Why you should plan some downtime into your December (and how to do it)

Looking at my December schedule I want to cry. We're reviewing no less than 8 pantos, visiting 4 Christmas events, organising a Christmas meal for 10 bloggers and another Christmas meal for 50 friends and family, it's my birthday, it's Jack's birthday, there are three different Christmas shows to watch at school, another nativity at church, school parties, Christmas parties....AND I'm nowhere near finished Christmas shopping or wrapping.

Ahhhhh! I'm not complaining as I love this time of year and adore Panto and Christmas days out so I am really looking forward to December.

I know it's the busiest month of the year though and I know I am very likely to have multiple meltdowns if I don't plan ahead, get organised and plan some chill time too.

I know I'm not alone and most parents will feel frazzled at this time of year so here are 5 ways to take some down time - I urge you to prioritise yourself this December and indulge in a few of these activities to help the festive season run as smoothly as possible.

1 - Christmas Wrapping Party

Oh my days I HATE wrapping gifts. It's so annoying, goes on forever, feels a little pointless at times and it hurts my back! Steve hates it even more than I do.

This year I'm going to try and make this chore as fun as possible and I'm heading over to my mams house for a Christmas Wrapping Party. We're going to order a takeaway, put some Christmas tunes on, open a bottle of Prosecco and wrap together.

I'm hoping this will make the chore a lot more fun and less stressful. Another idea would be to get together with a group of friends and turn it into a girls night - get the dads to take the kids out somewhere so you can all do it in peace.

2 - Watch your favourite Christmas movie alone

When the kids are at school and Steve is at work I'm going to switch off my laptop and phone, make myself a hot chocolate and snuggle up on the sofa to watch Love Actually in complete silence. Utter bliss!

3 - Watch a family Christmas movie 

Likewise, I think it's important for the kids to have some down time too and if we've had a busy weekend I'm planning on bringing our duvets downstairs and watching some of our festive favourites together with no distractions. I've already stocked up on popcorn in anticipation.

4 - Take a non-festive walk or trip to the beach

Sometimes at this time of year it can feel like your brain is going to explode with all things Christmas and I think it's nice to plan something with the family that is not festive at all.

There's an added pressure of attending a festive event I think and it's nice to enjoy a day out in December without this. Why not try one of these woodland walks or take a winter walk along the coast and stop for fish and chips - we did this recently at Blyth Beach and loved it.

There was no pressure, it was nice and simple and the fresh air did us the world of good.

5 -  Treat yourself to some expensive bath oil

I know, I know, you'll probably receive bath products for Christmas but honestly, you need them far more in December than January. Treat yourself to a proper bath when you can - bath oil, candles, relaxing music, face mask - the works. December is a month made for slow living and not the time to be taking quick showers every day.

I bet you're reading all of this nodding along and thinking YES - I should do this! Well, it's no good reading about it - you need to actually do it too.

Get your diaries and calendars out and find a time to schedule some down time - write it into your diaries so nothing gets booked in its place and when the day comes around, make sure you actually prioritise your downtime and make sure it doesn't get overlooked.

I'd love to hear your ideas for downtime in December too. 



  1. I hate wrapping presents! I can only imagine how much it must suck if you've got kids, it just takes soooooo long. I always make a pot of tea, sit on the floor surrounded by gifts and stick Gremlins on. Takes a bit of the crapness away.

    Katie xoxo

  2. Some great advice and ideas. This month has been silly busy and I'm determined to take things at a slower pace in December. Planning and preparing is definitely the way ahead.

  3. I HAtE wrapping too, I love the idea of it but after a few seconds I have a sore back and am completely fed up of the mess. Love your idea of a Christmas wrapping party with takeout, but if I suggest that to Simon he’ll suddenky be interested in helping!

  4. Aww I always treat myself to a bottle of wine when I tackle the wrapping. When u have kids the amount of things to be wrapped can be crazy. We have a lot planned too but ive tried to go for activities rather than too many santa visits as one of my girls is scared of santa :-)
    We love December but hate January. Hope you will do some suggestions for things to make January less of a boring month, xmas makes winter so much fun x


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