Musical Sessions with Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum, Newcastle

This is an advertisement. Thanks to our writer Bethanie who attended Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum with their one year old daughter. Over to Bethanie..... 

From the moment we stepped into the side room at the Discovery Museum, I knew we were going to be having fun. A colourful display of imagination, a treat on the senses, as we took part in a class whose aim is to explore ways to play with your child using music and sound. Musical sessions with Hartbeeps are part of the wider “Making Waves” programme at the Discovery Museum. 

Musical Sessions with Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum, Newcastle

Hartbeeps classes are upbeat, fun and engaging and a great way to bond with your baby or toddler. Created using years of research in child development, the imaginators are accredited baby massage and baby yoga instructors, which really comes across in the delivery of the classes. 

Musical Sessions with Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum, Newcastle - entrance

We were invited along to take part in a “making waves” session for babies that are sitting or toddling (or bum shuffling in our case). Each class is different and carefully planned, focussing on different areas of your baby’s development. I love this, as it means there is something different each week.  

You can find class details below as well as a round up of all the things we loved about the session with Hartbeeps at the Discovery Museum. 

But first, let’s take a quick look at what the Making Waves programme is all about. 

Making waves programme.

Running until March 2022, Making Waves is a festival of sound at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle. 

There are a variety of programmes on throughout the year both in the museum and online, including a new exhibition showcasing the history of music technology.

Musical Sessions with Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum, Newcastle - making waves programme

But the part we were really interested in was the families programme. A mix of sessions for under 5’s and school aged children, featuring Hartbeeps musical sessions for babies and toddlers, a Hartbeeps baby disco (how cute is that?) and Street Scientists which is suitable for the whole family.  

What to expect from a Hartbeeps class.

I visited with my daughter who has just turned one, and is at that “I want to be always on the move” stage, which I sometimes find can be a bit of a challenge. Most days out are meticulously planned to accommodate the needs of an almost toddling one year old. 

Musical Sessions with Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum, Newcastle  - Hartbeeps room

Straight away, upon entering the class, we were welcomed by lovely Laura who was taking the session. She had a beaming smile for both of us and we were immediately made to feel welcome. 

The room was cosy and inviting, with a lush green mat covering most of the floor space and toadstool cushions for the grown ups to sit on. We were asked to take our shoes off and “get comfy”, which we all did with pleasure. 

Musical Sessions with Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum, Newcastle

During the introductions, Laura reminded us that the session was purely baby led, (phew I could relax). If your baby is crawling, toddling or just wants to lie on the mat, it is all perfectly fine. There was space to feed and a changing room close by. This was great for us, and as soon as I set my daughter down on the mat, she was off exploring. 

Well, I didn’t blame her with so many colours and textures to investigate. 

Musical Sessions with Hartbeeps at Discovery Museum, Newcastle - Parachute Games

The session got underway and we sang, clapped, danced and cuddled our way through the next forty minutes. With bubbles and parachutes to play with, the time flew by and everyone there seemed to be having great fun. 

We particularly enjoyed the use of the parachute; one had material hanging down underneath creating the most exciting play space for the babies as we played a game of peek-a-boo with them. The other parachute was used to make “popcorn” as we all had a laugh throwing pom poms into the air. Giggles guaranteed. 

Sessions at Discovery Museum.

It was fantastic attending one of these sessions at a great location. The Discovery Museum is free to visit, meaning after the Hartbeeps musical session we were able to explore the museum at our leisure. 

It would be great to visit with a friend, as after the Hartbeeps class you can visit the cafĂ© for a hot drink and snacks or even lunch. The museum is accessible for pushchairs and you can even bring your own packed lunch which I find is a huge bonus when planning a trip out with a baby or toddler. 

Getting to the Discovery Museum is easy enough too, with bus links as well as it being within walking distance to Central Station. So you can get the train or Metro here. I parked in the city centre at the John Lewis car park and walked, which took about twenty minutes. I like to do this as it is a great way to see different parts of the city. 

You can book sessions with Hartbeeps as a one off, rather than having to commit to a block of sessions. Booking is essential and can be done so here. (

The cost of a class is £6.50+ booking fee per child. £9 for twins.

The highlights for us.

As previously mentioned the parachute was a huge hit, but we also loved cosy time with the cushions and my daughter was mesmerised by the lights during quiet time. All the babies seemed to be. As a parent I loved the space to move around safely, the relaxed yet engaging feel to the session and the energy of Laura who took the class. 

I am already looking into booking more classes with Hartbeeps for the new year.


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