Ginger's Birthday Party

"I'm bored" is the worst thing you can hear as a parent in the school holidays. Although we do like a trip out or a walk to the park, sometimes you do just have to stay indoors (and crack on with the housework!) These are the days that can be longest and are often the most difficult to try and keep your children from killing each other entertained.

One of the activities we like to do on these days at home is to celebrate the birthday of one of our favourite toys. Every child loves a party and the promise of cake usually puts them in a good mood. In the Easter holidays, we decided we would celebrate Heidi's soft toy Ginger's birthday.

The children spent the morning creating special invitations for all of Ginger's friends.

The celebrations then started at lunch time when we set the table and waited for Ginger's friends to arrive and join in with the party. We raided our cupboard and improvised to use Cherry Bakewells as our birthday cake (three candles as Ginger is three). I just love this video below of us all singing happy birthday to Ginger.

Of course as is the same with every party, we had to repeat this process four times to let everyone have their turn to blow the candles out. I think Ginger was getting a little impatient and couldn't wait for her cake!

We had lots of fun eating sandwiches and cake at Ginger's party and there weren't even any crumbs!

Once our party lunch had finished it was time to move into the living room to take part in party games. Musical bumps, musical statues and musical corners can be stretched out over a whole hour if needed - I don't know what's special about them but children never seem to get bored with party games.

So, next time you are struggling with an idea for keeping your children entertained, why not hold your own birthday party for a special toy. I promise your children will love it.

We think that days when you are stuck in the house are most definitely #betterwithcake

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  1. aw how adorable is that and ginger is so lucky to have a little girl who loves thm enough to throw such a fantastic party

  2. Ginger is a very lucky little cat :-D

  3. My daughter is exactly the same - she loves announcing it's one of her animal's birthdays. They have to make do with pretend cake but there's still plenty if singing :)


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