Garlic Steak was so flavoursome and served perfectly pink but everyone agreed the best one was the lamb which has crispy fat but was still so succulent.

They servers come pretty regularly and soon you will have a plate piled high with meat so this is where the card comes in handy and just flip it to red so you can finish what you already have.

Estabulo feels like somewhere you'd visit for a treat or celebration meal. Most people were fairly dressed up on the evening of our visit and the music had an upbeat / night out kind of vibe. The staff all provided exceptional service and we were very well looked after. I loved the views out across the river too. 

Visit the Estabulo website here for more info on the differnt types of meat along with the drinks and dessert menus. You can also order gift card which would be a perfect Christmas gift for any meat lovers in your life. 


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