Treasure Trails Review

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Treasure Trails Review

Although I am working with Treasure Trails on this particular post, I want to begin by saying we are genuine customers too. We have tried a few over the years including a Treasure Trail with Here Come the Hoopers during a weekend break to Scarborough. They are something we will continue to purchase again in the future too. 

Treasure Trails Review: How It Works 

  • Treasure Trails offer over 1200 self-guided treasure hunts, murder mysteries and spy trails. They are based around towns, cities, countryside and attractions across the UK. 

  • They cost £9.99 each and can be bought online here.  There is an option to download a trail straight away but we have always opted for a physical copy. 

  • The Treasure Trail pack is filled with clues that can be solved by walking around your destination and following the instructions. 

  • We generally choose the murder mystery option where you find clues on local landmarks to eliminate suspects

  • Trails are generally accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs and last 1.5 - 2.5 hours (see individual trail details on the Treasure Trails website for specifics)

  • They are recommended for ages 6-106. We did them when the kids were younger than this and still enjoyed them. 

  • If you get stuck, there is a number to text with a specific code next to each clue and you will receive automated help (we used it twice during this specific trail). 

Treasure Trails Review

Treasure Trails - Why We Love Them 

  • They are a brill way to get your bearings when visiting somewhere new. Perfect to complete if you are staying in a cottage / lodge somewhere and wish to explore the local town.

  • All of the family can get involved and it is a brilliant activity to complete with friends / family (socially distancing if required).

  • The clues are set at the perfect level. Some of them are easy and you can find them straight away, others take a little more time.

  • Help is on the end of a text if needed. 

  • It is a fantastic way to enjoy your local town as a tourist - the trails always take us to areas we have not visited, even at places we have spent lots of time. 

  • The trails are usually suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs so are perfect for families with kids of different ages - the older ones can complete the trail and little ones can enjoy the ride.

  • They are a good way to combine brain exercise with physical exercise. 

  • The trails feature facts about the place you are visiting as you go so you may learn a thing or two.

  • Once completed, you can submit your answer (or suspect) online and if correct, you will be entered into a monthly prize draw to win £100. You can download a free certificate too. 

  • You can complete the trails in your own time or even over a few days. We like to break our trails up with a food / drink stop which is a great way to support the local economy.

  • The Treasure Trails website is fab when it comes to choosing a trail to try - lots of info is included such as length, accessibility, if there are nice pubs nearby....

  • We have always tried the walking trails but there are Treasure Trails with car journeys involved or cycle routes if you wish to explore a wider area. 

  • A Treasure Trail gives a family walk purpose and momentum - the kids are always keen to move forward and find the next clue. 

Our Treasure Trail around Morpeth

I decided to pick Morpeth as the destination for our next Treasure Trail. Mainly because despite visiting 100+ times over the years, we always go to the same places. I had seen so many beautiful places in Morpeth on Instagram yet had no idea where they were. I hoped the Treasure Trail would show us Morpeth in a new light. This trail is 2.5 hours long which is the perfect length for a family walk with older kids. 

Our trail was a traditional murder mystery. Before we started, we all picked a suspect who we thought may have done it (none of us were right) before the elimination of suspects could begin......

It is fair to say it was a real team effort and we all did our bit to solve the clues. The directions and clues were super easy to follow. We were able to solve every clue bar two (we took advantage of the text service for a little help and it was fine). 

Clues mostly involve looking at street signs and plagues, something we would normally walk straight past. I mean who knew there was an Honorary Consulate of Romania in Morpeth? 

It wasn't long before we stumbled upon our first hidden gem of Morpeth. This beautiful walled garden. I had never seen it before and it looked like such a lovely space. 

Heidi is doing her best detective impression here as she tries to decipher some code.....

Make sure you bring a pen/pencil with you to cross off suspects as you go. 

This beautiful walkway was hidden down a side alley I have walked past (en-route to the pub) so many times. I cannot believe this was the first time I noticed it. Beautiful! 

As we walked along the route, Treasure Trails shared a few interesting facts with is about Morpeth. For instance, petty thieves used to be locked up in the clock tower and whipped. Yikes! 

As I was browsing the various Treasure Trails for us to try, Morpeth jumped out as it mentioned online that you crossed the river four times. We crossed bridges we did not know were there and even found the infamous stepping stones. 

We definitely saw a different side to Morpeth. We read signs about the town's history and important people and admired so many beautiful views as we walked along and completed the clues, gradually eliminating suspects as we walked....

About 2/3 of the way through our mission, we decided to take a break. That is the beauty of Treasure Trails - you can go at your own pace. The trail takes you through Carlisle Park which has THE best Chinese Van in the car park. You must try it. They offer meal deals for £3.90 12noon-4pm. Bargain! There is also an ice cream van serving ice cream and drinks. 

Carlisle Park is a fab place for a pit stop and take a break from the trail. There are lots of seats along the riverbank. I can confirm on 11 July, the following was open: 

  • Rowing Boat Hire
  • Public Toilets in the Park
  • Playgrounds x 2 (although the paddling pool is still closed)
  • Trim Trails/Outdoor Gym
  • Food Trucks 
  • Sports Courts 
We stopped for an ice cream which melted before I could take a nice photo. The next three photos were taken on another visit though to give you an idea of what to expect....

Fully refreshed after our ice cream stopped, the trail took us over the bridge in the park and around the part of Morpeth we were most familiar with. I will never get tired of these views though. Idyllic! 

We learned about the wooden castles and fires at Ha Hill. Interesting stuff and again, info I have just walked past before but because we needed it to solve a clue, we were forced to stop and take in some local history. 

These were pretty much the only steps on the entire trail. I believe there is an alternative route if you need it though (you do not actually cross the steppy stones earlier as part of the trail - we just stopped for a little play en-route). 

Near the end in the William Turner Gardens is where we struggled with the clues the most. With a little help from the text service, we got there though. 

And just like that we were done. We submitted our answer online and were delighted to see we were correct. Fingers crossed for the monthly prize draw. 

The trail is a circular route and we ended up right next to the car park where we had started. We parked in The Terrace Car Park (NE61 15L). The Treasure Trails booklet lets you know where to park too - nothing has been missed. 

If you are not familiar with parking in Morpeth, parking is free but you need a Northumberland parking disc. If you do not have one, you can purchase from a machine in the car park for £1 (bring cash). The discs can be used multiple times across various car parks in Northumberland. Check the length of stay permitted. 

Social distancing in Morpeth was pretty good. Some of the bridges have a one way system in place which worked well and perfectly with the trail. Sometimes you are walking along a path next to a road which is something to consider if you are trying this trail with a toddler. It is only for short distances though and if you hold their hand, it will be fine. Some of the passing places are fairly narrow in the streets but everyone was respectful and took it in turns to pass. We also spotted a few dogs in the park areas but they were mostly all on leads. 

If you fancy trying a Treasure Trail this summer, you can browse trails near you / at a destination of your choice here. I would highly recommend as a staycation activity or day out with friends / family when you have exhausted all options and fancy trying something a little different. We love them! 

Treasure Trails has put together some safety advice for enjoying their trails during Covid-19.  

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Treasure Trails Review


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