Fun & Easy Magic Tricks with MAOAM Mischief Hub

This is an advertisement feature with MAOAM. 

MAOAM is a fun confectionery brand which includes a range of popular treats, such as Stripes, Pinballs and Bloxx.  We are delighted to be partnering with MAOAM this year and will be sharing some of the tricks and mischief they have up their sleeves to help families make the most of their time at home. 

This summer, we are spending most of our time at home. We have now fallen into a nice routine and we are very much used to the new norm. 

Fun & Easy Magic Tricks with MAOAM Mischief Hub

I will level with you though, sometimes the days can feel super long and monotonous and often the days all roll into one. Anything that can add a little mischief and excitement to our day or break it up gets the thumbs up from me. 

Today I am sharing the MAOAM Mischief Hub, which is a free online resource packed with simple ideas to add a bit of mischief to your day and give everyone an injection of fun when it is needed the most. 

Expect pranks, mischief missions, Dick and Dom, craft ideas and magic with chief mischief-maker, Max. New content is released regularly, and the ideas are simple yet effective, using everyday objects you will already have at home. 

Click here to visit the MAOAM Mischief Hub and check out their ideas. 

We recently used the hub to try some magic tricks at home. Read on to discover how we got on. 

Max's Mischievous Magic Tricks

On a dull, overcast Wednesday at home, I was looking for something to perk us all up during our mid-morning slump. I decided to try some of Max's Mischievous Magic Tricks out on the kids. There are 5 to choose from - you can find the details here

My three love a good magic trick but also like to think they can outsmart the magician. They're a tough crowd!  I gathered a few bits and bobs and prepared the kids to be amazed...  

Image two - gathering materials

1 - The Crayon Trick

The first of Max's mischievous tricks is a pretty simple one and involves crayons. Basically, I close my eyes, the kids pick a coloured crayon, I hide it behind my back and guess which colour it is. Find full instructions on how this trick works over on the MAOAM Mischief Hub

Image three - crayon trick prep

Image four - first part of crayon trick

At first, the kids were in awe. They had no idea how I was doing this. They were sure I was peeking (I wasn't). They made me repeat the trick again and again until they figured it out.. 

Image five - Crayon trick

Image six - crayon trick

Image seven - crayon trick

After four attempts, they cracked it and they cannot wait to try this new trick out on their friends and grandparents when it is appropriate to do so. I know they are going to spend time getting this trick just right so it is even more impressive. 

Image eight - crayon trick

2 - Mischievous Cola-Pinball Fountain 

Max's next trick for us was the Mischievous Cola Fountain. This trick is super easy and the kids loved it. You just need a bottle of cola and some MAOAM Pinballs. Oh, and make sure you are somewhere where you don't mind a bit of mess for this one. Full instructions can be found over on the MAOAM Mischief Hub where Chief Mischief Maker Max will explain.  

Image nine - cola fountain prep

This time, Heidi and Jack did not want me to enjoy all of the fun and wanted to get hands-on themselves. I guided them and explained what to do. 

Image ten - kids setting up cola fountain

Image eleven - cola fountain

Image twelve - cola fountain

Image thirteen - cola fountain

Image fourteen - cola fountain

Ta-dah...  a Cola-Pinball fountain. H, H and J thought this was super cool. I also definitely think that this counts as an at-home Science lesson. 

Image fifteen - cola fountain in action

Image sixteen - cola fountain

3 - Eggcellent Trick 

Our eggs are delivered to our door every fortnight from a farm in Northumberland. I noticed Max had some mischief up his sleeve with this Eggcellent trick, so I decided to give it a try with our most recent delivery. 

Basically, as hard as you squeeze an egg, you just cannot break it. I demonstrated this trick to the kids and they genuinely thought I wasn't trying hard enough. 

Image seventeen - Mam trying the egg challenge

Image eighteen - mam trying the egg challenge

Harry, Heidi and Jack decided it was best they attempted this in our garden. They were sure they were going to end up with egg all over.

They tried their hardest, but they just could not break an egg when they squeezed it this way. They were definitely perplexed.  

Image nineteen - close up of kids squeezing eggs

Image twenty - kids squeezing eggs

We even tried to break an egg over Harry's head for LOLS but we just could not manage it. 

Image twenty one - squeezing egg above head

The kids genuinely thought I had given them trick eggs and had to crack them before they would believe me that they were real (omelette for dinner). Mischief was definitely managed in this case. 

Image twenty two - cracking eggs

Image Twenty three -cracking eggs

We had lots of fun creating mischief with Max and there are lots of simple yet effective ideas and activities over on the MAOAM Mischief Hub. If you are looking for new ideas for something fun to do with the kids, definitely check them out and bookmark the Hub for those moments where you need to inject some fun into the day. 

Let me know if you try any of these tricks at home and how you get on. 



  1. I think my girls would love to cause a little mischief! hehehe It looks like you've been having a lot of fun! I love the look of the Cola-Pinball Fountain. x

  2. Ah some great ideas to keep us entertained in the holidays here. I remember trying that egg one before. Thanks.


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