Picnics, Adventure Playgrounds & Den building at Wallington Hall

Wallington Hall is a National Trust property not far from Morpeth in Northumberland. I'm ashamed to admit that despite being National Trust members for the last four years, the last time we visited Wallington Hall was in 2012! We decided to return this Easter and enjoy our first picnic of the year in their grounds.


There are lots of spots to enjoy a picnic at Wallington Hall (or there is a tearoom if you don't want to take your own). Our favourite spot is on the green behind the hall which is like a magnet for families. The vast green space is always filled with groups of children playing various ball games and everyone joins in. The weather was fairly warm and I have to say, nothing beats eating strawberries in the fresh Spring air!

Den building

Our plan was to walk towards the adventure playground however we were slightly side-tracked when we spotted groups of children building their own dens in the woods. Our children couldn't wait to join in so we headed over.

Den building happens year-round at Wallington and you can find the dedicated area in the woods next the the adventure playground. We all pitched in and spent a good hour creating our very own den from scratch. No fighting and lots of team work!

We were pretty impressed with our efforts!

Jack didn't want to leave our den and was crying as we left! He literally had to be torn away from it!

We had more adventures to discover though and spent a little while in the adjoining adventure playground which is suitable for all ages.

The Fort and Train

There is a fort play area a few minutes away from the main adventure play area so we decided to go and check this out.

Our children all enjoyed the fort and it is certainly a play area for all ages - we sat on the nearby picnic tables as they spent some time playing knights and castles.

I was keen to pack as much into our day as possible and announced we were off to the adventure train much to the annoyance of my children who I am sure were getting annoyed at me interrupting their fun! We set off for the 5 minute downhill stroll through the woods to the adventure train admiring the scenery as we walked.

We decided these were the stairs to a mouse house

The adventure train was a favourite with our daughter who has aspirations to be a mountain climber one day. I had to close my eyes as she started shooting down the fireman's pole and climbing on the train roof! The train was too challenging for our four year old and he was frustrated he couldn't make it down the huge slide but he ended up being happy enough sitting inside.

We spent approximately four hours at Wallington and enjoyed some proper outdoor family fun. There is so much to see and do and we only just touched on some of the activities on offer (check out Alison's post from Dragon's and Fairydust to see Wallington from another perspective)

For further information regarding future events, opening times and admission charges, please visit Wallington Hall's website.



  1. We love Wallington and I was weeping when their lovely farm shop closed! A great family day out!

  2. It is amazing how different your day was from mine. We didn't see any of those things, we must have gone the other way. It just shows how big the estate is, you can easily spend a day there and not see it all. Looks like you had great fun. Thanks for linking :)

    1. It is definitely huge - I think you could even spend a whole week there and not see it all x

  3. It looks like there's plenty to see and do at Wallington Hall, it's great to see so much open space for the kids to run free in. It's fab that there's plenty of play areas each with a slightly different theme as well as the designated Den Building area for open play. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  4. Such a lovely place and its really nice to have NT membership as they have the nicest places that you can go to! #countrykids

    1. They definitely do and although you pay monthly it feels like a free day out xx

  5. Lovely photos! Such a lot on offer! :)


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