Why You Need a Disposable BBQ Stand

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Why You Need a Disposable BBQ Stand

When ever I post about our disposable BBQ stand, I am always asked about where I bought it from so I thought it was about time I put a post together. 

We bought our stand five years ago and it is still as good as new (although granted, we do only use ours a few times a year). 

Ours is part of the Asado brand who specialise in BBQ stands and accessories. 

Unfortunatley, the product we purchased is no longer available but their updated Dual BBQ Stand is available and looks just as good, if not better as it is adjustable and fits different sized disposable BBQs (although it doesn't come with a cool bag). 

The Asado Dual BBQ Stand can be adjusted to fit most disposable BBQs and lift them off the ground. One side of the stand is suitable for family size disposable BBQs and the other side is suitable for standard size disposable BBQs. If there are slight adjustments to be made, you can do this to secure the BBQ. 

I have not personally used the particular stand above but I am very happy with the previous model of the stand we bought and it has stood the test of time for us. Make sure you read the Amazon reviews before buying (overall 4* at time of publishing). 

Asado Dual BBQ Stand 

Asado Dual BBQ Stand 

We love a good BBQ but sometimes finding stones to raise a BBQ off the ground can be a bit of a nightmare and not always possible. It is super important to always raise your BBQ from the ground to avoid any damage. 

In the past, we've enjoyed a BBQ at the beach, near a stream on a family day trip and our local woods. We have also taken the stand with us when staying in a cottage, when we stay at the caravan and camping. It's such a versatlie bit of kit. 

Obviously please always check that BBQs are permitted in the places you are visiting and follow all safety guidance. Enjoy your BBQs responsibly. 

We usually fill a 2L pop bottle with water and pour this on the BBQ when we're finished with it which cools it down quickly and by the time we've finished / are ready to leave, it's generally cooled completely down and able to be disposed of responsibly and safely. Do not leave your BBQ unattended and leave no trace. 

Disposable BBQ stands are designed to be much more safe and secure than simply standing on the ground or on a table and reduce the risk of fire/damage too. Definitely a product I am pleased we invested in. 

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Why You Need a Disposable BBQ Stand


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