Bedlington Country Park Riverside Walk & Stepping Stones

This week we enjoyed another super local walk to us (less than 3 miles away) with a trip to Bedlington Country Park. We brought the kids here a few times when they were little to paddle in the river, play in the park and jump across the stepping stones and it is somewhere I would hang out with my friends quite a lot when we were younger. It is a lovely walk/area and usually a lot less busier than nearby Plessey Woods. 

Bedlington Country Park Riverside Walk & Stepping Stones

We parked in Attlee Park Car Park (postcode NE22 5RX) at the bottom of Bedlington Bank. It is free (no ticket required) and there are plenty of spaces. If you wish to skip the woodland walk and head straight to the stepping stones/play park,  use Humford Mill Car Park (NE22 5RT). 

Bedlington Country Park Riverside Walk & Stepping Stones     - Attlee Park Car Park
Attlee Park Car Park 

Just outside of the car park is a huge green space, perfect for picnics and ball games. Walk towards the covered shelter and follow the path you will see to the right. This part of the path is nice and wide, adjacent to the river with a few places you can access the water and there are a few picnic spots too. 

Bedlington Country Park Riverside Walk & Stepping Stones    - grass

Bedlington Country Park Riverside Walk & Stepping Stones    - picnic tables

The walk from Attlee Park Car Park to the stepping stones / play area at Humford Mill runs alongside the River Blyth. It is gorgeous with beautiful scenery and lots of ancient woodland. It is around a mile and should take 20 minutes at a moderate pace. 

The path is narrow in places and not really suitable for a pushchair / definitely not suitable for a wheelchair. We spotted a few toddlers along our walk but it is important that they are supervised as some of the edges of the paths drop straight down into the river. Extra care should be taken during wet weather. 

I walked this with my toddlers when they were little and it was fine - you just need to make sure you hold their hand / keep a close eye on them at certain points. 

The paths are fairly narrow at some points making it impossible to socially distance, we only had to pass a few people though and everyone was so respectful, stepping back into a passing point etc......  

As you approach Humford Mill, it is much easier to get right down next to the river. I have lots of memories paddling here / bringing my fishing net / skimming stones when I was younger. 

After 20/25 minutes, we arrived at Humford Mill. There is another free car park here (postcode at the top of this post) if you wish to skip the woodland walk (or do it in reverse). There is a cute little play park and toilets here (both currently closed due to COVID19) and picnic benches too. In the summer months, you can often find an ice cream van parked up here. 

Just down from the park are the famous stepping stones which the kids love. There was one other family here when we visited - we just waited for them to cross before we stepped over. You can also access the river here and it is nice and shallow at the moment (sometimes in heavy rain, these stepping stones are completely covered). 

Bring a towel and the kids’ fishing nets and buckets - they will love it. 

If you continue walking through the woods for half an hour or so, you'll find a nice waterfall / area for swimming. 

After a quick play in the river, we walked back through the woods to the car. We were out for just over an hour in total - the quick fix of countryside air we needed. 

I honestly love walking through the woods with the kids - it is lush to have no distractions and we talk about all sorts from Doctor Who to mythical creatures, prosthetic limbs & robotics, history, haircuts........

Below is an example of how narrow the path can get at some (but not all) points. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this walk, as did the boys. We definitely will not leave it so long until our next visit. 

For more information including public transport, please visit the Northumberland County Council website here. 

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