Our second honeymoon in Mexico

When we were married in 2006  I had only just given birth to Harry a few months earlier. We still did want a few nights away for our honeymoon but understandably did not want to go far. We ended up booking a lovely log cabin in Yorkshire for a few nights and actually ended up having an amazing time. We did kind of feel like we had missed out on the opportunity to have a proper honeymoon though so a few years later when Harry was a little older booked a seven night holiday in Mexico. We left Harry in the capable hands of our parents - I know not everyone could do this but personally, I didn't mind doing this when he was younger and wasn't missing out - I have to be honest though, I'm not sure I could leave my children for a full week now they that are older and a few nights is probably the most I could manage without the guilt kicking in!

The Grand Palladium Kantenah Resort and Spa

I was blown away by every review I read about this hotel and knew nowhere else would compare. 5* luxury with a fabulous spa, 24 on-site bars, 7 pools, a night club, direct beach access, a la carte dining every night - it certainly sounded like the luxury honeymoon I had dreamed of. We booked with first choice - I won't let you know the cost but it was eye watering and I can't ever imagine a time we will spend that amount of money on a holiday again! It was worth every penny though. I always email hotels prior to a visit (and this was way before I started blogging) and explain we are staying for a special occasion and anything they could do to make our stay that little bit more special would be hugely appreciated - sure enough we were given a free upgrade to a superior room with whirlpool bath. Lovely!

The Grand Palladium Resort hotel beach in Mexico

The Spa

The spas in 5* resorts are stunning! There were infinity pools, saunas, lazy rivers, bubble pools, steam rooms, plunge pools.....it was amazing and it was never ever crowded. We always felt at though we had the spa to ourselves. The spa was adult only and the perfect place to escape for an afternoon nap.

Lazy river, Grand Palladium Spa, Mexico

The food

We were completely spoilt for choice! We enjoyed an a la carte meal every evening. Our favourite meals were the Japanese restaurant, a Brazillian steakhouse and the beach BBQ. Breakfast was also special with freshly ground coffee and unlimited champagne available. Talk about spoilt!

The Bars

We stayed ultra all-inclusive so everything was included in our stay. The resort complex is huge and there were over 20 bars to choose from with a variety of live music, entertainment and shows to watch in the evening. Our favourite place was the 'premium bar' which was hidden away - I don't think many people knew about it as it was empty quite a lot of the time. We used to play a few games of cards and share a bottle of Disaranno between us! 

Later on in the evenings we would listen to some music in another bar, have some beers in the sports bar or head to the hotel night club until the early hours. I really can't imagine doing this anymore - I am definitely a completely different person in my thirties than I was in my twenties!

Here are some more photographs from our stay - It's fair to say my photography skills have improved since 2008!

We had been to Mexico and explored a lot of the typical tourist attractions (swimming with dolphins, snorkelling ect...) before and really just wanted to relax during this break. This was certainly achieved with days by the pool, beach or spa and evenings filled with fine dining and alcohol. This trip certainly was the second honeymoon we dreamed of.



  1. So jealous! I've always wanted to visit Mexico. It looks beautiful x

    1. You will have to visit one day - it is our favourite place on earth x

  2. Great blog post. I enjoyed reading it because of the personal touch which you can't read in a holiday brochure!

  3. Ooh I think you may have just changed my mind about future holidays,this looks ace. I always email in advance too I'm a real control freak and like to know everything has been sorted !

  4. Looks lovely. Perfect second honeymoon. Katie x


    1. Thanks Katie - wonder if we can get away with a third honeymonn? LOL

  5. Photos look lovely and detailed! You've made mexico look beautiful!! I really want to go there now, sounds like youse have had a fantastic time!

    www.polishedcouture.wordpress.com xo

  6. Mexico looks lovely, it is always somewhere I have fancied visiting. We didn't have much of a honeymoon either (we got married the year after you) three nights in France in fact between moving from Germany to Canada a few days after our wedding! That's military life for you! :-)


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