A Pizza Picnic from Di Meos Ouseburn

Ouseburn is my favourite part of Newcastle. I just love the vibes in this area of Newcastle plus it is home to some of my favourite restaurants, pubs and places to visit

A Pizza Picnic from Di Meos Ouseburn

Back in February Half Term, we were going to visit Di Meos for Pizza and ice cream after a street art trail but the queue was too long, there were no spare seats and it was freezing cold so we popped to Gingerinos instead (which by the way is fantastic and I would also highly recommend) . 

As Steve's payday treat this month though, I was craving a trip to Ouseburn and this time was a little more organised and phoned ahead to pre-order our pizza at Di Meos. 

We always park in Foundry Lane Car Park (NE6 1LH) when visiting Ouseburn. It is located between the Cook House and Seven Stories and always has spaces (there are 57 spaces in total). Parking is charged at 40p an hour with various restrictions (I think there is a 4 hour limit). 

On a sunny Thursday evening, we parked up the car and called Di Meos to place our order. Call 07958 561817 to order and check out their Facebook page for up to date menus and opening times. At the moment, they seem to close at 7pm. 

From Foundry Lane car park, if you cross over the bridge towards Ouseburn Farm but then turn immediately left before you get to Seven Stories there is a straight walk along the river all the way to Di Meos Riverside. You can say hello to the ducks and check out the graffiti too. We love the magic words under the bridge. The path is narrow in parts but it is not busy - we only passed one other couple and they stopped and faced away to let us pass safely. 

The riverside walk using the route mentioned from Foundry Lane / Ouseburn Farm / Seven Stories to Di Meos Riverside is step free and suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. There are no roads to cross either. 

I am pleased we phoned ahead to order our pizzas as there was quite the queue (probably around 10 groups in front of us). There are places to sit and watch the canal as you wait in line though. 

One person per group is allowed to enter Di Meos at a time which was down to me - Steve and the kids stood by the exit and I passed them their ice creams / drinks / pizzas as they were prepared. The timing was perfect as our pizzas were just being boxed up as I reached the front of the queue. Some people ordered pizzas on arrival and then just waited outside for their orders. 

I honestly loved the ice cream queue which is a weird thing to say. The area along the riverside is a real mix. Some people were drinking those 2litre milk bottles of beer you can pick up from the various breweries around Ouseburn, others were walking their dog and there were a few families too. There were no drunks or big crowds and everyone was lovely. It feels like such a nice community when you visit Ouseburn. 

I know there has been some problems with littering (as with most places it seems) here but on the day of our visit, it was all super clean with no litter in sight and everyone using bins provided. Yeah for humanity! 

Ouseburn Di Meos Queue

We were at the front of the queue in less than 10 minutes. We obviously had to order ice cream too and drinks as it was so hot. 4 ice creams, 4 drinks and 3 pizzas set us back £35 which isn't bad. Service was super quick. Di Meos really is some of the best ice cream. It is so soft and creamy. I was in charge of carrying the pizza boxes so refrained from an ice cream myself but Steve did let me share his. 

Di Meos Mint Ice Cream

There is no outdoor seating at Di Meos at the moment as per Gov advice but there are seats along the river bank as you walk back to the car park or walls / grass by the river you can sit on too. 

Seating at Di Meos

We walked back towards the car park though as there is a lovely spot with seats and a bin overlooking Ouseburn Farm (you can see the Cookhouse in the background) with a view of the burn and Byker bridge. We could hear the ducks quacking as we devoured our pizza. Such a nice spot! 

Picnic in Ouseburn

Ouseburn pizza from Di Meos

The pizza was lush! 

After our pizza, we walked around Ouseburn a little and there are loads of quiet spots you can enjoy a pizza picnic. The step area just outside the Cluny was fairly busy but just across the road there are picnic tables and grassed areas by the Ship Inn which were completely empty. Even on a glorious summer evening. 

If you are looking to an alternative to a takeaway/picnic or like us, fancy a pay day treat in Ouseburn, a pizza picnic with family or friends is a lovely way to enjoy a little bit of city life again. 

We had such a lush time and it was a canny way to make the most of the evening sun as an alternative to the beach. 

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PS just behind Di Meos, if you climb up the steps to the higher level and look on the wall on the side of the Simpsons Graffiti in the opposite direction of the Tyne,  you will find my favourite street art. Here are some photos from our Feb trip 

Shere Khan Street Art Ouseburn

Kaa Street Art Ouseburn

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A Pizza Picnic from Di Meos Ouseburn



  1. It looks and sounds like you had a lovely evening. Those pizzas look amazing x

  2. Thanks Sam, will give this a go soon x


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