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This post was first published in July 2020. 

A beautiful walk, suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs, cycling and scooters with open public toilets, an ice cream van, large play area and lots of space for ball games and picnics. Free parking & accessible by public transport. 

Tyne Green Park in Hexham is somewhere we used to visit a lot as a child. It was a regular Sunday haunt for us in the summer. Mam would pack some sandwiches, we would invite the neighbours and spend the afternoon playing rounders on the grass, playing in the park (there was still a zip wire back then) and playing pooh sticks on the little bridge. 

There is a golf course right by the river and I remember I was always convinced I was always going to get hit on the head with a golf ball. 

Back in the 80s/90s, a trip to the park would always be followed with a trip to Robbs at Tynedale Park. Does anyone else remember them? As a child it felt like the biggest shop ever and it seemed very fancy & like it sold everything you could ever need. A quick google and it appears it closed in 2005 when it was sold to Tesco. 

Despite visiting a lot as a child myself, I have only taken my own children a handful of times. I don't know exactly why this is but I am guessing that back in the 80s, our family didn't have things like National Trust Membership and we had no internet / social media so basically always visited the same places again and again that were tradition in the family. Simpler times! 

Anyway, we were well overdue a visit so on a sunny Thursday afternoon in the school holidays, we decided to take a trip. It is a really easy 40 minute drive from our house - down the A1 and along the A69. Follow the signs for Hexham and when you cross over a bridge into town, turn right into Tyne Green Park. It is well signposted as you approach. 

The only postcode I could find is NE46 3HJ but it is not an exact location so use this postcode and then as soon as you see the signs for Tyne Green Park, follow those instead of your SatNav. The parking is on Tyne Green by the red dot below. The park area is all around Tynedale Golf Club. 

Parking is free and plentiful - there are lots of parking bays (no parallel parking required) along the length of the park/grass and you do not need a ticket/permit. 

Tyne Green Park is walkable from Hexham Town Centre and easy to visit via public transport. It is a 15 minute walk from Hexham Train Station and around the same from the town centre. 

Tyne Green Park Riverside Walk 

I forgot how lovely the walk along the river was here. Children should be supervised as the water is deep here - please do not enter the water, it is not suitable for paddling. 

The walk along the river is very picturesque with lots of seating the whole way along so perfect for the less mobile. I love that there are two paths next to each other too so it is very easy to socially distance. The wider path seemed to be a popular spot for little ones to practice riding their bikes or scoot along. 

The path is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs and is quite sheltered too. You might spot some ducks and swans in the Tyne but it is also interesting that you are walking right by a golf course on the other side. 

Dogs are welcome and on the day of our walk, they were all on leads. The walk along the river is a linear route rather than circular so you can just walk as long as you fancy before turning back but check out this Tyne Green Trail if you prefer a circular walk (2.5 miles or 4.5 miles).  

The river was so peaceful on the day of our visit and like I say, it was very easy to socially distance during the walk. 

Tyne Green Park Playground 
There is a large enclosed playground in the centre of a huge grassed area at Tyne Green Park (just by the river). It is perfect for under 10s with modern equipment, a fab zip wire, climbing frames, tunnels and more traditional play equipment such as swings and slides. It is a lovely little park. 

We arrived at 12:30pm on a Thursday, managed to get parked ok and to me, the park didn't feel overly busy. It was too busy for the kids though and they refused to go in as they said they would not be able to socially distance - I think they are more sensible than me! If you are after a quiet park, my advice is to visit at around 9am or after 6pm. This is the second park this week my kids have refused to play in a park as it is too busy so we have agreed to only visit parks in an evening from now on for the foreseeable.  

Just outside of the enclosed park, there is a fab outdoor gym / obstacle course. This was less busy and my three loved it. 
This park is popular with dog walkers. Dogs are not allowed in the enclosed playground but you will see plenty of dogs on leads with their owners outside of the playground / in the picnic areas. 

There are public toilets open right next to the parking by the playground - free to visit and they have a good queue system set up for socially distancing. There is a one in, one out system though so there may be a bit of a wait. 
There is also an ice cream van in the car park - quite pricey (£3 for Mr Whippy with bubble gum syrup) but who can resist? I regret not bringing a flask of coffee for myself. 
There are lots of picnic benches and so much space around the playground. Some families bring their own camping chairs and set up their own little area, others start a game of rounders, scatch or football - if you have an outdoor ball game, bring it with you. Most people seemed to be set up for the day with picnics & coolers full of drinks. 

I was also impressed that there were so many bins around. Please leave no trace.  

From the park, there is a little bridge over a mini stream to the main riverside walk which is perfect for playing pooh sticks. There are loads of sticks to collect here too. We spotted a very happy labrador who looked like he had collected 20 altogether. 

Tyne Green Park is a brilliant place to meet up with friends / family of all ages - there is something for everyone and it is somewhere you can easily spend a full afternoon. I do expect it will get busy over sunny weekends but there was plenty of parking on a sunny mid-week day in the summer holidays and I expect evenings and mornings will be quieter too. 

Tyne Green Park Hexham Key Points

  • Postcode: NE46 3HJ (follow the signs for Hexham and then Tyne Green Park from A69)
  • Free parking
  • Public transport: Bus or Train to Hexham + 15 minute walk
  • Toilets open in car park
  • Ice cream van in car park
  • Lots of picnic tables and seating
  • Large enclosed play area, good for under 10s
  • Outdoor gym perfect for older kids
  • The riverside walk is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs
  • The riverside walk is good for scooters / family bike rides / kids bike riding practice 
  • Cafe available in the Golf Course Club House (or town centre)
  • BBQs permitted  

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Please follow social distancing rules & Government guidelines , respect the local area, leave no trace, take litter home, park responsibly and if somewhere is busy on arrival, please consider leaving and returning at a later date. 

Always check updated opening hours / protocols with venues direct before setting off as things may have changed after this post was published. 


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