New Routines at School

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There is no denying that this last year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for our children and this has continued now that the children are back to school. Things have definitely been a little different to previous years. This is especially the case for Heidi in Yr7 who transitioned from her small Primary to a large Secondary at the beginning of September. 

We are a few weeks into our new routines now, and I have to say, I am so proud of how my children have adapted to the new changes to school life and the changes and challenges that continue to appear. They have demonstrated resilience and a fantastic ability to adapt and for this, I am super proud. 

I want to ensure my children feel safe at school, are empowered and informed and are in the best possible place both physically and emotionally to continue their education and for me, routine has been a big part of this. 

Some things never change - there are still queues to brush our teeth each morning, I still need to remind them to empty and wash their packed lunch boxes each night, there is still sometimes a last minute hunt for an elusive missing school shoe and I still discover crumpled letters at the bottom of their school bag. 

Other things are new and a little different - the children now need to check their timetable and remember to wear their PE kit if they have PE that day, homework is 

set electronically rather than a worksheet they bring home and at school, lunch is now eaten at their desk rather than in the hall, they have a designated area where they can play out at break times rather than use the whole playground and they are kept in a year group bubble and cannot mix with other years. 

As mentioned, Heidi has shouldered the biggest changes of all. She now cycles to her new school independently, has made a whole host of new friends at her new school, wears a face covering when moving around school / popping to the shops on the way home from school and is responsible for remembering the importance of hand hygiene too. 

One way we have prepared for the changes is by ensuring Heidi has her own personal hand sanitiser in her bag. The school does have their own supply but also recommends students keep a small bottle in their bag for ease of use. This week, Heidi has been using INEOS Hygienics hand gel which is a hospital grade sanitiser, has been dermatologically engineered and fits perfectly in Heidi’s school bag. 

The fact that INEOS Hygienics produce hospital grade alcohol-based sanitisers and are effective against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, really fills us with the confidence we need to get on with every day life. 

Heidi uses INEOS Hygienics hand gel before and after eating or drinking and at the start of each lesson. It has definitely become the norm for Heidi to do this and it is second nature now. The gel is easy to apply, non-sticky and absorbs well. Hand hygiene is now well and truly at the heart of Heidi’s new school routine. 

I cannot write this post without mentioning the biggest change for me and that is no more school runs - my three are old enough to get to and from school independently now and after 12+ years of school runs, it definitely is the end of an era for me. I feel like I have so much more time now and I am not running around as much as I used to. I did still drop the kids off on their first day back and it was just like their first day of nursery after being back after so long but now they are in a routine and love the extra bit of independence. 

As well as hand gel, INEOS Hygienics also produce a handy sanitiser spray for hands. Along with the gel, the spray is hospital grade and contains 75% Pharma Grade Alcohol. The spray is super handy for me to keep in my bag and use when out and about - it absorbs / drys in 30 seconds and is brilliant for sanitising hands on the go and I have been using it on shopping trolley handles when I popped to the shops to pick up some after school snacks. 

The sanitiser spray is also brilliant for providing extra reassurance at the park if you wish to spray the swing touch points / climbing ropes before use. I did this with Jack on a particularly sunny evening last week and it was so lovely to get back to the days of visiting the park after school. It just felt like such a normal thing for us to be doing again and I will honestly never take those post-school trips to the park for granted again. 

Beyond the products, INEOS Hygienics have also played an important part in our communities which is something I love to see from businesses. They are behind the popular daily mile campaign which your children may join in with at school and in response to the global shortage of Sanitising products a few months ago, built 6 factories in less than 10 days to supply over 4 million bottles of hand sanitiser to the NHS and hospitals around the world, free of charge. Definitely the kind of company I want to get behind and support. 

As a parent, there are a million uses for a sanitiser spray right now and I feel reassured that I have INEOS Hygienics Sanitiser Spray, which is hospital-grade, in my handbag ready for whatever life throws at me.  The thing with living in 2020 is, you just never know what is around the corner or what the next challenge will be. For me, the new essentials in my bag are phone, keys, face covering and sanitiser spray and for the kids it is a water bottle, hand sanitiser gel, face covering and packed lunch. 

Let me know how your children have settled into their new school routine and if you would like to learn more / purchase INEOS Hygienics products, you can browse and purchase over on Amazon here

Use sanitisers carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. This post has been sponsored by INEOS Hygienics and Mumsnet. All thoughts and words are my own. 



  1. It sounds like the return to school has gone well especially for Heidi! What a big change for her in a very different situation.
    I haven't heard of this brand of hand sanitiser before. It sounds like a good one. x

    1. Yeah it's really good - Heidi loves having her own little bottle x


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