Is it Time to Emigrate?

With everything that's going on in the world at the moment, moving away from England has been at the front of my mind more than ever. We were actually in Spain when the results of the EU referendum were announced and Steve and I spent most nights planning our escape to Scotland (I feel like I have a real connection to Nicola Sturgeon and would be happy for her to be my leader). Imagine living in a remote village in Scotland and leading a simple life. It's the dream! World troubles would be far from your mind and you could just focus on living a good and healthy life. Is running away really the answer though? I think not. Plus it would be cold. At least we'd have this guy for company though.....

Is it Time to Emigrate? - moving to Scotland. Highland Cow

I think we've all dreamed about emigrating to somewhere as far away as possible at some point in our lives and Australia is the number one place for Brits to start a new life with over 1 million of us currently living there.  How easy is it to emigrate to Australia though? First of all, you would need to get the basics out of the way and sort out your passport renewal and check the eligibility requirements before making any grand plans. I'm not sure we'd meet the strict entry requirements needed to move to Australia but we can always dream can't we.

Is it Time to Emigrate? - Moving to Sydney, Australia

Then there is always the option of moving somewhere with lots of sunshine but a little closer to home. Spain would be my number one choice and as someone who works from home I only need an internet connection and can pretty much work from anywhere - I'm not sure if Steve could get a job in a Spanish call centre though so this plan would still need plenty of planning and consideration. According to the BBC, there are 761,000 Brits living in Spain at the moment. That's more than I imagined but I can certainly see the draw - who doesn't want a life of sunshine and sangria?

Is it Time to Emigrate?  - Moving to Spain
My Dream House in Spain

The final place I can really imagine us raising our family is Canada. Although we may need to join the queue after Canada's immigration website crashed as it was flooded with applicants when Donald Trump was announced as the winner in this year's Presidential race. Google searches for 'Move to Canada' from the UK have hit an all time high and it's clear to see why - stunning scenery, healthy lifestyles, friendly and accepting people and fantastic opportunities for women. It's certainly the sort of place I would like to my children to grow up.......if we forget about the freezing cold winters, expensive property prices and high cost of living. Hmmmmm.......

Is it Time to Emigrate?  - Moving to Canada

Do you dream of emigrating to another country? Where in the world tops your list? 



  1. We would go to Canada in a heart beat but it's not so easy. We've researched it but I think it'll stay a dream for now

  2. No way!! I love the UK. I went on a gap year to America when I was 18 and counted down the days till I came back!

  3. I actually have never thought about emigrating, I'd hate the idea of not having all my friends and family close by. If I had to though Australia would be the ideal choice x

  4. I moved to Norway three years ago, and I'm loving it here! Wouldn't want to move back to where I originally came from (or any other country).

  5. I couldn't leave - my brother did though but I couldn't do that - I think mainly most of my not wanting to emigrate is the deep love I have for the British countryside. I love it x

  6. I can't imagine living anywhere else but the UK inspite of our current issues! I love travelling but I don't think there're anywhere else I'd want to be permanently.

  7. My other half always says about moving to Alaska every tine we watch a programme about it, but I can't imagine living anywhere else.

  8. I don't know if I could live anywhere else, I haven't really given it much thought. I think I'd probably go to Australia though. Although Spain sounds appealing right about now too, haha. I love your dream home in Spain, so pretty! xx

  9. i am not sure what is happening with the world at the moment, But I also thought about moving away because of the whole Brexit thing


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