A letter to Jack on your 6th birthday

Wow Jack, I can't believe you are now 6! That seems so grown up when I say it out loud. In my eyes, you will always be the baby of the family. How cute is this snap of you with H & H on Christmas Eve 2010 when you were just 2 days old! I love it.

You are such an amazing character who is full of life - your dad and I are pretty sure you're going to change the world. You're seriously fiesty and if you don't want to do something, you won't and there is absolutely no reasoning with you. You're stubborn and strong willed and I thought I had parenting nailed with Harry and Heidi but then you came along and were a different kettle of fish completely. You have definitely taught me that every child is different and I am definitely a million times less judgemental of other parents thanks to you :-)

You also have a very loving and caring side and although you are 6, you still like to hold my hand all of the way to school. Long may this continue! You give the best hugs and love snuggling in to watch tv. You have the cheekiest smile and glint in your eye and I really hope this never goes.

You have a kind of split personality - you are extremely bright and love numbers. Our walks to school often involve you counting in 3's to 500 and you're always asking me to test you with your sums. You have turned a corner with your school work this year and after refusing to complete any homework last year, you are now keen to do it and to be honest, can do it with your eyes closed. You are in the top set for everything at school and are such a smart boy - it is just something that comes naturally to you. We couldn't be prouder.

You also have a very lazy side to your personality and flat out refuse to tidy your room or learn to ride a bike. In fact you won't even scoot on a scooter! Harry and Heidi love playing outside and going off on adventures but you would much prefer to just walk along, holding my hand and having a chat about all sorts of random thoughts . I'm not too worried about the bike issue as I know like everything, you'll do it in your own time and surprise us when we least expect it.

You love to tell jokes and are so funny - you often have us all crying with laughter and that just encourages you more. As you turn 6, your latest obsession is Super Mario Bros. You watch YouTube videos of people playing the games and have a few games yourself. Your favourite character is Bowser! Your favourite food is my homemade sausage rolls and you like to make them with me on a weekend. On tv you refuse to watch X Factor with us on Saturday nights and just prefer to take yourself off to bed by yourself. After you've had your share of the tv snacks of course (usually minstrels - they're your favourite). You're also a little obsessed with nettle cheese - you're definitely a funny one!

Happy 6th Birthday Jack - we all love you with all of our heart and hope you have a lovely day. We're going to McDonalds for chicken nuggets (your choice) and the cinema to watch Star Wars Rogue One. 


  1. Happy Birthday Jack! They grow up too quickly :)

  2. Oh I love this. I've just written mine to Arlo that will go up today (if the kids give me a minute to ever post it!). I love seeing the photos of all the kids little. So cute! Jack sounds like a total character!

  3. Aw I love your Birthday posts. I smirked at you don't scoot on a scooter! Happy Birthday Jack! x

  4. What a clever and beautiful boy. Oliver turns 7 in just over a week! Where does the time go?! x


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