Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle - Review & Tips

Santa on the Rooftop and other Fenwick events 2021 

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The rest of this post is our review from 2019, please remember, things may be slightly different for 2021 and use my review as a guide only. 

It was never my intention to buy tickets to Santa on the Rooftop this year. We already have a full festive diary and lots of lovely Christmas events to attend BUT in the end, I was caught up in the frenzy of booking tickets and ended up booking tickets to take my 4-year-old nephew as I knew he would love it.

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review

We visited Santa on the Rooftop in 2018 and had a wonderful experience so I hoped this year would be just as good.

There will be spoilers in this review!  

I've already written about how frustrating booking tickets to see Santa at Fenwick was this year was so I won't go into all of that again (head over to Visit Newcastle if you'd like to read that post). 

Scroll to the bottom of this post to read our top tips for visiting Santa on the Rooftop 

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review

I think that all tickets may be sold out now but it's difficult to say with Eventbrite as you literally have to click through every single date and time before finding out if that time is sold out.

I don't have to time or inclination to do this so it's just an assumption that the event has sold out - you might get lucky and find tickets you never know!

Although this event may be sold out, there are still lots of fantastic events taking place across the North East this year which still have tickets available. Check out these posts for ideas:
Or why not join our Facebook Group dedicated to Christmas Days Out in North East England - you can request to join here. 

We visited Santa on the Rooftop at 5pm on Wednesday 6 November. The perfect after-school treat! I visited with my nephew Evan (4), Heidi (10), Jack (8) and my brother Mark. Tickets are £12.50 per person so our trip set me back £62.50 for the 5 of us. Not the cheapest of activities but it didn't break the bank compared with some other attractions either.

I honestly think Santa on the Rooftop is one of the best value Christmas experiences out there. Quite a lot is included in your ticket price and there is no option to buy optional extras so you don't have to worry about putting your hand in your pocket once you are there.

I hope you like our video!

Santa on the Rooftop - Arrival

You will find the entrance to Santa on the Rooftop on the lower ground floor of Fenwick in the Christmas department (the actual entrance is near the ironing boards and vacuum cleaners - you can't miss the big Santa on the Rooftop sign).

You don't need to print your tickets - simply turn up at your allocated time and let the chief elf know your name. 

We were met by Bert the Elf who was hilarious. He had the kids (and grown-ups) giggling in no time with his silly jokes. We had a quick behind the scenes tour of the elf workshop before catching the magical lift up to the roof. Bert was brilliant and really set the scene for the evening.

Once on the roof, we were greeted by another magical elf who shared with us a few elf secrets and helped us all to make a special wish. 

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review

Santa on the Rooftop - Elf-Over

This year's rooftop experience is not sponsored by Burberry - instead, kids and grown-ups are invited to take a seat and receive a special elf makeover.

This is lots of fun and there are plenty of photo ops too. Don't forget to pose for an elfie!

You hand the wigs back once your photos have been taken so don't worry about having to wear them all the way around. 

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - elf makeover

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - elfie

Santa on the Rooftop - Singing Reindeer & Elf-Mobile

We loved the singing reindeer last year so I am pleased they make a return this year. They are so cute and kids are welcome to give them a little stroke.

One of the reindeer sang a song right in my ear and gave me quite the surprise as I was posing for photos which everyone found to be hilarious.

Evan was obsessed with the toy cars up there and was over the moon when he was allowed to take a seat in one - of course he asked Santa for one too. 

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - singing reindeer

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review

Santa on the Rooftop - Santa Experience

I believe a few different helpers work at Fenwick so you may not see the exact same Santa as us. He was fantastic though. Really traditional and old fashioned which I loved. He had plenty of time for the kids and asked them lots of questions.

It is worth noting that Santa at Fenwick does not provide children with a gift.

There's a little bit of magic involved with Santa at Fenwick but I won't ruin the surprise for you.

Our Santa didn't have a real beard but if you've read my post about us all being obsessed with the perfect Santa, you'll know we don't mind about this. 

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - meeting santa

Santa on the Rooftop - Gingerbread Biscuit Decorating

This year's craft is gingerbread biscuit decorating which is cute. The elves in here are fab and really hands-on. There is festive music playing and the grown-ups can get involved too.

You are provided with a Fenwick branded gift bag to take your biscuit home with you.  

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - gingerbread decaortating

Santa on the Rooftop - Cafe Claus

Next up is Cafe Claus - a nice place to chill and chat about your experience. Again, the elves in here are brilliant. Children are provided with a hot chocolate (made slightly cooler) and chocolate muffin with Christmas decorations and grown-ups can enjoy mulled wine/hot chocolate and a mince pie.

The quality was fantastic and really got us into the festive spirit. There are plenty of tables in cafe claus so you can take your time - the refreshments are included in your ticket price.
Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - cafe claus

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - hot chocolate and mince pies

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - mince pies

Santa on the Rooftop - Santa's Sleigh 

As you leave Cafe Claus, don't forget to take in those rooftop views!

The rooftop experience has one last treat in store - meet your final elf who will take you through the toy making process and if you're lucky, you might even be able to help add a few wrapped gifts to the sleigh ready for delivery. 

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - botanist dome and greys monument

Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review  - santa sleigh

Santa on the Rooftop - Top Tips for Visiting

  • If you fancy heading up on the rooftop, there are still tickets available for Fenwick's rooftop cinema. You won't see Santa or experience anything featured on this post but the cinema still looks magical. You can buy tickets to the rooftop cinema here.

  • The elves offer to take lots of festive photos and the backdrop is lovely - I wish we had all worn Christmas jumpers or elf ears/antlers/Santa hats. 

  • There are toilets at the start/end of the experience

  • You don't need to print your tickets but take your email just in case 

  • You're allowed to take as many photos/videos as you like so don't forget your phone or camera

  • Don't rush the experience - ours lasted around an hour which was perfect 

  • The experience ends near Fenwick Christmas Cafe - you could team a trip to the rooftop with festive afternoon tea here (£12.95)

  • I would recommend bringing your gingerbread biscuit home as along with the cake and hot chocolate, it can be sugar overload
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Santa on the Rooftop at Fenwick Newcastle Review



  1. Eeeee I'm so excited to go after reading this!!!! xxx

  2. I'm still quite annoyed at Fenwicks over the whole Christmas thing and REALLY wish they'd plough all of this money that they've spent on the roof back into the Christmas Department and Cafe that everyone can enjoy. Cafe Claus looks so much better than the cafe downstairs which is such a shame!

    The experience looks lovely though :)

    1. The cafe has had really bad reviews this year -think I will give it a miss x

  3. This sounds amazing! Would you say a two and a half year old would be able to enjoy this? If tickets are still available of course!

  4. It looks fantastic. Does anyone know if there is anywhere to leave a pushchair or am i able to take pushchair up with me?

    1. The event is fully accessible, I think you would be able to take a pushchair up there and there is definitely space to leave one at the start if you cant take it all the way around x

  5. It looks fab, we have never tried getting tickets but I might try next year if they do it again before the little two are too old for this kind of thing x


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