Where To Go Strawberry Picking in North East England

Where To Go Strawberry Picking in North East England

Strawberry picking season is here! It generally runs in North East England from June until September although this can vary with the weather. If you plan a trip in July at the start of the school holidays, I usually find this to be the best month. 

Although I do love picking my own strawberries during Wimbledon season too. 

Strawberry picking is fab for all ages - we have lovely memories of taking the kids when they were toddlers and it's something they still enjoy as teens now.

Most farms should be ok for pushchairs - you just might need to leave your pushchair at the end of the row of strawberries. Obviously if visiting after rain this may be more of a challenge.

Please double check with the farm you'd like to visit if you need to take a pushchair and they will be able to help (the same goes for wheelchairs - apologies, I have not been able to find much in the way of accessibility info). 

Top Tips for Strawberry Picking 

  • Most (if not all) fruit picking fields do not permit pet dogs or picnics in the fields themselves. This is a 'no dogs allowed' activity

  • Always check their social media before heading out - sometimes fields need to be temporarily closed to give stocks time to replenish 

  • It's very easy to get carried away. Set a limit to how much you're going to pick and stick to it. I would expect to get a decent sized large punnet for £10-£15

  • If you're out for the day / a long way from home, consider packing a cool bag or box to transport your strawberries home in (the farms will provide something for you to carry your fruit in but it won't be chilled) 

  • Most of these farms are fairly rural and not really accessible by public transport - a car will be best

  •  Plan ahead and research strawberry recipes to make - there are lots here 

  • Strawberries do not really continue to ripen once they've been picked so look for bright red juicy ones rather than green ones 

  • Please remember to support our local farms - strawberry picking on a local farm is an important part of any farmer's living. Please don't pick strawberries and then throw them away / eat strawberries in the field without paying / trample on plants and remind children to do the same 

  • Most farms do permit picnics in their car parks. I've spotted a few people bring their own camping chairs etc.... to do this. If you'd like to eat your strawberries straight away, pouring cream is often available from the farm shop 

  • If you need to pay an entry fee to visit a fruit picking field - everyone will need to pay regardless of if they're picking or not (with the exception of those who are age exempt).

    If you visit Brocksbushes / Spilmans and don't wish to pick fruit with the family, there is the option to visit the tea room while you wait (although obviously don't leave kids in the fields unsupervised - they need to be with an adult).

Strawberry Picking Essentials 

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Brocksbushes (Northumberland) 

Where To Go Strawberry Picking in North East England - Brocksbushes

You need to book a timeslot in advance to visit the fruit picking fields at Brocksbushes, they are released twice a week after their fruit checks (to check stock levels so nobody is disappointed). I recommend signing up to their newsletter to be the first to hear when they are released. 

Entry is £2 per person for everyone aged 3+ (children aged 2 and under enter for free). You then pay for whatever fruit you pick on top (it is weighed at the end).

As well as the fruit picking fields, there is a tea room, a farm shop and a small outdoor play area. 

Just to point out that Brocksbushes is the only place to feature on this list that charges a non-redeemable entry fee. 

Find out more / book. 

Where to visit nearby: 

Felton Fruit Farm (Northumberland) 

Where To Go Strawberry Picking in North East England - Felton Fruit Farm

This options has no booking fees and you don't need to book in advance - you just pay for what you pick. It should work out to be cheaper than Brocksbushes so ideal if you're on a budget. 

Open daily from 10am-5pm, use postcode NE65 9QE. 

Unfortunately they don't have a website or social media - it's more like one of those places only locals know about via word of mouth. I think they're missing a trick! North East Family Adventures has a guide to visiting on their website here. 

Where to visit nearby: 

FW Elgy (Darlington)

Where To Go Strawberry Picking in North East England - FW Elgy

This PYO Farm in Piercebridge is cash only so make sure you take some along. There is no booking fee and you don't need to book in advance. 

2023 update - it looks like this field has now closed. Please let me know if you know otherwise. 

See their Facebook page for the most up to date info 

Where to visit nearby: 

 Hutton Bonville Fruit Farm (Northallerton) 

Where To Go Strawberry Picking in North East England - Hutton bonville Fruit Farm

This fruit picking farm is open daily with free entry and no need to book. It's a family run farm established for over 150 years with seven types of strawberry to choose from. 

See their Facebook page for the most up to date info 

Where to visit nearby: 

  • Mount Grace Priory 

Spilman's Farm (Thirsk) 

Where To Go Strawberry Picking in North East England - Spilman's Thirsk

There are over 12 acres of fruit picking fields to choose from at Spilmans with over eight different varieties of strawberries. Entry is £4 per person (under 2s are free) but on arrival you are given a £4 voucher per person to be redeemed against fruit so basically, you are just paying in advance. 

There is a Maize Maze (ready in July), photo opportunities, farm shop, tea room and wood fired pizzas too (which are lush!). 

You do need to book in advance for this one. 

Find out more and book here. 

Where to visit nearby: 

Let me know if you know of any others and I will add them to this list. 

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