Segedunum Roman Fort

AD - This post was first published in 2017 and is based on many personal visits across the years. It has been updated as part of an advertising campaign in July 2021. Any shares / edits beyond this date have not been asked or paid for. 

We all have our go-to places when it's raining in the North East and we fancy a day out - normally it will be the cinema, bowling, an afternoon in the pub or one of the museums in Newcastle. Another option which I would love to share is Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend.

We absolutely love it here and have visited lots of times over the years. There is quite a lot of information about Roman History in the museum and it has been a lovely place to visit when the kids have been learning about Romans at school without having to travel all the way to Hadrian's Wall. 

Segedunum is very easy to access via public transport. Wallsend Metro Station is next door and Wallsend Bus Station on your doorstep. There's also a large free car park on site (postcode NE28 6HR).

At the moment (July 2021), tickets to the museum should be pre-booked online. Tickets are very reasonable with a range of options available with / without donations. The museum does rely on donations so please donate if you can. Tickets range from £2.95 (£1.95 for concessions) for a 'one off' visit up to £13 for an unlimited annual pass. 

Under 16s visit for free! You can book your museum tickets online here. 

On the ground floor, you will find the main Roman Gallery. During summer holidays they often have volunteer-run craft sessions here which are worth looking out for. 

Don't they look smart! 

The Roman Gallery is a fantastic source of information and brilliant for Primary School aged children right up to Grandparents. There is a wealth of information to discovery including this map of the wall. 

In 'normal' times there are more hands on and interactive elements to the gallery including 'build your own Roman Arch' and various dress up opportunities. But if you visit during a time when restrictions are still in place, there is still plenty to do. 

Dee is looking at a Roman Coin under a magnifying glass below. 

Jack and Steve are checking out a replica model of how the fort would have looked during Roman times. 

Steve is from Wallsend and we all used to live there prior to Jack being born and for us, I always feel like we have an extra special connection because of the ties we have with the town and I am sure the kids feel the same.  

The Roman Gallery does have a slight element of Horrible Histories about it which does keep the kids entertained. They can learn about Roman wounds and medicine, see a Roman skull and even a Roman toilet! 

An example of the additional 'hands on' fun you can expect once restrictions are removed: 

Up on the third floor, you will find Second Bite at the Wall. A CIC not-for-profit cafe who provide training to vulnerable members of the public and they provided hot meals for the community during the pandemic. 

It is FREE to visit the cafe and you don't need to visit the museum if you'd just like to pop in. Simply mention to the staff at the admissions desk and they'll point you in the right direction. Personally though, I would recommend adding a museum visit onto your day. You can find out more about Second Bite at the Wall and check out their opening times and menus on their FB page here. 

Low-cost children's meals are also available and the cafe offers unrivalled panoramic views of the River Tyne and Roman Fort. 

Up on the 10th floor, you will find the wonderful viewing tower. In the past we have made the mistake of climbing the stairs up the viewing tower rather than taking the lift. All 10 flights! The climb was worth it though and the views across the Roman Fort, Swan Hunters and the Tyne are superb.

There's a short video playing in front of you which shows you how the fort has changed over the years.

Don't miss the small exhibition about the history of ship making in the region just outside of the viewing tower. You can also walk around to the other side and look out towards the mouth of the Tyne. We spent ages pointing out various landmarks. 

Back on the ground floor and the museum gift shop is fantastic with pocket money toys, Hadrian's Wall souvenirs and lots of specialist Roman History Books. Proud mam moment as Harry spent his pocket money on a new history book. 

The museum often hosts temporary exhibitions in their upstairs galleries too and we have enjoyed visiting over the years. I will update this post when new temporary exhibitions are announced...... 

The outdoor areas of Segedunum are included with your museum ticket and are a bit of a hidden gem I think. A lovely quiet spot overlooking the town where you can enjoy a picnic or a take out coffee from the museum cafe as the kids play. 

First of all, you can explore the old fort and learn more about the different areas which have been discovered. 

There is also a herb garden, small play park and picnic tables for visitors to enjoy. In all of our years of visiting, we've always had this area to ourselves and I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a quieter place to visit. 

I would recommend setting aside 1-2 hours for visiting Segedunum. You can of course extend your visit with a trip to cafe or the play park outside. The fantastic Richardson Dees Park is just a short walk away if you are looking to extend your day out in the area. 

We do have a soft spot for Segedunum as we really enjoy Roman History and I just love the views over the fort from the viewing tower. When you include an on-site cafe and play park too, Segedunum really is a lovely day out and I think it offers fantastic value too. 

Segedunum have lots of measures in place whilst restrictions are in place including a one way system around the museum, staggered entry times and increased cleaning. You can read more about the systems in place here. 

Outdoor Adventure Game 

Something very exciting is coming to Segedunum Roman Fort this summer. A brand new escape-room style game will be on site from 17 July. 

Suitable for ages 8+, players will need to work together to solve clues, construct equipment and build a signalling system to deliver a message Roman-style before it's too late. The game lasts for 1 hour, takes place outdoors in the Roman Fort and there will be costumed characters to interact with as part of the mission. Sounds brill! 

Find out more about the Adventure Game and book your ticket here (includes admission to the museum). 

Let me know if you fancy visiting Segedunum this year. 



  1. What a great review Sam-the kids looks great in their helmets! We are always on the hunt for rainy day options and it's such good value when the kids are free. Can't believe we haven't been before!

  2. I love Segedenum, its just down the road. The last time we went was for a time and tide event, a Roman fair. I do want to see the Hadrians Cavalry exhibit though

  3. My little boy is just learning about the Victorians but he will be doing the Romans next year. Perfect place for us to visit over the summer holidays. He loves watching Horrible Histories so anything like this at the moment is fab for us x

  4. I have never visited Segedunum before and I used to work right next to it. x


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