Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

This is a question I've been asking myself this year. With most premium attractions selling out before we even hit half term, I really feel as if our obsession with the perfect Santa is getting out of control.

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

I was prompted to write this post after somebody commented on one of my blog posts that they refused to take their child to see Santa if he didn't have a real beard. It shocked me.

I'll be honest, I have fallen into the trap too - I am guilty of wanting those gorgeous Christmas photos with a great looking Santa as much as the next parent BUT I am going to try and check myself this year and remind myself that it doesn't really matter.

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

As one lady commented on my Instagram account - we will never actually see the real Santa anyway - he is far too busy at the North Pole. So what does it matter if he has a real beard or not?

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

Growing up, my idea of Santa was only a man with a big, fake, white beard. In my mind, this was what Santa looked like. He was never any less real - it's just who he was.

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

We used to visit Santa at either Fenwick, Manor Walks or the Metrocentre. He was always free and had a huge queue but this was all part of the excitement. The fact that he never had a real beard didnt detract from the magic of the experience at all for me and if anything, it kept Santa constant.

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

As much as you try, your children will never see the same Santa every single time so I kind of think the generic outfit and fake white beard is a good thing as they'll all look the same.

I'm pretty sure that Social Media is to blame. There are hardly any photos of us visiting Santa when we were kids as we never had a camera with us. It was all about the experience, not the photo.

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

Now, I think it's the other way around and many see getting the perfect photo with Santa as something which is important. I honestly do get this - I know from experience that a photo with a 'perfect' Santa is a beautiful thing but this year, I'm urging us all to not let the fact that Santa may have a real beard or look 'perfect' detract from the experience. I promise your children won't care.

I think that the obsession to see a perfect Santa is definitely more for the grown-ups than the children. I know my children are more excited about whether they'll receive a small gift from Santa (and they never actually care what it is - it could be a 10p sweet and they'd be happy) than what he looks like.

What do you think? Are we a nation obsessed with the 'perfect' Santa? Is Social Media to blame?

This year, as long as they don't look like the Santa in this photo I found of my mam in the 60s recently, I'll be happy.

Why are we obsessed with the perfect Santa?

There is already a huge pressure on parents at Christmas to spend, spend, spend at Christmas and booking the 'perfect' Santa experience for our children is an added pressure we put on ourselves which I don't think is needed.

We need to remember that visiting Santa is not a competition - it's about what is right and creating memories for your family - nobody else. Definitely not Instagram.

Please don't feel disappointed if your Father Christmas experience isn't like the ones you've seen on Instagram this year. It really doesn't matter. All that matters is that your children experience the magic in their own way.

What do you think? Does an authentic Santa experience matter to you? 

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  1. I love this Sam! I totally agree.. as a kid I came from a big family and we had a really inexpensive Christmas but I loved it. I feel like my kids kind of get overwhelmed and overloaded with how much Christmas stuff they get!

  2. Yes - its impossible to find Christmas events that don't include Santa!

  3. I’m just putting this out there....I think Santa just loves his job but doesn’t want the super harassment that goes with being, let’s be honest, THE A list celebrity that everyone wants to meet. So he wears a costume with a fake beard when he’s seen doing his job, but possibly in real life he looks like a normal fella. So, for me, Santa’s with fake beards are just being true to life and keeping Santa’s true identity safe so he doesn’t get mobbed like a Rock star.


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