35+ Ways to have fun & relax with tweens at home

35+ Ways to have fun & relax with tweens at home

Looking for ways to create a sense of calm and have fun with tweens at home? Check out these suggestions and save them for later. Let me know if you have any ideas too. If you like this post, make sure you check out our home school diaries here for educational ideas too.

1 - Movie Night

We love nothing more than drawing the curtains,  making nachos and snuggling up on the sofa to watch a film together. I am going to try and plan one movie night per week.

2 - Play Board Games

We have a cupboard full of board games and they are a brilliant way to spend time with tweens. Monopoly Gamer, Scrabble, Pictionary and Beat the Parents are some of our faves. 

3 - Reading 

Planning a 30 minute reading session for the whole family brings about so much calm. Highly recommend doing this a couple of times a week.

4 - Make Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolates are such a treat in our house and the kids love making them - make a little station with marshmallows, sprinkles, cream and other toppings.

5 - Egg Hunts 

Harry loves setting up egg hunts for the younger two around Easter. Simply hide plastic eggs / clues around the house and garden with a little treat at the end.

6 - Decorate the House for Easter 

I plan on going all out this Easter - we are going to make some paper chains. If you are rubbish at crafting (like me), Baker Ross, Hobby Craft and the Works have low-cost kits available.

7 - Build Dens

You are never too old to build a Den. We like making Sofa Dens or Dens from big cardboard boxes.

8 - Play with Pets 

Honestly, I am so thankful for Cookie right now. Guinea Pig snuggles are so calming and make us happy.

9 - Audiobooks / Podcasts 

Harry is obsessed with Audiobooks and Podcasts and they are a fab way to chill out. I would ask his favourites but as I type this, he is still asleep! I will update when I get a moment.

10 - Watch Impractical Jokers

This is our favourite show to watch together. We absolutely LOVE it and always end up crying with laughter. The new episodes are currently on Comedy Central at the moment. There is a bit of bad language but nothing too bad.

11 - Facetime Friends & Family 

Heidi loves face-timing her friends and it is FREE to do so long as you have WhatsApp & WiFi.

12 - Play Online Games with Friends

Similarly, the kids are going to miss their friends and playing Minecraft / Roblox together is the perfect way to chill.

13 - Drive-Thru McFlurry 

My three love a McFlurry and treating them to a drive-thru McFlurry is something I plan on doing over Easter. It will definitely put a smile on their face.

14 - Order Takeaway

I don't think my cooking is too bad but my kids would probably argue with that. They LOVE a takeaway night. We will be trying to support our local restaurants every couple of weeks with this option.

15 - Downstairs Sleepover 

Another activity my kids love is a downstairs sleepover - they bring their duvets/pillows downstairs and sleep in the living room once a month. Steve hates it but they love it and luckily for them, I get the final say. 

16 - Teach the Parents TikTok Routines 

We did this last weekend and it was a hoot. Heidi tried to teach me the Renegade. OMG it is harder than it looks!

17 - Makeovers 

Heidi loves playing with make-up and letting her loose on my make-up bag and experiment is always something she enjoys.

18 - Paint Nails

I rarely let Heidi paint her nails as nail polish is not allowed at school but she loves it so during this period of no school, I will be letting her paint her nails to her heart's content.

19 - Create a Home Spa 

Even if this is just running your kids a bubble bath and playing spa music from your phone, a bit of pampering does all ages the world of good.

20 - Look at Old Photos 

Share your Facebook / Timehop memories with your kids each day and remember years gone by / talk about memories or take the time to go through your wedding album / old photos together. My kids love doing this.

21 - Disney Plus 

My kids have been counting down to this for over a year - they are SO excited that it is finally here and I know it will bring them lots of joy. Here is a full list of the shows available. 

22 - Bake Together 

We love baking cakes (lemon drizzle is our fave) and sausage rolls together. Plus you get to eat something yummy at the end. 

23 - Sign Up to Headspace Kids 

Headspace is a brilliant meditation app and a fab habit to get into regularly. You can do it together as a family. Find out more here. 

24 - Feed the Birds 

Feeding the birds always makes us feel a little better about life. Here are some ideas from the RSPB about how you can help.

25 - Play with Silly Instagram / Snapchat Filters 

Spend 10 minutes playing with silly filters from Instagram / Snapchat with each other.

26 - Help a Charity 

It is pretty easy to set up a Just Giving page for a local charity in need. You could draw and send a picture to everyone who donates / complete a sponsored activity at home such as a sponsored silence (fingers crossed for this one!). 

27 - Bake Cookies for Neighbours 

I am sure neighbours will appreciate a homemade cookie. You can wrap individually and post through their letterboxes with a little note (remember the rules around self-isolation and social distancing if you are going for a walk) or how about simply making the neighbours some cards with a cheery message?

28 - Watch LEGO Batman 

This movie makes us laugh so much! If you love Batman and LEGO, I highly recommend.

29 - Make Slime 

There are lots of tutorials online or you can buy a kit like this one from Hobbycraft.

30 - Play LEGO together 

We love playing LEGO together - building a set you haven't got around to is a brilliant activity to enjoy together or if you don't have a set, simply building a village or house out of plain bricks can be just as fun.

31 - Taco Tuesday 

Why not plan a foodie themed night? We LOVE Taco Tuesday in this house but you could just as easily do Pizza Friday, Tapas Thursday, Pasta Monday..... you get the drift. Planning your favourite meal on a set night gives everyone something to look forward to.

32 - Afternoon Tea at Home 

Why not plan your own afternoon tea at home? Businesses like the Keel Row can deliver all you need or you can spend the morning baking cakes and scones and enjoy together in the afternoon. Don't forget a proper tea pot.

33 - Watch Ratburger / Anything by David Walliams 

We love anything by David Walliams - Ratburger is a particularly fave.

34 - Paint a Wall 

I plan on using this time to spruce up the house a bit and the kids love getting involved in decorating.

35 - Make Mocktails

Get dressed up an plan a mocktail party. Use your finest glasses, pop some music on and enjoy. There are a few ideas over on BBC Good Food   and Eats Amazing.

36 - Learn How to Play Chess Together 

 We love a good chess tournament in this house - often the kids are way better than us grown-ups!

Let me know if you have any ideas and I will add them to the list - we need all the ideas we can get right now x

 If you like this post, make sure you check out our home school diaries here for educational ideas too.

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35+ Ways to have fun & relax with tweens at home



  1. Fab ideas! I think we'll be doing most of these things over the next few weeks. x


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