Sahm vs wm

Ok, I know there are a million blogposts, articles and debates about this but I really wanted to put my view out there.

Stay at home mum/work at home mum/working mum - they are all just crappy labels! Every single person and family is different and everybody is just trying to do their best.

For me, it is best to mix a bit of everything. I have a part time job I physically leave the house to do on a weekend and through the week I am part sahm, part wahm. It's great and it is a situation that really works best for our family.

I don't think it is anybody's place at all to judge what you choose to do. Nobody really knows your circumstances unless they are living them. I say if you want to be a sahm and have the option to do so then that's fine, I'm sure that works well for your family. Equally, if you want to/have to work full time then that is absolutely your decision and I am sure it is the best one for your circumstances and family.

What I can't stand is when people try and take the moral high ground and try and make others feel bad about their own personal decision. At the moment I am tired of hearing SAHM's belittle Working mums and making them feel bad for not being there for EVERY milestone in their child's life as if it's the worst thing ever! Equally, if I had a pound for everytime I heard a working parent belittle SAHM's and say they aren't paying their way/contributing to society I'd be a very rich lady!

Can we just stop. We are all parents who have very different children, family set-up's, support, childcare options and incomes. We all struggle with the 'are we doing the right thing by our child'question on a daily basis. Rather than fighting against each other, wouldn't it be lovely if we could all support and just respect each other's decision's? I think so!

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  1. Well said, no one should judge anyone for their decisions, do what is right for you! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts


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