Are Your Kids Always Hungry?

My children can't be the only ones. It seems in this last year or so their appetites have increased dramatically. I know they are growing kids but at the moment, I just can't fill them!

A typical day will go like this:-

Breakfast : Cereal (usually Aldi's version of shredded wheat) and a glass of milk
Mid-morning snack : Fruit at school
Lunch: Sandwich, yoghurt, fruit and treat (normally a biscuit/cake/cereal bar)
After school snack: Yoghurt/cheese dippers/fruit/cereal bar
Dinner: Cooked dinner such as pasta or fajitas followed by pudding
Supper: Cookie and milk/toast/crumpet ect....

Now to me, that seems like an awful lot and it's never-ending but I just don't seem to be able to fill them at all. As soon as I pick them up from school it's 'What's for snack' and Heidi opens the fridge door before she's even taken her coat off. They eat huge portions if they get the chance and Harry, Heidi and Jack could easily demolish an adult-sized bowl of pasta or Sunday lunch. When we're at home over the weekend they are constantly asking for snacks and Jack will actually cry in a restaurant when he's waiting for his food to arrive as he says he's so hungry. It's costing me an absolute fortune!

On the flip side, I know they have huge appetites and I can guarantee that the time I make loads of effort/spend extra on cooking them a special dinner they'll turn their noses up and decide that today is the day they aren't hungry. I honestly can't win!

The kids are pretty active with Harry and Heidi both taking part in extra sport in school plus we walk for 45 minutes every day and I know they are growing but I feel like I am constantly having to replenish my cupboards. God help me when they are teenagers! you have any ideas for filling, healthy and cheap snacks or food I can put in their lunchbox that will give them lots of energy and stop them from constantly moaning they are hungry? We have decided to switch them to full fat milk as there have been a few studies to say that it lowers your risk of diabetes and it keeps you fuller for longer so we'll see if that improves things but I welcome any other ideas too.

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Are Your Kids Always Hungry?



  1. Arlo is definitely hungrier now he's at school but normally I have the opposite problem. Mine could not eat all day. They are skinny little things too. That stresses me out as I worry they don't get enough. For you I would include more protein in their diets as it fills you up longer so maybe a hard boiled egg as a snack, apple slices with peanut butter dip etc. Worth a try!

  2. Agree with the above, more protein is the way to go. Works with adults!

  3. Absolutely full fat milk it's more filling and studies show less weight problems inside who drink full fat?!! We like home Made 'clean' flapjacks, which are dead easy and cheap banana or fruit loaf is cheap to make and tasty my three eat fruit constantly but love crackers and cheese with Apple and raisin


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