Mog on the Tyne | Newcastle Cat Cafe Review

Guest post by one of our new writers, Jennifer, who visited Mog on the Tyne (a cat cafe in Newcastle) with their 5 year old daughter in September 2021. Please always check with venue direct for the most up-to-date information and use this post as a guide only. Over to Jennifer........ 

Visiting a ‘cat café’ has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was really excited to visit Mog on the Tyne recently with my mum, and my five-year-old daughter.

The cafe is a hidden gem in the city centre, nestled down the narrow Pudding Chare. Easily accessible by public transport (Newcastle Central Station is just a 2-minute walk away), and there is plenty of car parking around the city. It can be found at: 

Mog on the Tyne

24 Pudding Chare

Newcastle upon Tyne


Mog on the Tyne | Newcastle Cat Cafe Review  - map

Although walk-ins are welcome, the cafe is really popular, so I would recommend that you book in advance. You can do this by phone on 07470262685, or via the website:

Entry is £6 per person for an hour long time slot. Should you wish to spend more time mingling with the moggies, additional hours are charged at £3 each.

Mog on the Tyne | Newcastle Cat Cafe Review - location

I found the opening hours a little unusual, so you may like to make a note of them if you are planning a visit:

Tues- Fri- 11:10am- 5:40pm

Sat- Sun-10am- 5:40pm

Closed between 2.30-3.30 daily for the felines to have a well-deserved cat nap.

Guests must be aged 5 and over, this is for insurance purposes and must be strictly adhered to, so my youngest had to sit this one out. There also must be one adult present for every 2 children. 

The cafe beckons to cat lovers from all walks of life. When we visited there was a real mix of customers; couples, friends, another family, and an older lady blissfully cradling her cuppa in the company of the cats.

When arriving, we were greeted at the door by a friendly member of staff who asked us to remove our shoes (socks or bare feet are fine). The explanation was that outdoor shoes could transfer germs to the exclusively indoor cats, not to mention, could cause an injury to a misplaced paw. 

It is advertised on the website that slippers are provided, but this is no longer the case. I was wearing sandals so I had to have bare feet in the café. I found this a little unpleasant when visiting the toilet, but I will know to pack socks for my next visit.

We were shown to our table by a lovely guy called Luke, who really took his time showing us the menu, the house rules, and answering any questions that we had.

He also actively played with and engaged the cats throughout the session and showed my daughter how to entice them with their favourite toys, which she really enjoyed.

The café itself is fairly small, but the available space has been put to good use. There are 7 tables of various sizes, and then what I can only describe as a kingdom for cats. Hanging planks of wood are suspended from the ceiling, spanning the room. And there is a giant hamster style wheel, cat towers, baskets of toys and a plethora of boxes, beds and nooks and crannies - all available for paws to explore.

I expected the atmosphere to be somewhat chaotic with so many cats, but it was, actually, fairly calm, and cosy. The decor is cool and colourful, with graffiti style artwork painted on to the walls, and cat themed finishing touches everywhere you look. Owner, Katie has spent time in Japan where cat cafe culture is a big deal, and it is apparent that a lot of thought has been put into creating her Geordie version. 

Mog on the Tyne | Newcastle Cat Cafe Review  - seating

Because I do actually have an allergy to cats,  I wondered how I would manage an hour in the café.  I was pleasantly surprised. The cafe uses high quality Hepa air filters and they suggest that allergy sufferers may like to take a precautionary antihistamine before their visit. (Please check with your GP if you are unsure).  

It was clear that the cats were very well cared for. All of them are rescue cats, specially selected with personalities that would suit the company of the café. The business works closely with two local rescues; Westgate Ark in Newcastle, and Second Chance in Hartlepool. All prospective new feline friends are given a trial, before being adopted by the café.

As an animal lover I admit that I was a little worried that with a business model such as this, the entertainment of the customers’ may come before the welfare of the cats. However, I was greatly reassured that this was certainly not the case at Mog on the Tyne.

House rules prevent visitors from picking the cats up, or disturbing them whilst they are snoozing. Reassuringly, they also have a private rest area downstairs should they wish to have some quiet time (although while we were there they were all more than happy to stay upstairs and enjoy the extra snuggles and strokes).

The food menu consists of a range of PAWninis and desserts. I have to say it was very tasty, and lots of quirky feline themed finishing touches really made it feel special.  Food is prepared daily with locally sourced ingredients, and the staff are very accommodating. I would really recommend the hot chocolate, which my daughter loved, and talked about for the rest of the afternoon! The prices were average for the city centre location, and there is also a loyalty card scheme.

Mog on the Tyne Review - cafe menu

House rules state that the cats are not allowed to eat human food, but this certainly does not stop them from trying! When the food was served the cheekier ones would jump right up on to our table and try to get a taste.

One particularly greedy kitty, Gary, managed to sneakily lap up a mouthful of cream from another customer’s drink before he was spotted - little tinker! Towards the end of the session, it was the cats’ turn for a treat, and we got to hand feed them sachets of cat ‘yoghurt’, much to my daughter’s delight. 

As well as refreshments, the cafe also sells some lovely merchandise which can be bought during opening hours without booking to visit. It is also available to buy online via My daughter was easily able to persuade her granny to purchase one of the super cute kitty spoons she had seen in the cafe, and she enjoyed choosing one for her little brother too. 

I would definitely recommend Mog on the Tyne. I found it to be a quirky yet homely space which made for a lovely family day out for us. The knowledge. care and compassion for the cats, by the staff,  is evident. I really feel that the founder, Katie, has succeeded in creating a unique venue which benefits both the cats and customers alike. My daughter is already asking for another visit to see her new furry friends!

Thanks so much for the review Jennifer - I am definitely adding Mog on the Tyne to our list for places to visit. A perfect rainy day idea or birthday treat too. 

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